Pastors' Weekly Message: From Pastor Pat

Greetings Beloved,

It is day thirteen of this Lenten season (Sundays are not counted), and some of you may have lived into a new rhythm as part of your Lenten journey. You may be noticing just how much more time you have for other things, if you’ve reduced or ghosted your social media interactions. You may be finding that you’re sleeping better, thanks to the walk that you’ve added to your day.

Or you may be one who has not yet figured out just what you should pick up or give up this season. And if this is your situation, you might be thinking you’re somehow not making the grade.

Whether you are embracing a new rhythm or still searching for that rhythm it is important to understand that the purpose of Lent is not to out-perform the next person by giving up more or doing more. This is a season of drawing closer to God, to hear what God needs to speak to our spirits and souls. And finding the right time and space for that to happen, can take a moment. Just wanting to be on the journey opens the way for God to guide you into that space where you are able to connect and commune with our Creator.

What makes the season sacred is not how much healthier you are for adding exercise or eating right. The sacredness of the season is the engagement of the journey of discovering what God wants to speak to us, that we are sometimes too distracted to hear.

Again and again, God waits to meet us and is listening for us.

-- Pastor Pat