Week of January 11, 2021
Return to Hybrid
We will resume the same schedule as we had before Thanksgiving break (TENTATIVELY) on January 19.

Picture Day
Picture Day has been postponed until the end of March. We will send out a communication as soon as we have a date in place!
Warriors of the Week
Lucas D. ~ 6th Grade
Lucas D. is our 6th grade warrior of the week. Lucas arrives on time to class each day and always participates in class discussions. His discussion points and answers are very insightful and add depth to our conversations. His work is turned in on time and is done well. Lucas adds humor to our classes and keeps us smiling. Keep up the good work Lucas!
The 7th grade is pleased to award Molly K. as the Warrior of the Week. Molly is an exuberant learner who holds herself to the highest standard. She has been highly engaged in both remote and hybrid learning, and routinely participates in the physical classroom and remotely. Molly asks questions to understand the concepts, and she looks to learn from any mistakes to gain mastery. Her passion for learning does not go unnoticed and she excels in all the classes that she is currently taking. As one can see, she is the type of student who goes above and beyond what is expected. Some of the qualities that make her stand apart is her zest for learning, helping others in the class by sharing what she has learned, having a positive attitude, and being a leader for others to follow to name a few. The world is your canvas Molly we can’t wait to see your masterpiece! We are looking forward to seeing you succeed the rest of the 7th grade Molly!
Brady W. ~ 8th Grade
The 8th grade team would like to recognize Brady as our first Warrior of the Week for 2021! Brady continues to show what it takes to be a successful student-athlete during this school year. Brady is an active participant in class and always turns in quality work on time. Brady, we all are very proud of you! Keep up the great work!
Briana M. ~ 9th Grade
Briana M. is our 9th Grade Warrior of the Week!  Briana is an extremely hard worker and always tries her best. She participates in class, asks questions and helps her peers to better understand the material. Briana is always striving to improve her skills and learning. Keep up the great work Briana!
Regan D. ~ 10th Grade
Regan D. is our 10th Grade Warrior of the Week! Regan has done superior work this school year and is a conscientious student! Regan is always turning in her assignments on time and is a pleasure to have in class! Keep up the great work!
Jessica S. ~ 11th Grade
Jessica S. is our 11th Grade Warrior of the Week! Jessica is a wonderful student! She is always prepared and adds to the class discussion. She maintains a positive attitude and sets a great example for others. Keep up the great work!
Samantha M. - 12th Grade
Samantha M. is our 12th Grade Warrior of the Week! Samantha, although quiet in class, establishes her presence through the high quality of work she turns in with each and every assignment. She is insightful and often adds amazing insight and commentary to class discussions. She is a true please to have in class. Keep up the great work!
Special Shout-Out
Mr. Korey would like to give a special shout out to his 8th period, Advanced Pre-Calculus, Class! Mr. Korey said; “I would love to recognize my 8th period class as a whole. It is a small class of only 9 kids and they have all been the perfect models for virtual learning. They are all engaged, interested, and have shown great determination”. Keep up the great work!

Mallory A. (9th), Spencer B. (8th), Eva C. (11th), Tyson C. (9th), Andrew H. (9th), Eva K. (10th), Colin M. (12th), Trey S. (12th) and Shawn T (10th)!

Mindful Mondays

Life is hard. Mindfulness can help.
Mindfulness refers to a set of practices, certain habits of mind - as well as a general way of being in life.
Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. It’s about knowing what is on your mind.
Another way to say it - mindfulness is paying attention to your life here and now with kindness and curiosity.

When + How?
Mindfulness can be done during sitting meditation, movement activities such as running, walking or yoga and even while eating, doing school work or during other typical daily moments.
Beginning on December 7th, join Mrs. Cory each Monday morning at 8:15 am to learn how to use mindfulness as a way to help with the challenges present in your daily life. Meet details below!
Mindfulness practices in schools have been shown to improve students’ emotional well-being, academic performance and relationships.
Email Mrs. Cory with questions or for more information!
Class code: sn5rcqi

From Ohio Department of Health - 
Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you or a loved one are experiencing anxiety related to the coronavirus pandemic, help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call the COVID-19 CareLine at 1-800-720-9616.
While we are in FULL Remote Learning - if your child(ren) will not be able to log into their virtual classroom due to an appointment or not feeling well, please EMAIL Ms. Lockwood at jlockwood@fairview.k12.oh.us. You may still call and leave a message on the attendance line, however sending an email is the preferred method of communication during Full Remote Learning.  

