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At South Beach Fitness, we're not just a gym, we're a community!
We truly care about you, and your success in reaching your goals!

Michelle is the newest member of our Group X team and also of our spin team! She has recently relocated to our community from the Chicago area and has more than 20 years of Group X experience!

Michelle will be teaching Spin and Barre classes on a regular basis, as well as subbing for a variety of other classes!

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Effective August 1st

Barre Fitness
Mondays @ 6pm w/ Michelle

Tues @ 5pm w/Michelle
Thurs @ 5pm w/Michelle

Returns Aug 6 w/Angie


Join Michelle for a pop-up Barre Fitness in the month of August.
Barre class is a workout technique inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. It focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen your body in ways that few other workouts can."
In addition to building strength, this full-body workout also develops agility and flexibility. You'll use just the barre (or equivalent like a chair back) and your body weight to churn out rep after rep of muscle-burning move, while others incorporate tools like resistance bands, sliders, ankle weights, free weights, exercise balls, and more.
"Sections of class are also paired with stretching to increase overall flexibility," So if you struggle with how to become more flexible (*raises hand*), barre class is a great choice.

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Cortisol Smackdown!! 

We hear a lot about cortisol, the “stress hormone” the thing that makes us fat when we are working too hard or eating too little, but what do we know for sure about this often talked about hormone? Well actually cortisol is the “anti-stress-hormone” and the body needs it to maintain important processes during extended periods of stress. The problem occurs when our bodies produce too much of the hormone. This is when we have an increased appetite (often for comfort foods; I.e. junk food) poor blood sugar regulation, and excessive fat storage. That’s right, even with the perfect caloric budget, good food choices and exercise, too much cortisol will make it impossible to lose weight. So how do we control this important chemical? First, get enough sleep. Not enough quality sleep and our bodies react by pumping a ton of cortisol into our blood. Second, rest and recover from your workouts. In other words: do not over train! Yes training is fun, but reaching fitness course is even more fun. So train and train hard, but not six days a week. It simply doesn’t does not work. Recovery is where the changes happen. Training intensity will provoke the positive physiological changes we want, but during recovery is where they actually happen. Third, cut back on, or quit caffeine. Sorry, but 200 mg of caffeine can increase blood cortisol levels by 30% in just one hour. What else can we do to keep high cortisol away? Take vitamin C. At least 3 g a day. Take L glutamine. Two little L glutamine and cortisol spikes. It will help with recovery. Take chromium. It reduces cortisol it helps lower cholesterol. Season generously with ginger and cayenne. These spices help reduce stress, which helps control cortisol. Take be vitamins. B5 helps regulate cortisol when you are under stress. B6 helps regulate serotonin and norepinephrine, both of which affect mental stability, mood, and the ability to cope with stress. P7 helps with the processing of carbohydrates. B12 promotes healthy nervous system function. Reference cortisol SmackDown! (2019, January 23). /fun/Gill3. HTM
Angel & Jack Taylor

How many times per week do you attend South Beach Fitness?  
Jack 3-4 days
Angel 3-4 days

What is your favorite thing about South Beach Fitness?
The equipment and the members

Why is a healthy life important to you?
It helps in everything else you do in life! It gives you balance.

Weights or Cardio?

What are your favorite motivating quotes?
Train hard, be hard!

"Biggest arms in Real Estate"!
Jack Taylor is one of the top Realtors in the Brevard area for the past 20 years, and is one of our favorite realtors! If you are looking for a hard working, honest realtor, contact Jack at Remax Alternative Realty!