We are a JOYOUS Community of faith! Come join us!
Hello Friends!

I am so thankful for another wonderful week of ministry and life together!

This past weekend we were blessed to participate in Bulverde's Musik in the Park. A handful of us went and enjoyed the music, met lots of new friends, and helped kids do crafts.

We shared how to do Kindness Rocks and helped them make a Pet Rock to bring to our Animal/Pet Blessing on October 3rd from 5 to 7pm.

Our Animal/Pet Blessing is shaping up to be a fun event! We are looking forward to meeting your furry, feathery, and finny family members. If you can't bring your pet, please feel free to bring their picture and come anyway. We have fun activities for the kids with adopting stuffed animal pets, photo booth activities, and the actual blessing of the animals. Our pets will be delighted with ice blocks with treats hidden in them and paw painting for the chill- artist inclined pups.

Rumor has it that the Kona Shaved Ice truck is coming and a neigh-bor might bring their horse. Both of those things would be cool - pun intended!

We will also have a Project on Purpose (POP). A POP is a creative project we engage in, as a community of faith, to express gratitude to a specific group of people. We will be making encouragement and thank you cards for local Veterinarians and their technicians.

We recently learned that the suicide rate among Veterinarians and their technicians is higher than among the general population. We are collecting items for local Veterinarians at our Blessing of the Animals and want to include making cards and encouraing notes to them as well.

At St. Nick's we are commited to reaching out to our community with love and joy. Please feel free to bring any of the following to the Animal/Pet Blessing on October 3rd.

Encouragement Gifts for Local Veterinary Clinics - Country Hills Vet, Spring Branch Vet, Bulverde Animal Hospital, and Animal Hospital of Smithson Valley
  • Small Gift Cards for coffee, fast food, and local eateries
  • Packaged store bought goodies like cheese and crackers, cookies, nuts
  • Cute and encouraging notes and pampering items like personal sized moisturizers, hand sanitizers, lip balms.

In addition to encouraging local veterinarians, we are collecting items for the Bulverde Area Humane Society which is a completely volunteer organization. They are in need of the following items for dogs, cats, and the shelter -
  • Purina One - lamb and rice dry and wet dog food
  • large rope toys
  • large nylabones
  • Pup-peroni treats
  • Purina One - healthy kitten dry food
  • Fancy Feast Chicken or Turkey Canned food
  • Friskies Pate Chicken or Turkey
  • Clorox Clean-up Spray with bleach
  • large kitchen drawstring bags

I hope we will see you at our Animal/Pet Blessing on the 3rd. It will be outdoors in our beautiful yard and it is always good to be together with you and your fur-family.

For all of us, COVID has been hard. For many of us, we brought a little bit of joy into a painful 2020 by either adding a pet to our family or focusing on our pets. Thank God for critters that have an unconditional love for us and show us the ways of God. Let's definitely celebrate them!

God's peace, love and blessings,

Being Sent...
Almost every Sunday, when we do what is called the dismissal, I say, Go in Peace to Love and Serve the Lord. Your response is Thanks be to God. It is that last reminder for us, that we have been fed by God through holy communion, God's word, and our fellowship together. It is our reminder that we are sent to be a loving and serving people in the world. As St. NIck's grows in attendance, we are also growing in our faith and our ability to make a diffrence together. I know that we serve individually, in our communities, faithfully. That is beautiful, a gift and what we are called to do. I also believe there is great joy in heaven and on earth when we come together as a church to serve. People who may have been hurt by the church get to see love in action. They get to see us become what we proclaim to be - a church sent to love and serve our neighbors with great joy and love.
Provisions Food Pantry wants our help! Currently they have all the workers they need but would love for us to come and pray with them and share a devotion twice a week. St. Nick's is scheduled for Monday mornings at 9am and Wednesday mornings at 9:30am. If you can spare ten minutes of your day to share a word and a prayer for our neighbors than sign up right here. Rev. Beth has devotions and written prayers you can use if needed. Contact her - revbeth@stnickshillcountry.org with any questions.
Today September 24th!
If you are free and want to help the Bulverde/Spring Branch Activity Center
organize for their fall events - come on! Join a handful of St. Nick's helpers from 9:45 to 11:45 to help organize materials for their fall craft fair.
Mammen Family Trunk or Treat
On Saturday, October 30th we are helping out the Mammen Family Library from 4-6pm with their Trunk or Treat Event. If you are interested in supporting this community event by dressing up and decorationg your trunk, please contact Jeanette at Jeannette@mfplibrary.org Last year they had over 500 individuals drive through for Trunk or Treat - it was an amazing event for young and old alike!
Small Groups at ST. NICK'S
Monday morning at 9:15am Bible Journal at St. Nick's. Read, discuss, and imagine the Bible as you grow in freindship and creativity. You can bring your own bible journal or use our prepared pages. We are studying the book of Psalms.
Wednesday evening Dinner Church is an informal gathering wher we prepare dinner together, share and grow in our faith, and have worshipful prayers and a meal together. For more information and to RSVP contact Rev. Beth at revbeth@stnickshillcountry.org
Thursday morning mom's group at 9:15am. Come for an hour of friendship, prayer, and devotion.
Thursday Men's Lunch Group at 11:30am. Stop by a local eatery to pick up lunch and come to St. Nick's for friendship and mini-bible study.
Thursday 1pm Bible Study via zoom. We study and discuss the upcoming Sunday's readings. Contact Rev. Beth for the link.
There is always room for you, for us, to create a small group. Pray about where God is calling you to learn and grow and let's do it together!
Administration at St. Nick's
Directory and Church Management
You will be receiving an email from me in the next few weeks with an invite to our online directory and church management program. This will become a place where we can internally communicate, have a password protected online directory, and grow in our stewardship and ministry efforts. If you are not tech savy, don't worry, we will help you get setup!
2265 Bulverde Rd.
Bulverde, TX 78163
Phone: 214-213-0739