In addition - please remind your child(ren) that they must sign in to their classes each and every period so that attendance can be taken. Failure to do so will result in being marked absent for that class period.
Thank you for your cooperation!
FHS/MMS School Fees
School fees for the 2020-2021 School Year have been applied to your student(s) PowerSchool Account. If you have any questions regarding this or need to make payment arrangements please contact Mrs. Tieri at atieri@fairview.k12.oh.us.
Work Permits
Work permit applications are still being processed. Please complete the application and email it to Mrs. Tieri at atieri@fairview.k12.oh.us. Any questions - please email or call Mrs. Tieri at 440.754.3613
Attention Seniors and Parents!
Graduation will be here before we know it! Please note that in order for your student to receive their Cap and Gown, Diploma, and participate in Graduation Ceremonies (however they may be) all school fees must be paid before Graduation. Please contact Mrs. Tieri with any questions or concerns!
atieri@fairview.k12.oh.us or 440-356-3500 x 3101

In Addition - if you have not received and completed your Diploma information sheet sent out via email from the Principal's Office, please do so ASAP. The email sent to Senior Families included a google form asking for the required information. If you need access to this google form please reach out to Mrs. Bennhoff at sbennhoff@fairview.k12.oh.us or 440-356-3500 x 4106.
Family and Community Engagement (FACE)
Ms. Carrie Sullivan
FACE Coordinator
440-356-3510 ext. 4117

Happy New Year Fairview Park Families,

I hope that your holidays went well and we are all happy and healthy to start the New Year! I saw this statement in an article - The first rule of 2021 is we don’t talk about 2020. Salud and onward!

Let's do that! So moving forward, a parent sent me these two links below (PLEASE send me information you see to share with other parents!) that I think may be helpful to some:
Grandfamilies Resource Hub
The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center has launched a new Grandfamilies resource hub. Relatives who provide care for minor children are referred to as kinship caregivers, and grandfamilies are one of the forms of kinship caregiving. The GrandUnderstandings project provides resources to assist grandfamilies and educators. One of the resources, School Family Engagement with Grandfamilies in Mind, provides research-based strategies for educators engaging grandfamilies.
Save the Date: 2021 Virtual Parent Camps
The ParentCamp experience is defined as the hybrid “unconference” for parents by parents to come together and discuss what is best for kids. Bring your family, school, and community together to discuss different topics selected by parents on Wednesday, Jan. 13 and Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT for the virtual ParentCamp experience. Free registration, future dates, and resources are available on the ParentCamp webpage.
Salud and onward my awesome Fairview Park Families!

Ms. Carrie Sullivan
FACE Coordinator
440-356-3510 ext. 4117
How are you all doing?
The first step to being able to help our kids is understanding if something is wrong. Child Mind makes this easier, with a great, interactive symptom checker - click the link to access.

How to help someone with anxiety
If a relative or friend is suffering from anxiety, this John's Hopkins article is a great start for learning how to help, from recognizing the signs to knowing what NOT to do as well as how to provide practical help.

Great mental health podcasts for 2021
We've listened to a ton of great mental-health related podcasts over 2020, and here's a link to our top ten, along with a summary of each. Whether you're looking for a teen, as a parent or other caregiver, or as a counselor, there is something for everyone, from the conversational to specific resources. Have a browse, breathe deeply and enjoy!
School Counseling
Ms. Jennifer Parente
High School Student Counselor (10-12th grade)
440-356-3500 ext. 4103

Digital Request Form for students wanting to see Ms. Parente
Mrs. Mary Cory
Middle School Student Counselor (6-9th grade)
440-356-3510 ext. 3135

Digital Request Form for students wanting to see Mrs. Cory

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Mr. Joe Dianetti
Athletic Director
440-356-3500 ext. 4157

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Mr. Chris Vicha
Campus Principal
440-356-3500 ext. 4100
Mr. Chris Honeck
Associate Principal
440-356-3500 ext. 4101
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