We are a JOYOUS Community of faith!
Hello Friends!

Do you ever just laugh in delight at the Holy Spirit's timing? Sometimes I can't help but laugh with great joy at how timely God's Spirit is in being present with us and leading us.

This past week, we had some new young visitors at our 8:30am worship. They were creative souls and ended up using the chalk to add to the beauty of our space. They also colored pictures of their surroundings and captured our barn storage shed, the pumpkin photo booth and the trees quite nicely!

It was, for me, utterly delightful to see our community through their perspective. It also reminded me of our call to create... co-create with God.

Of course creating and co-creating with God is exactly what we have been doing! All the work and love we have put into this building and the grounds, our newly refinished altar and the outdoor chapel space are examples. Our artwork on the walls are another. In addition, and most importanlty, our ministries that we have started are us co-creating with God too.

The beauty of a church plant, beginning a new worshiping community, is the potential of all of us to create and form the church's ministries, her future, her... DNA.

So what is the first step to creating with God? Well... first we pray. By pray, I mean for us to listen and speak to God. What is it you are longing for? A bible study? A book study? Contemplative Prayer Group? To help younger children be formed in faith? A health and wellness emphasis and how it relates to faithful living? What is it that your soul longs for and God's Spirit is whispering to you?

It may be that you, or we, are not called to create a new thing but to embrace a way of "being" in our community. Maybe God's spirit is saying your presence at St. Nick's is wanted and needed. That by showing up at worship, or events, or studies, you are helping form us by sharing your wisdom, life experience, your faith.

This may be blasphemous, but when I imagine God creating, God is definitely taking everything in - the sights, the sounds, the smells. God is surveying all that has been done, feeling all the feels, and daring to take things a step farther. God creates in order to inspire and bring life, light, love, and joy to the world.

God blesses us through creation. That is to say, the world around us (people, animals, nature, all the things...) are full of wonder. God wants us to step into a world of wonder, grow in faith through the art of creating, or rather co-creating with Him.

You may be thinking, but I'm not a creative person. I don't paint or write, or sing, or dance. That is totally limiting how we see creating with God. The engineer who comes up with a plan to make our space safe for others is just as creative as the musician who plans a hymn sing for the congregation. God simply wants us to create with Him, in order to share the love of Jesus with one another and our community.

So after you pray, after you have listened and spoken to God about your heart's desire, what next? The next step is to make an appointment with me. Let's talk about how God wants to form you in faith and what you are being called to do and/or be in our community of faith. Let's celebrate what God wants to create through you and talk about the possibilities at St. Nick's.

Also, save the date for our St. Nick's Dream Day on December 12th. We will gather for lunch, we will spend time together dreaming about this next year of life together and we will pray about what God is calling us to do and be as a community of faith.

Last, but not least, give God thanks. Give God thanks for the wonder and beauty all around us. Give God thanks for all the challenges we face. Give God great thanks for all the opportunities in front of us to share the Good News that God loves us and the world beyond measure and can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.

God's Peace, Blessings, and Love,

Bulverde Musik in the Park
On Saturday, October 16th we are helping out at the Bulverde Musik in the Park. This is a free concert in the Park with food trucks, playground fun, and meeting new friends and neighbors. We will be doing crafts for kiddos. This is a wonderful to gather as a community, relax, and enjoy some music. We begin set up at 5:30pm. Food trucks are available and the music starts at 7:00. We usually last until 8:30 although the concert lasts longer. Come and join in on a fun and casual time together!
We are continuing with our Thank You Project for Provisions Food Pantry Workers. They have 40 volunteers and we are collecting mints - life savers, junior mints, peppermints, personal hand sanitizers, and cozy socks for thank you bags. You can also, go to the tables in the sanctuary and make Thank You Cards. Provisions Outreach is right next door to us and you can learn more about them here. We are also collecting canned tuna, peanut butter and Jelly for Provisions, as they are low on these items.
This Week at ST. NICK'S
Pick-up Soccer
Saturday Oct. 16 from 3-4pm

Join Montana, Jeremy and Patrick as they play a friendly game of pick-up soccer. We meet and play on our awesome front yard. All ages - kids, youth, adult - are welcome to come and join in the fun!
Sunday Worship
8:30am Outdoor Worship
9:30am Indoor Worship
9:30am Live Stream Worship
Bible Journal Small Group
Oct. 18th - Monday morning at 9:15am We are looking at Psalm 5 where you can journal in your bible or with our sheets. Come for the coffee, conversation and creativity.
Dinner Church
October 20th - Wednesday evening, 5:30pm to 7:30pm is Dinner Church. We gather to make the meal, set the tables, pray, eat, study, and clean up together. It is an informal night of getting to know one another and realizing that our work being in community is our worship.
Mom's Small Group
October 21 - Thursday morning mom's group at 9:15am. Come for an hour of friendship, prayer, and devotion. We have leftover goodies from Dinner Church and Coffee and Tea. Invite your friends and sit outside and build friendships in our beautiful front chapel.
Men's Lunch Small Group
Thursday Men's Lunch Group at 11:30am. Stop by a local eatery to pick up lunch or have some leftovers from Dinner Church and come to St. Nick's Bible study and fellowship.
Women's Bible Study
Thursday 1pm Bible Study via zoom. We study and discuss the upcoming Sunday's Gospel reading. Contact Rev. Beth for the link and/
Save the Dates
Saturday October 23rd

Join us from 8:30am to 11:30am for our October workday. We will be working on the yard, cleaning the Sanctuary, and organizing the future Sunday School space. All ages are welcome to come and help.
Saturday October 30th

Let's partner and support the Mammen Family Library's Halloween Trunk or Treat. It is from 4-6pm. You can volunteer to host a trunk with Jeannette at her email. To learn more about the event visit their website here.
Sunday October 31st

Happy Halloween! Invite your friends and family to come for a blessing of the costumes and a party after church! We will have Pizza, a Pinata, Pumpkin Painting, and Precocious Cookie Decorating. All ages are welcome to participate!
Tuesday November 2nd

The Consecration of our St. NIck's space. Our Bishop will be with us to bless our space and our altar, linens, and equipment. This is a wonderful milestone for us and you are all invited to come. All ages are welcome and we will have a reception afterwards. You can read more about this on the Diocese of West Texas Blog on their website.
Sunday November 7th

After our 9:30am Worship service stay for a morning of faith formation discussing how the Episcopal Church views saints and participating in an multi-generational formational activity.
Thursday November 11

Are you or a family member a veteran? Come to St. Nick's for a night of prayer and dinner to celebrate our veterans and give thanks for their service to our country. Prayers begin at 6pm.
2265 Bulverde Rd.
Bulverde, TX 78163
Phone: 214-213-0739