Pastors' Weekly Message: From Pastor Pat

We have officially crossed the threshold and have begun our journey of Lent. This time last year we had actually gathered in the Sanctuary to begin this sacred journey together. However, COVID and quarantine may lead us to believe that somehow this journey is less sacred, and somewhat disconnected. Even if you’ve received your home Lenten kit or gathered with us remotely last night for service, there’s still the opportunity for the invitation Lent extends to be ignored. It might help to remind ourselves of just what the season represents. 

Lent is our closest experience to Jesus’ forty days in the wilderness. It represents the time Jesus embraced in preparation for the work that lay ahead. We may choose to identify with the suffering the season represents by our personal sacrifices. We may also choose to identify with the introspection the season invites by adding a practice or discipline. However we choose to journey, our focus should not be on what we’re giving up or picking up, but where God is in the midst of this.

It is my prayer that you experience Lent as the sacredly inserted pause into the midst of our busy lives, calling us to slow down and reconnect with God, with each other, and with the deepest parts of ourselves we may have forgotten existed. It is the divine invitation to rediscover what and who really matters. It is the wonderful moment of shedding and sharing all that keeps us from and draws us to God and each other. 

May you find this journey to be nourishment for your souls. And in case you still are unsure what Lent means, I invite you to check out this video "What Kids Say About Lent and Easter" ( I guarantee it will speak to your heart.

-- Pastor Pat