Week of December 14, 2020
Warriors of the Week
Ashley H. - 6th Grade
Ashley H. is our 6th grade Warrior of the Week! Ashley is a polite, hard working sixth grade student. Not only is she a hard worker, but she is a team player too often being willing to work with her classmates and step up as a group leader. Ashley consistently turns in high quality work and does a great job in the classroom. Keep up the great work Ashley!
Ella D. - 7th Grade
Ella D. is our 7th grade Warrior of the Week! Ella has been a rock star through both online and hybrid learning! She leads by example and is always willing to participate. Ella helps her peers with their work and teachers when needed. She does this while working consistently hard during both remote and in person learning this year. Ella asks insightful questions about content for all her classes.
She brings some much zest and energy to class and is a bright spot for the teachers in their day. The 7th grade team is very proud of you, and we are looking forward to seeing you progress the rest of the year!

Ava. B. - 8th Grade
Ava B. is our 8th grade Warrior of the Week! Ava is such a delight to have in class. She participates, is not afraid to ask questions, helps out her peers, and goes above and beyond in our remote classes. Her teachers really appreciate how willing she is to jump in and participate in a class full of quiet! We can’t say enough about her kindness and sincerity towards others. What a wonderful human being! Thank you Ava, and keep up the great work!

Faith M. - 9th Grade
Faith M. is our 9th grade Warrior of the Week! Faith is working at the top of her game! She does an excellent job at listening and contributing to the academic conversations during class. Faith asks for help and works hard at finishing her checkpoints in school. 
Shayla T. - 10th Grade
Shayla T. is our 10th grade Warrior of the Week! Shayla participates, keeps her camera on, and has really been working hard lately. Shayla is demonstrating toughness and grit during hard times. This is the key to success! Way to go Shayla!
Alyssa W.- 11th Grade
Alyssa W. is our 11th grade Warrior of the Week! Alyssa is an enthusiastic student who works diligently in band. She is a strong performer and is passionate about performance. She always arrives with a positive attitude and greets the day with a smile.  
She is a very conscientious student who not only works to do her best but is greatly concerned for those around her as well. She challenges herself with hard classes and performs very well. During virtual learning she has participated in her classes and always brings thoughtful and poignant comments to discussions.
Lily P.- 12th Grade
Lily P. is our 12th grade Warrior of the Week! Lily exhibits leadership in and out of class. She sets a positive example for others in class by being engaged in discussions and activities. This month she proudly represented FHS in the BGSU Virtual Choral Festival. This year Lily is serving as vice president for the National Honor Society and has been involved with community service most recently by helping senior residents with snow removal after last week’s storm. Lily is a genuine delight to be around. She is a focused and an accomplished young lady who brings joy to those around her. She is dedicated to her studies and passionate about her extracurricular activities. She is a wonderful role model for younger students at FHS!
The Self-Directed Learning Cycle

Summit Learning uses a Self-Directed Learning Cycle in its curriculum to help students prepare for life before and after graduation. This process promotes student development and autonomy in learning. With classrooms designed to promote self-direction, students learn and deliberately practice how to learn.
In the Self-Directed Learning Cycle, teachers work with students to:
  • reflect on what they've learned
  • set goals for what they want to learn
  • plan for how they will reach their goals
  • learn new facts, skills, or ideas
  • show or demonstrate their learning, then reflect

By practicing and developing self-direction, students build skills and habits they can apply in life well beyond graduation. This gives students a sense of empowerment that keeps them motivated and engaged. Eventually — with support — students internalize the Self-Directed Learning Cycle, giving them a foundation for success.
Interested in learning more and to see some examples of student goals? - Click this LINK
While we are in FULL Remote Learning - if your child(ren) will not be able to log into their virtual classroom due to an appointment or not feeling well, please EMAIL Ms. Lockwood at jlockwood@fairview.k12.oh.us. You may still call and leave a message on the attendance line, however sending an email is the preferred method of communication during Full Remote Learning.  

In addition - please remind your child(ren) that they must sign in to their classes each and every period so that attendance can be taken. Failure to do so will result in being marked absent for that class period.

Thank you for your cooperation!
FHS/MMS School Fees
School fees for the 2020-2021 School Year have been applied to your student(s) PowerSchool Account. If you have any questions regarding this or need to make payment arrangements please contact Mrs. Tieri at atieri@fairview.k12.oh.us.
Work Permits
Work permit applications are still being processed. Please complete the application and email it to Mrs. Tieri at atieri@fairview.k12.oh.us. Any questions - please email or call Mrs. Tieri at 440.754.3613
Mindful Mondays
Life is hard. Mindfulness can help.

