Week of February 14, 2021
Upcoming Important Dates
February 15: President’s Day - No school for students or staff

February 16: Regular Board of Education Meeting - 6:30 p.m. - Zoom

Monday, February 22: First staff vaccination day; All Students remote with asynchronous work

February 23-26: Regular hybrid schedule

February 24: PTA Council Meeting 7:00 p.m.

March 1-12: All students ALL IN! 

March 9: ACT Day for all Juniors. Grades 6-8 will report to school as scheduled. Grades 9, 10, 12: Teachers will assign asynchronous work for all classes that day. We will need all available teachers to assist with protocoling the ACT and will need utilize more rooms to provide appropriate spacing. Juniors will be dismissed after they are finished with the ACT. Self-contained special education units will report as usual.

March 15: Second staff vaccination day; All Students remote with asynchronous work

March 16: Staff vaccination recovery day; All students remote with asynchronous work

March 17 and on: All students all in!

April 2-9: Spring Break 
Scheduling is now open for students currently in grades 6-11 for next school year. Students will be inputting their requests into Powerschool. The counselors presented the scheduling information during mentoring, and the Powerpoints are posted on the district website. 

There are also videos to assist students in putting their requests into the computer posted to the website as well.  

Counselors will be available during all mentoring sessions. 

WHO: Ms. Parente, Mrs. Cory and any MS/HS students who sign up
WHAT: 2021-2022 Scheduling Q & A
WHEN: L1 and L2 (MS and HS) 2/23 - 2/26
WHERE: Warrior Room
HOW: Sign up Genius for Scheduling Help During Mentoring (limited # of spaces). Students who are remote may use this GC link to join us!
WHY: Course requests are due 2/26 

We ask that all requests be entered in Powerschool no later than February 26th.
Warriors of the Week
Zoie W. ~ 6th Grade
Zoie W. is our 6th grade Warrior of the Week! Zoie has a way of brightening up her teachers’ day just by smiling and waving. Zoie has shown an amazing commitment to her learning and to her personal memoir she is writing in ELA! She has a knack for having her writing come alive right on the page. Her overall excitement for the school day is contagious. Along with her success in improving her grades she has shown GRIT during the school day. She will participate, ask questions, and share her reasoning/ thinking. Zoie is a great example of a student who puts lots of effort and can adapt to these different times. Keep up the great work, we are all proud to call Zoie our Warrior of the Week!
Jayden C. ~ 7th Grade
Jayden C. is the 7th grade Warrior of the Week. Jayden has truly grown throughout the last quarter by stepping up to the plate in completing his goals, and making his academics a priority. He has been working really hard and is consistently caught up in Science. Jayden turns in high quality work and it's evident that he puts a lot of thought into what he does. Moving on to Social Studies, Jayden has been a rockstar! He's been keeping up with assignments and really focused on his upcoming project on daily Roman life. In Math & ELA, he is organized and does a great job of keeping up with his checkpoints and power focus areas . Jayden is always respectful and helpful during his classes. Way to go Jayden- the sky is your limit, keep moving forward! We are very proud of you!
Chloe O. ~ 8th Grade
Chloe O. is our 8th grade Warrior of the Week! This is a long-overdue recognition. Chloe has continued to impress her teachers with her willingness to learn and stay focused throughout the year. Not only is she excelling at school, but Chloe is also an accomplished Irish Dancer. Chloe has excelled while we were remote and continues in hybrid mode. She is not afraid to ask her teachers for help or to answer a question in class. We are so happy that she is part of the 8th-grade family! Chloe, keep striving to be great and never stop challenging yourself! Congratulations!
Sarah L. ~ 9th Grade
Sarah L. is our 9th grade Warrior of the Week! Sarah is a thoughtful student that is always engaged in her classes and seeks out help from teachers whenever she needs it. She has been doing an amazing job in math and has also demonstrated awesome effort in English. Thank you for showing us how you continue to work hard in your classes. Great job, Sarah!
Josh H. ~ 10th Grade
Josh H. is our 10th grade Warrior of the Week! Josh quietly goes about his business of producing high-quality work in a timely manner in his classes. He is a deep thinker who leads by example! His determination does not go unnoticed. Great job, Josh! Keep up the good work.
Jovhanny F. ~ 11th Grade
Jovhanny F. is our 11th grade Warrior of the Week! Jovhanny has really taken the reins of his education. He completes his work on time and has even been known to work ahead on occasion. He has a great positive spirit that brings a smile to those around him. His hard work and contagious energy help to motivate those around him. Rock on Jovhanny!
Salina G. ~12th Grade
Salina G. is our 12th grade Warrior of the Week! Salina has continuously excelled in her courses and is just a delightful young lady. It seems as though the struggles of the school have not shaken her as her work continues to be on time and of the best quality. She is responsible, respectful, and a wonderful example to her peers. Keep up the good work!
Remote Learning Option (RLO)
As we continue to welcome students back into Fairview High School/Mayer Middle School for in-person learning, parents/guardians have the option to either keep or enroll their child into the Remote Learning Option. Those students who are currently enrolled in the RLO WILL REMAIN unless a change is desired. If you wish to add your child to RLO or remove, please email Mrs. Tieri at atieri@fairview.k12.oh.us
Students who are interested in participating in the College Credit Plus program for the 2021-2022 school year, please click here.

