Pastors' Weekly Message: From Pastor Pat

Greetings Beloved!

Is it me? Am I the only one who missed the deep dive from summer to fall? Somehow summer slowly slipped into obscurity and fall has arrived. It is October and for me that is the season of “soul food." October is sweater weather, the desire for warm beverages, and meals that stick to your ribs! This month for me is the signal to drag out the crock pot, stock up on dry limas and great northern beans, to stock up chicken broth, bay leaf, and all of my soup spices. It is spending Saturdays making pots of chicken vegetable soup, and lima beans with smoked turkey necks.

It’s the time to stock up on butter and flour for baking cakes, cookies and quick breads, sweet potato pies and biscuits.... Yes, I do all of that!

It is all of the many meals that remind me of growing up and safe places. It is sitting in the midst of soul-warming and appetite-stirring aromas embracing me like a comfortable blanket on a cool evening. It is fall. It is the joy of hearing a grandchild asking you to make them a pot of soup or let them help you bake. It is having to make good on all the baked goods you promised. This is fall! And all of this feeds not just my body but my soul!

Beloved, we have been through much and our souls thirst for care. Soul food is not just the favorite filling meals from the kitchen, it is also what provides for a healthy soul, for what fills us and nurtures us, comforts us and reminds us that we are safe.

So, I encourage you to take time and whip up some “soul food,” whether it’s chicken soup for the body, or Chicken Soup for the soul!

-- Pastor Pat