Table of Contents

September 21
International Day 
of Peace

September 24
6:30-8:30 pm
Back to School Night

October 7-9
Book Fair

October 8
3:30 pm Parent-Teacher 

October 9
8:00 am 

October 12
Fall Break
No school

From Tr. Neal
Dear Families,

Thanks to all the parents who participated in this morning's Virtual Parent Coffee. I very much appreciate the opportunity to get to know you and to hear your perspectives. Clearly this is a very challenging time, particularly for parents of young children, and it's good for all of us to stay in close communication. I will continue to host virtual coffees every Friday morning at 8:15 for the foreseeable future. You can join them using this link.

Next Thursday's Back to School Night (September 24) is another way in which we can communicate with you and work in partnership. While we won't be able to be together physically, we still believe that we can accomplish the same goals via Zoom. The timeline for the evening is as follows:

6:30-7:05 Opening Session 

This will include brief welcoming remarks from me, introductions of teachers, presentations from specials teachers, and a few, quick announcements. Please use this link to access the Opening Session. 

7:15-8:00 Sessions with Classroom Teachers

Here you will meet with your classroom teachers to learn in more detail about the academic curriculum, about the ways that community and social/emotional needs of children are addressed, and about key events during the year. I've encouraged teachers to share about themselves too, as this is a great opportunity to get to know our amazing teachers both as educators and people. Teachers also will likely talk about how the distance learning program is going and how this is the same as and/or different from a "regular" school year. 

Each homeroom teacher will share a separate link with their parents. If you have any technical difficulties, Trs. Amelia (267-422-2912) and Rich (267-607-3257) are on "call" Thursday evening to help. 

I'll end by sharing how much fun it was to host this morning's all-school Gathering. After I shared pictures of my family and pets (in that order, although I love my cats and dog!), as well as stories about my hobbies and favorite foods, the children talked about what they love most about LFS. It was an unbridled outpouring of enthusiasm from so many of the kids! They also shared some sage advice for me as the new head of school... definitely wisdom to heed carefully from the mouths of babes. 

Thank you for all you're doing at home and for all your support of our work here at school. I look forward to "seeing" you Thursday evening! 

Best, Tr. Neal

Extended Day Program
Dear Friends,
We are excited to have the Extended Day program back for this Fall. We are writing to remind everyone to look at the  EDP Landing Page. To participate in EDP first please register with the business office.You will need to be registered for EDP in order to participate in any of the programs. After you are registered, please fill out the club forms your child will be attending found on the landing page. We will be sending out further info regarding each club soon, so please make sure you have provided us with your email thru the forms on the landing page AND have registered with the business office. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

-The Extended Day Staff
Thursday, 6:30-8 pm September 24
Join us for a virtual Back to School Night--
Tr. Neal will introduce faculty, Special teachers will explain what is planned for your child's grade, and you will join your child's teacher to round out the evening.

 From Back to School Night, 2019
International Day of Peace
Tr. Steve and the Kindergarteners drew peace doves in honor of the International Day of Peace on Monday. Beautiful work!

Pinwheels for Peace
Tr. Jill's 1st and 2nd graders made pinwheels for peace with Tr. Al in shop class. After our celebration of International Day of Peace on Monday, students will plant their pinwheels in front of their house.

Moving On
As many of you know, I began a graduate program in School Psychology one year ago, and now as I enter my 2nd course work year, I am required to commit myself full time to the program. This means that I will no longer be able to work with the students and staff at LFS as I have been doing for the past 2 years. It has been my honor to be a member of the LFS teaching community and I gratefully remain a parent of an LFS student and part of the LFS community! I have been inspired by the dedication of our teachers and excited by the leadership that Neal and Patrick offer. Likewise, our families and our students complete the heart of our school, and I have been grateful to have worked with so many of you. I have loved getting to know you and your beautiful children. I look forward to seeing you on our community Zooms and hope to be able to all in person soon!  
- Merryl
Observing Nature with Tr. Kate
These are photos of the organisms that my 1-2 class is observing. The first and second grade scientists will record their observations in Orange Journal #1 (we also have a yellow journal for a different type of organism), which we will use to determine what type of organism they are.

The top photo is a regular photo with my finger for reference.The bottom photo is magnified, taken with our class microscope.

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