Pastors' Weekly Message: From Pastor Pat

We are in the throes of election season. We are inundated with campaign materials and reminders of upcoming national and local elections. Even in the life of our church, we find ourselves surfing the election tide.

It has taken several constitutional amendments to extend the right to vote to a broader representation of the populace. And indeed as citizens it is our duty as well as a privilege to exercise that right.

Whether it is determining the next congressional representative or the next chairperson of the local church board, the experience of voting leans heavily into the perspective of winners and losers.

Webster's Dictionary defines a vote as “to speak solemnly, the expression of decision or choice.”
In other words, a vote is the opportunity for our voice to be heard. 

We have experienced our first congregational vote and will move forward with the building project (details are below). There are more decisions we will face, each an opportunity for every voice to be heard. 

It is my prayer that we not treat these opportunities as wins or losses. Instead we agree that even if we are all not of one mind, that we can still come to the table of conversation, welcoming every voice as integral to our journey. 

Speak to us and through us, Lord Jesus!
-- Pastor Pat