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Published August 5, 2022
Upcoming Events
COVID-19 vaccine clinic has been expanded: 
August 8 for anyone 6 months and older

In conjunction with Los Alamos County, Premier Medical Group (PMG) has expanded the COVID-19 vaccine/booster clinic scheduled for Monday, August 8, to include all eligible individuals, not just children 6 months to 5 years. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., PMG will administer Moderna and Pfizer vaccines at the First Baptist Church, 2200 Diamond Dr., Los Alamos.
DENVER — Manhattan Project National Historical Park will partner with Pearl Harbor National Memorial to mark the 77th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Japan, which occurred in August 1945 in the waning days of World War II. The commemoration will include luminaria ceremonies hosted at each of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park locations and Pearl Harbor National Memorial. Following is a schedule of events.

On August 8 from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm MDT, the park will host a Lights for Peace ceremony at Ashley Pond where luminarias with public messages of peace and reflection will be lit along a path. The event is designed to be a quiet, introspective experience, focused on giving visitors the opportunity to walk the lighted path in silence and have their own reflective experience based on their personal reasons for participating.

Please note this event is weather dependent due to the chance of thunderstorms in Los Alamos on August 8 and visitors are advised to check the park’s Facebook page on the day of the event.
August 9 Council meeting to be regular session
The next Los Alamos County Council meeting is a regular session and will take place on August 9th, at 6:00 p.m., Council Chambers, 1000 Central Ave., Los Alamos. This will be an in-person/Zoom hybrid meeting.

View the complete agenda packet for this meeting here.
Public invited to Parks and Rec board meeting
The Los Alamos County Park and Recreation Board would like to invite any interested community members to the Parks and Recreation Board (PRB) meeting on August 11, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. Meeting will be held in a hybrid format, in-person and via Zoom.

County Fair coming August 11th–14th
Mark your calendars for the Los Alamos County Fair coming August 11th –14th!

This year's theme is Stars and Strips and Summer Nights!

Click here for a full schedule of events.
Los Alamos County sees an increase in vandalism in parks
Los Alamos County has seen a rise in vandalism in our parks system over the past few months. The Parks Division and LAPD ask the community to help spread awareness and report any suspicious activity or concerns. If you see something, say something. Call LAPD at 505-662-8222.
Aquatic Center plans annual closure
Los Alamos County Aquatic and Project Management staff have been coordinating efforts to improve the Aquatic Center operations in two ways: to perform regular preventive maintenance of the pool surface to ensure long-term uninterrupted use and to install and fine-tune the upgraded water filter associated with the project, to provided aquatic center staff the tools and training of the new equipment to ensure proper operations and maintain water health standards.

The therapy pool is scheduled to close starting August 15th and is anticipated to reopen on September 5th. The Olympic pool is scheduled to close starting August 19th and is also anticipated to reopen on September 5th. This is to allow for the completion of various projects related to the aquatic center upgrades and preventative maintenance items.

Crews will fine tune the Olympic pool’s upgraded filtration system installed as part of the Leisure Lagoon Project.

This work includes:
• Installation of new flow meters to help staff monitor the water system flow.
• Installation of new electrical relays for water system automation.
• Repair a leaking section of pipe.
• Final water system tuning and staff training of new equipment.

Prevention maintenance work that will be performed by Aquatic Center staff includes:
• Draining of both pools
• Repainting the therapy pool walls
• Resurfacing the Olympic pool
• Deep cleaning of all locker rooms
• Repainting the deck signs
• Other needed maintenance from daily use

Work on the Leisure Lagoon continues, however significant supply chain delays of the remaining electrical components required to operate the pool’s water system, have caused interruptions in the project. Upon arrival and installation, the new pool will be plastered and then filled with water for curing, and the water system can then undergo fine-tuning. This work is scheduled for completion by mid-October pending the arrival of all the remaining electrical components.
Branches to be trimmed on mesas
Tree trimming coordinated by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is set to start up again. Residents on North Mesa and Barranca Mesa may see Southwest Fire Defense & Tree Services professionals mitigating hazards and power outages by trimming tree branches growing around power lines.

Southwest Fire Defense & Tree Services is under contract with the Electric Distribution Division of the DPU. Department staff are responsible for identifying branches that need attention and will attempt to give residents advance notice via informational door hangers if tree trimmers need to enter their yards. Trees are trimmed only if they are in the right-of-way or on utility easements for power lines.

The tree trimming effort reduces the number and scope of power outages by removing branches and trees that are either too close to power lines or pose a risk of falling on power lines. This initiative, coupled with an aggressive operation and maintenance program, supports DPU’s Electric Reliability Plan.

It is important to note that not all lines above houses in Los Alamos and White Rock are electric power lines. The tree trimming effort focuses only on branches growing into power lines, not other types of cables that may be strung between poles.
Work to affect WR Visitors Center parking lot
A portion of the White Rock Visitors Center parking lot will be closed to prepare the area for the installation of the County’s first Level 3 DC fast charger for electric vehicles. Preparation began in July and is expected to be completed no later than Friday, August 12.

While the 65 kW charger has not yet been delivered and will be installed at a later date, a Department of Public Utilities (DPU) contractor will be trenching in the parking lot to install electrical conduits and placing a concrete pad in preparation for the charger installation.

This is the first Level 3 charger in Los Alamos County, and currently, there are two Level 2 charge ports at the White Rock Town Hall and six at the Los Alamos County Municipal Building. A second Level 3 charger will be installed at the municipal building. DPU received non-governmental grant funding to procure and install the Level 3 chargers.
DPU proposing water rate adjustments
DPU is proposing water rate adjustments spanning the next four years to cover increases in DPU’s cost to provide water service in the county. DPU’s expenses are incurred in the production of potable water as well as the subsequent bulk purchase and distribution of it to customers. Rate increases will allow the DPU to generate revenues needed for current operations and to build cash reserves necessary for future infrastructure needs.
Two public hearings for adjustments to the existing tiered water rates are planned: 1) August 17 at the 5:30 pm Board of Public Utilities (BPU) meeting on Zoom, and if approved by BPU, then 2) September 27 at the Los Alamos County Council meeting.
Because DPU’s water rates are structured as seasonal tiers, DPU is eligible for low-interest loans and grant programs which keep expenses lower for both the DPU and its customers.

In Los Alamos, residential water consumption for homes with individual water meters increases by about 76% on average during peak months due to seasonal water use. Even with that increased consumption, less than a fifth of DPU’s customers reach the third tier of 15,000 gallons in a month.

More information on the rate adjustments, including the ordinance and Frequently Asked Questions, can be found at https://ladpu.com/rates under the folder Proposed & Pending Rate Changes.
Tidbits and Treasures
Dr. Richard Antoine White and Los Alamos Jazz Project Live at Fuller Lodge

Los Alamos Jazz Project will perform and there will be a presentation by Dr. Richard Antoine White on August 11th starting at 6:00 pm at Fuller Lodge.
Dr. White was recently featured on NPR’s "Fresh Air," Trevor Noah's "The Daily Show," "PBS NewsHour," and more after the publication of his autobiography "I’m Possible: A Story of Survival, a Tuba, and the Small Miracle of a Big Dream." He is also the subject of the powerful documentary film "R.A.W. Tuba," which won national acclaim. Dr. White is a tenured professor of tuba/euphonium in the Department of Music at UNM. In 2021, he was honored with UNM's Distinguished Research and Creative Works Leadership award.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, please visit the library's event calendar at: https://loom.ly/i5NcbFc or call (505) 662-8257. Made possible by Friends of Los Alamos County Libraries.
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