Join Mrs. Cory for Mindful Mondays at 8:15 a.m.

Mindfulness refers to a set of practices, certain habits of mind - as well as a general way of being in life.

Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. It’s about knowing what is on your mind.

Another way to say it - mindfulness is paying attention to your life here and now with kindness and curiosity.
When + How?
Mindfulness can be done during sitting meditation, movement activities such as running, walking or yoga and even while eating, doing school work or during other typical daily moments.
Beginning on December 7th, join Mrs. Cory each Monday morning at 8:15 am to learn how to use mindfulness as a way to help with the challenges present in your daily life. Meet details below!

Mindfulness practices in schools have been shown to improve students’ emotional well-being, academic performance and relationships.

Email Mrs. Cory with questions or for more information!
Class code: sn5rcqi
PTA Reflections
Calling All Student Artists! Get Ready to Create!
The Fairview Park City School District PTA 2020-2021 REFLECTIONS Art Contest and Celebration begins on December 7, 2020!

This year’s theme is I MATTER BECAUSE…
Students can enter original artwork that reflects the theme of I MATTER BECAUSE in the areas of visual arts (painting/drawing, collage, sculpture, woodworking, jewelry, etc.), literature (2000 word max), photography (3x5 to 8x10), dance choreography (5 min limit), film production (5 min limit), and musical composition (audio recording or vocal and/or instrumental, 5 min limit).

All grade levels from preschool through 12th grade can submit artwork and students may enter artwork in more than one category.
Official guidelines with submission steps and the contest schedule are available here. Complete the official entry form here and submit artwork electronically (limit file size to 1,000 MB). All artwork and the entry form must be submitted electronically for this round by midnight December 21, 2020 for local judging. Winning artwork will advance to the state-level in January 2021.

For students who would like to participate but have limited access to art supplies, our PTA Council will try to accommodate reasonable art supply requests.

If you have questions about the 2020-2021 REFLECTIONS Art Contest and Celebration or an art supply request due to limited art supply access, please email FPWarriorsReflections@gmail.com.
Fairview Park MS/HS PTA Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

Fairview Park MS/HS PTA is bringing Krispy Kreme donuts to you!

Start your Winter break with your family and a Krispy Kreme. Donuts will be picked up fresh that morning from the Krispy Kreme store.

Place your order here, pay by Venmo or check (see below) and on Sunday, 12/20 simply pick up your order at the FHS parking lot, 9-11 a.m.

Items available are:
  • Original Glazed $10/dozen
  • Chocolate Iced, Lemon, Raspberry or Kreme filled $12/dozen
  • Coffee, classic or decaf -$9/12 oz. bag

**Orders needed at the end of day December 16th

Payment by Venmo or check
Venmo: @FPPTA

Checks payable to Fairview Park MS/HS PTA:
Nikki Cepek                   Helen Weeber
   4288 W 224th Street                 4385 W 202nd Street        
Family and Community Engagement (FACE)
Ms. Carrie Sullivan
FACE Coordinator
440-356-3510 ext. 4117

Hi Fairview Park Families,

Tis the season! Very different year for us, but let's focus on what we can do to make this holiday fun for us with our family.

This LINK will take you to a brochure that has all kinds of information about Coping with the Holidays! Ideas like:
*How to overcome stress
*Ways to make the holidays fun
*Things to do with older children
*Information from the CDC.
Let's all try to rise above all this and try to have the best holiday ever!

Have a great week! Ms. Sullivan

School Counseling
Ms. Jennifer Parente
High School Student Counselor (10-12th grade)
440-356-3500 ext. 4103

Digital Request Form for students wanting to see Ms. Parente
Mrs. Mary Cory
Middle School Student Counselor (6-9th grade)
440-356-3510 ext. 3135

Digital Request Form for students wanting to see Mrs. Cory

Follow the counseling office on Twitter: @FviewCounselors
Click HERE to sign up for our Counseling Newsletter!

Read the latest edition of the Counselor Advantage
Mr. Joe Dianetti
Athletic Director
440-356-3500 ext. 4157

For all updates in regards to athletics, please refer to the district athletic page here and follow us on social media @FPWarriorSports
Mr. Chris Vicha
Campus Principal
440-356-3500 ext. 4100
Mr. Chris Honeck
Associate Principal
440-356-3500 ext. 4101
Tech Support (support@fairview.k12.oh.us)

Athletic Calendar (subject to change - for the most up to date schedule follow our twitter handle @FPWarriorSports)