power play

by Lisle Gwynn Garrity

Inspired by Matthew 21:1-11

Silk painting with digital drawing and collage

Where are you headed?

This Sunday, the train leaves the station. This weekend, Palm Sunday, we will parade around our neighborhood shouting hosanna! blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Along with the people lining the streets of Jerusalem two thousand years ago, we will rejoice, for our King has arrived.

And then, the mood will suddenly shift. We will realize that this King is not like any king we expected. Instead of riding a war horse, he rides on a borrowed donkey. Instead of exerting his power and protecting his people, he will let us wound him. He will be gentle when we want him to be defensive. He will bless when we want him to curse. As we walk the journey with him to his death, he will show us the way to live.

A poem by The Rev. Sarah Speed.

Where are you headed?

We are trains on a track,

moving through life at warp speed.

Please keep all arms and legs

inside the moving vehicle

at all times.

The years pass like a flipbook,

faster than we can absorb,

but the train does not stop.

We press our faces to the windows

to try and get a good view

and we ask each each other,

Where are you headed?

And there on the train

we decide—

we want to head toward

the promised day.

We want to head toward crowded tables

and long, healthy lives.

We want to move in the direction of joyful children,

and hopeful communities.

We want to move closer to God

with every mile of track,

and that does not happen by accident.

So it’s time to ask,

Where are you headed,

and who’s driving that train?


Mother Mary Lynn

Church This Weekend

April 2, 10:30 am

Palm Sunday All Ages Service

Kids will be in church for the whole service

Nursey care available for kids 0-3 years old

No Sunday school

live on facebook

If you missed the sermon last week, never fear! You can listen here.

Calling for Filled Easter Eggs

Thank you to everyone who took home bags of empty eggs last week! Please remember to bring them back filled with small toys, stickers, candy or other treats by this weekend, Palm Sunday, April 2. 

If you did not get a chance to take some home, you can still contribute with store bought plastic eggs- you can get them pre-filled or fill them yourself. 

I could also use a few volunteers to assist with set up and during the Egg Hunt on Easter. Please reach out to me if you would like to help. Contact Family Minister Kari Robinson.

Thank you for making our Community Egg Hunt possible!

Support St. Mark's Maundy Thursday Event

We're supporting our fellow Episcopal congregation, St. Mark's in City Heights, as they provide breakfast, footwashing, hygiene kits and more on Maundy Thursday, April 6. They've asked us to donate socks and deodorant. Please bring your donations to church prior to April 6. View their wishlist. Questions? Contact Kari Robinson.

Upcoming Baptisms

If you're considering baptism for yourself or a loved one, please contact Mother Mary Lynn. The next baptisms will take place on April 8 at the Easter Vigil or April 9 on Easter Sunday. Some preparation is required, so be sure to connect with Mother Mary Lynn soon.

Faith in Action: Protecting Our Neighbors

If you agree that no one should be discharged from the hospital late at night with nowhere to go, with only a bus pass, in their hospital gown and booties, with an empty stomach, into neighborhoods with no public restrooms open at night, then please add your voice to our request for legislative hearings to STOP PATIENT DUMPING! Visit this website to learn more and take action.

Good Friday Event at Friendship Park

Join with friends from San Diego and Tijuana this Good Friday as we witness and lament the crucifixion of Friendship Park. U.S. Border Patrol contractors are erecting two 30-foot walls across this historic and iconic binational meeting place, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Mexican side of Friendship Park is fully accessible to the public. Experience the color, culture, and faith of our Mexican friends. Stand in solidarity with friends and families separated from their loved ones. Walk the Stations of the Cross overlooking the Pacific Ocean at 3pm. Take a bus trip to the Mexican side of Friendship Park, departing at 1:30pm and returning at 6pm. Meet at 1955 Julian Ave, San Diego, CA 92113​. $20 per person. Learn more and RSVP.

Register for Summer Camp

Register your kids and grandkids today for a fun week at Camp Stevens! Weeklong sessions begin July 9 and conclude August 12. Teen wilderness trips, including a popular kayak trip, also available. Camp Stevens uses tiered pricing. Scholarships available. To register, visit campstevens.org. Families registering for the first time will need to create an account; returning families will need to update their passwords. Questions? Contact Kathy Wilder.

Register for Our Family Retreat at Camp Stevens

Friday - Sunday, September 8 - 10: Please mark your calendar and plan to attend our annual parish retreat at Camp Stevens in Julian. We enjoy getting to know each other better in this no-judgment zone. Camp Stevens is a place of beauty with over 250 acres of wild land for hiking, listening and being with God. Register online. Questions? Contact Kari Robinson.

Black Tie Bingo Community Fundraiser

Shoreline Community Services (SCS) is hosting a Black Tie Bingo Community Fundraiser Friday, April 28, to support the launch of the Community Care Crew employment program! Providing meaningful transitional work, with minimal barriers, can help our neighbors experiencing homelessness get a fresh start. Enjoy an evening with live music, delicious hors d'oeuvres, delectable desserts, delightful wine and local craft beer, raffle prizes…and of course BINGO! Limited spots are available, so purchase your ticket today. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the launch of our Community Care Crew employment program. $75 per ticket until March 10. $100 per ticket after March 10.

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