On the CCP page of the school counseling website (link above) you will find Powerpoints with important information. Please plan to watch the Overview powerpoint at a minimum, and then you can look at the individual college's powerpoints if you would like. Please fill out the Virtual Presentation Confirmation Form. Contact your student's counselor to set up a meeting time to discuss further.
Summit Learning
Habits of Success are the social and emotional skills that enable students to be successful at both academic and non-academic pursuits. These include the skills to become a self-directed learner.
  • Purpose - the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
  • Charting a course for life that is meaningful and will have an impact on the world.
  • Explore your sense of identity both as an individual and as someone belonging to and responsible for various communities in your life.
  • Consider and explore possible life aims that fit with your sense of identity and interests.
  • Envision multiple paths toward your life aim based on turns your life might take or obstacles you may encounter.
  • Sustain passion and commitment toward your long-term aspirations.
Mindful Mondays

Life is hard. Mindfulness can help.
Mindfulness refers to a set of practices, certain habits of mind - as well as a general way of being in life.
Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. It’s about knowing what is on your mind.
Another way to say it - mindfulness is paying attention to your life here and now with kindness and curiosity.

When + How?
Mindfulness can be done during sitting meditation, movement activities such as running, walking or yoga and even while eating, doing school work or during other typical daily moments.
Beginning on December 7th, join Mrs. Cory each Monday morning at 8:15 am to learn how to use mindfulness as a way to help with the challenges present in your daily life. Meet details below!
Mindfulness practices in schools have been shown to improve students’ emotional well-being, academic performance and relationships.
Email Mrs. Cory with questions or for more information!
Class code: sn5rcqi

From Ohio Department of Health
Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you or a loved one are experiencing anxiety related to the coronavirus pandemic, help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call the COVID-19 CareLine at 1-800-720-9616.
Attendance during Hybrid

While we are in Hybrid Learning:

On your Child(ren)'s remote days: If your child will not be able to log into their virtual classroom due to an appointment or not feeling well, please email Ms. Lockwood at jlockwood@fairview.k12.oh.us or call at 440-356-3500 ext. 4104.

On your Child(ren)'s in-person days: If your child will not be able to come into the building for in-person learning you will need to call them off of school for the day. Your child can still log into their classes to get their assignments, however they will be counted absent physically from the building, so you will need to let Ms. Lockwood know .

In addition - please remind your child(ren) that they must sign in to their virtual classes every period so that attendance can be taken. Failure to do so will result in being marked absent for that class period.
FHS/MMS School Fees
School fees for the 2020-2021 School Year have been applied to your student(s) PowerSchool Account. If you have any questions regarding this or need to make payment arrangements please contact Mrs. Tieri at atieri@fairview.k12.oh.us.
Attention Seniors and Parents!
Graduation will be here before we know it! Please note that in order for your student to receive their Cap and Gown, Diploma, and participate in Graduation Ceremonies (however they may be) all school fees must be paid before Graduation. Please contact Mrs. Tieri with any questions or concerns!
atieri@fairview.k12.oh.us or 440-356-3500 x 3101

In Addition - if you have not received and completed your Diploma information sheet sent out via email from the Principal's Office, please do so ASAP. The email sent to Senior Families included a google form asking for the required information. If you need access to this google form please reach out to Mrs. Bennhoff at sbennhoff@fairview.k12.oh.us or 440-356-3500 x 4106.
Family and Community Engagement (FACE)
Hello Fairview Park Families!!

I hope that many of you saw my article last week on Random Acts of Kindness and are encouraging your child to do a random act once a week or whatever fits in your schedule. February 17th is Random Act of Kindness Day.....what is your family doing to show your Random Act? Please post on Twitter this coming week and tag @FACEinFairview

Links from last week

Random Acts of Kindness ideas (nicely categorized:)
I also talked about making sure to have a talk with your child (K-12) about appropriate ways to interact on social media -

As a resource for parents - I am hosting a Parent University (via zoom) this coming Thursday, Feb 18 at 7 p.m. on the topic of Phone Addiction. It is real! We are seeing students with sleeping problems, anxiety, low self esteem, etc.....with the root being phone addiction. Come join the conversation from Dr. Michelle O'Connor from Integrative Psychological Health in Westlake on what are the signs and symptoms and how to help your child.

Meeting ID: 867 6232 9788
Passcode: U9Ys03
School Counseling
Ms. Jennifer Parente
High School Student Counselor (10-12th grade)
440-356-3500 ext. 4103

Digital Request Form for students wanting to see Ms. Parente
Mrs. Mary Cory
Middle School Student Counselor (6-9th grade)
440-356-3510 ext. 3135

Digital Request Form for students wanting to see Mrs. Cory

Follow the counseling office on Twitter: @FviewCounselors
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Read the latest edition of the Counselor Advantage
Mr. Joe Dianetti
Athletic Director
440-356-3500 ext. 4157

For all updates in regards to athletics, please refer to the district athletic page here and follow us on social media @FPWarriorSports
Mr. Chris Vicha
Campus Principal
440-356-3500 ext. 4100
Mr. Chris Honeck
Associate Principal
440-356-3500 ext. 4101
Tech Support (support@fairview.k12.oh.us)

Athletic Calendar (subject to change - for the most up to date schedule follow our twitter handle @FPWarriorSports)