Dear St. Paul's Friends,

In the Old Testament Book of 1 Samuel 17:38-40, Saul attempts to dress David for the assignment David has just accepted. Saul shares with David his armor. But after trying it on David returns it to Saul, because it’s just not him. The importance of this tidbit is hooked to the fact that armor was custom made and not massed produced. One didn’t just show up at the armor shop and get a size 38 breastplate!

Have you ever tried on that outfit that looked fantastic on the rack, but just wasn’t you, didn’t fit quite right? A few years ago I tried out a new hair color. It looked great on the box, but on my head, not so much. Let’s just say that Sunday when the pastor with the neon honey blond hair stood behind the pulpit it was a Sunday not to be forgotten. Sometimes what works for one person, doesn’t quite fit with another. What looks good on one doesn’t have the same affect with others. 

God has deposited within each of us gifts and graces that are manifested in divinely ordered seasons. Our gifts are unique to us; no one can “wear” them like we can. That is God’s intention. 

In this season I look forward to our collective sharing of gifts. And may we find this an opportunity to embrace and express the precious gifts God has given as we move into God’s plan for St. Paul’s. 

~ Pastor Pat