Worship October 11, 2020

Scripture: Psalm 63:1-8 NRSV
Sermon: Take Time for God

Making sure that we spend time with God every day is vital to our Christian growth. We must take time to be in His Word, follow His ways and His will, and participate in His work.
How do you like to spend your time? Have you ever done something and thought, "That was a waste of time?" It seems like I've heard most my life people saying not to waste time or to spend your time wisely. I think we can agree that we make time for the things we love the most, but as Christians do we make sure God is at the top of that list? Are you making sure you are spending quality and quantity time with the Lord every day? We can do this through our prayer time, Bible time, worship time, and service time. King David gives us some great advice about this in Psalm 63:1-8 and I will be preaching from that text for today's sermon. I hope you will spend some time with this scripture this week and let David's words inspire you in your time with God.
Speaking of time - I really hope and pray we get to spend time together today at 5pm for our outdoor worship service. If it is not raining, we will meet in the back parking lot for a time of music, praise and prayers, and a timely message.

And please join me in praying that it does not rain. If it does we will reschedule and try again.

And remember, God loves you and so do I.

Pastor Eddie
Join Us for Outdoor Worship TONIGHT!
(This is not a rain or shine event, see Pastor Eddie’s note about the possibility of last minute cancellation.)

Welcome New Member!
Jaime Jose Morales joined by baptism and profession of faith. 
October is Clergy Appreciation Month!
Circle of Love
The Circle of Love will meet in the back yard of Vicki Devlin on Monday October 12 at 11 am. Please bring your items for the Out of Darkness goody bags along with your own lunch, drink and chair so we can observe social distancing practices. Contact Diane Walker at 770 361-1024 or dianemariewalker@msn.com for more information.
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Ongoing Ministries
Jet Set
The October meeting is canceled.
Please continue to check in on members of this group as we all seek to stay safe and healthy.
JOY Bible Study
(Just Older Youth)
JOY will begin an Advent Study, The Scriptures Sing of Christmas by J. Ellsworth Kalas, on Wednesday Oct 21. Contact Bobbye Raye Kennison for information on the study.
Senior Men's Bible Study
Our new course of study, The 7 Churches of the Revelation, began on Thursday, October 1. This is a Right Now Media study. Contact Tom Waits for the access link to view the videos that are provided with this study. 
Newcomers welcome! We begin at 12:45pm. The call in number is (205)825-9243. If there is difficulty tying into the call, simply text CALL ME to the call in number and you should be directly connected to the call.
Stay safe and stay in the WORD.
There is Power in Prayer!
We want to pray for you and your concerns and needs, and invite you to pray as well! If you would like to receive a weekly prayer list, or be included in the prayer email chain, please email prayers@norcrossfirst.org 
These requests can be private, shared only with the Pastor/staff, or public, shared with pray-ers within our congregation.

Believers Praying
At this time the group is not meeting, but continues
to faithfully pray.
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