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News & updates for the week of May 11, 2020 *  Learning-at-Home Edition
The end of the school year is fast approaching! 

If your student has any outstanding fees, the fees need to be paid by Monday, June 1st.  To see if there is a balance, check your students fees via the parent/student portals on PowerSchool.  If there is a balance, please submit a check/money order (NO CASH) payable to: 

The Fairview Park Board of Education and mail to 

The Fairview Park Board of Education
21620 Mastick Road
Attention: Treasurer's Office
Fairview Park, OH  44126.  

You can also pay online through PayForIt

If there is a problem or concern, contact us immediately (440.356.3500, ext. 4149).  

**Mrs. Tieri can also accept payments over the phone.  Please send her an email letting her know that you would like to pay over the phone and she will call you for payment information.  atieri@fairview.k12.oh.us

Textbook collections for grades 6-11: Students will keep textbooks they have in their possession over the summer. We will collect books in the fall. Fees will be applied if lost or damaged.
Family and Community Engagement
Hello Fairview Park Families!

I hope all my  Rock Star Parents  are doing well!  It is hard sometimes to say how we are really doing with all the unknown around us.  I have truly learned to just look at "one day at a time."  It really is the best we can do right now! Below are some ideas of supporting you and your child with your mental health.  I hope these can be another tool to have in your tool box!

*To help support with May being Mental Health Awareness Month...here is a great link to the best apps to help with Mental Health for your child.

*Another fun tool is the Mood Meter  

Many times our children don't have the words of how they are feeling.....in this article and visual, you could ask your child to point.....where is your energy and where is your pleasantness.  Then you would have a good idea of how your child is feeling.

*Over the last two weeks I have had a lesson on a different social emotional skill....Optimistic Thinking and Self Awareness.  I hope you and your family have enjoyed the lessons.  This week we are going to find out more about -   Self Management  - I am sure everyone needs a little help in making sure we are controlling our emotions!

Have a great week!

Carrie Sullivan    
FACE Coordinator 
(Family and Community Engagement)  
NEW PHONE while at home - 440-754-3399 ext 118  

Warriors of the Week 
6th grade ~Alexa C.
Alexa C. is our 6th Grade Warrior of the Week! Alexa has set a strong example for others during this extended period.  She advocates for herself regularly by asking questions of her teachers, and she has done an admirable job of completing her work well and on time.  While we miss seeing Alexa's shining personality when in the classroom, we are very proud to see her work so hard during this time at home.  Way to go, Alexa!

6th grade ~ Nathan N.
Nathan N. is our 6th Grade Warrior of the Week!  Nathan has been working extremely hard to be caught up with his work in multiple classes throughout the school year.  Nathan does a great job of advocating for himself, recognizing when he needs help and making sure to ask his teachers for help.  In doing so, Nathan is very polite, always saying thank you to his teachers.  Keep up the great work Nathan!

7th grade ~ Madison B.
Madison B.is our  7th grade Warrior of the Week!  Madison always comes to class with a smile on her face and is prepared to learn! During this time while we are a part Madison has been resilient and on top of her academics. She is a great communicator which helps her stay on top of her work, and is engaged in all classes. In Social Studies Madison does a great job keeping up with social studies checkpoints. She gave well thought out explanations in her Medieval Ages final product.  Madison is goal oriented who is always up to date on her science assignments, while asking well thought out questions and has a wonderfully positive attitude! We miss her smile! Looking forward to seeing you finish 7th grade strong! We are very proud of you Madison!
7th grade ~ Joseph C.
Joseph C.  is our 7th grade Warrior of the Week! Joseph always makes his academics a priority. He has been diligent in getting his work done in a timely manner. Joseph excels in Science and is always ahead in PFAs. He is a rockstar in Legends of Learning and holds the record for most questions answered! His enthusiasm and dedication is definitely appreciated and admired by all of his teachers. Keep up the great work, Joseph!

8th grade ~Tyson C.  
Tyson C.  is our  8th Grade Warrior of the Week!  Tyson is a kind and polite student, who loves to think deeply about various topics.  You can often find him lingering at the end of discussions to add additional points to the topic.  Tyson likes to do research and really dig into a topic that he is interested in.  He excels at writing and really shows his creative side with technology.  Even during this time of remote learning, Tyson has looked for and thrived on Google Meets with staff and peers, sharing ideas and discussing current events.

8th grade - Aiva P.
Aiva is our 8th Grade Warrior of the Week!  Aiva has really excelled in all of her classes during this remote learning time. Aiva has been keeping up with all of her classwork,  focus areas, and turning in her projects in a very timely manner. She participates in google meets and is not afraid to contact her teachers when she has a question that needs to be answered. The 8th-grade team could not be more proud of you Aiva! Keep up the great work! 

9th grade ~ Grace G.
Grace G. is our 9th Grade Warrior of the Week!  Grace is a very hardworking student both virtually and traditionally. She gets all of her work done very well and helps her little brother and sisters with their work as well! She not only works to give her best, but also helps those around her do theirs!  Keep being awesome, Grace!  We are proud of you!

9th grade - Claire L.
Claire L. is our 9th Grade Warrior of the Week!  Claire has really embraced the distance learning model both academically and social/emotionally. Her positive attitude and willingness to stay in continual communication with her teachers has helped Claire continue to excel over the last few weeks and become a positive example for other students. Way to go Claire!

10th grade ~ Alyssa T.
Alyssa T. is our 10th Grade Warrior of the Week!  Alyssa has innovated, collaborated, led, served, problem-solved...all year, and is doing a great job with distance learning.  Keep up the great work, Alyssa!  

10th grade - Alisja L.
Alisja L. is our 10th Grade Warrior of the Week!  Alisja came in January and was doing a great job transitioning but then we had to go to remote learning and that  was tough.  Alisja is working hard everyday and doing a great job!!   What a Warrior!

11th grade ~ Liam M.
Liam M. is our 11th Grade Warrior of the Week!  Liam has been working hard every day since school closed. We  are so impressed by his dedication and work ethic. He reaches out for help when he needs it, and stays in touch with his teachers. He is contentious and is truly interested in learning the material even though we are in this difficult setting. He has been a model student during remote learning, and has kept up with school while also working a part time job. Well done, Liam! 

11th grade ~ Molly H.
Molly is our 11th Grade Warrior of the Week!  Molly  comes to every Google Meet, turns in all her work on time and it is ALWAYS her best effort. Molly was working this hard before the craziness hit!  She is one of the model students in our building.  Way to go Molly!!

12th grade ~ Shane M.
Shane M. is our 12th Grade Warrior of the Week.  Shane is a respectful, diligent, and thoughtful student. Shane is very aware of the importance of completing all of the assignments that teachers have provided before and during this time of remote learning. He is deserving of receiving Warrior of the week.  Keep up the great work, Shane!

12th grade - Julia P.
Julia P. is another one of our Seniors Students who continues to shine!  Julia will be graduating from Tri-C this weekend with her Associate's Degree...before she even gets her high school diploma!  Way to go, Julia!

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Student Counseling 

Ms. Jennifer Parente
High School Student Counselor (9-12 A-K)
440-356-3500 ext. 4103

Mrs. Nora Walsh
High School Student Counselor (9-12 L-Z)
440-356-3500 ext. 4102

Mrs. Mary Cory
Middle School Student Counselor
440-356-3510 ext. 3135

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Athletic Director
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Associate Principal
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