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Fledgling Bluebird 
leaves the nest July 12
Nancy Ellett Allison Recently, while trapped in a pleasant space with only my cell phone, I began reading a series of articles on leadership and systems and came to one about team building based on research within the Google empire.  They have a "Project Aristotle" group charged with discovering what makes for a great team.

To over-simplify the article, they came to the insight that the best teams feel "psychology safe" within their work environment. In other words, they could sometimes make dumb, irritating or na├»ve statements without being scorned by the rest of the group, which gave all members permission to communicate freely without the risk of ridicule.  It was also an environment where there were no 'hardened edges' so it was possible to have intense and focused discussions without the need to produce winners and losers.  

It is a gift when we can bring all of ourselves into all of the places we occupy. Bringing all of who we are into a place of worship should indeed be a psychologically and spiritually safe AND fulfilling experience.  As we read through the gospel of Luke we discern time and again the ways in which Jesus created welcome and safety. Come hear more about the welcome and blessing Mary received this week.
~" safe and secure from all alarms...", Nancy
Holy Covenant Happenings
Interested in Cuba?
This summer at our SOC Annual Meeting, we passed a resolution affirming work and relationships with Cuba.  If you have some thoughts and ideas in connection with this work Please provide your feedback to Rev Jerry Rhyne at:  jerry@wnca-soc.org .  
3 5 interesting facts about Cuba and it's US relations; UCC Cuba Resolution

Would you like to learn more about Holy Covenant and the United Church of Christ? Come to these inquirers classes held in the conference room:
July 24 - 9:30 Who We Are, What We Believe
July 31 - 9:30 UCC/Holy Covenant History
August 7 - 12:30 Elder Lunch and Member Opportunities for Involvement
August 14 - Welcome Sunday
Contact the office for more information or to RSVP. 

We KNOW most of you don't cook all that much - but we also KNOW that some of you make great cakes, some of you specialize in all vegetarian dishes and some of you are Crock Pot Queens!  Please submit your favorite recipe, of any food category, by July 15. Send your recipe to Debbie Davis, debbiekdavisnc@gmail.com Judi Lord, jklord17@gmail.com or Linda Carver, 2547A Stockbridge Drive, Charlotte NC 28210.

David Smith is leading yoga classes for all levels. For more information, contact David at  prizmsongs@gmail.com or 704-533-2142.

Johns River Valley Camp needs a few more campers in the last week of its summer schedule (July 24) to enable campers a viable community experience. Campers enjoy a half-week of traditional camp activities (crafts, aquatics, hikes, stories, games, vespers, campfires) under the direction of two superb leaders, Sue Howell (Warwick UCC) and Rev. Jim Humphrey (retired/Charlotte). In addition to above highlighted activities, campers will explore implications of "Fearless Faith:  Courage in Community."  On-line Registration available for all JRVC summer camps.

The Sojourners continues its discussion of the book, Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help. We hope you can join the Sojourners to continue the journey. Come as you are-no preparation necessary!

We will meet again on Monday, August 22, at 1:30 pm at the Sharon campus. Sue Pascucci will be selected the title for August, and she will notify the book club members and you as soon as she has made a choice.

  HCUCC Pride logo 2012

Charlotte PRIDE, the third-largest LGBTQ Pride organization in the American Southeast, will hold its annual festival August 19, 20 & 21. We need all members of Holy Covenant to volunteer in helping Holy Covenant be present throughout the weekend. Please contact Phil Kaveler to let him know when you can volunteer.  There will be a sign up sheet beginning July 10 in the Gathering Room.

On July 31, 2016, we will receive the UCC Christmas Fund offering to show appreciation for the many pastors who have helped carry our burdens. Many of these aging and retired pastors have served small churches in rural areas that simply do not have the means to financially support them once they retire. These dedicated men and women served selflessly, and we have a chance to give them the thanks they deserve.  This is the one time we are asked to match our appreciation with our resources for those who have retired from faithful service to the church. Please memo your offering "UCC Christmas Fund".
Prayer Concerns
Paul Bomely, Gail Bushman, Leanne Bushman,  Ginny & Bob Fisher, Marianne Gannon, Karen Griffin,  Chuck Johnson, Joy Johnson, Helen Lambert,  Irene Mikkelson,  Deb & Yvette Ross, Dave Stoimenoff & Jim Germann,  Mamie Stokes, Sheryl Stogner, Jean Washburn
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No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey,

you are welcome here.

Holy Covenant had a wonderful morning with kids of all ages from 
I C.A.A.N. Academy, a local summer camp program. 
Many thanks to Ann Watkins for a teaching tour of the garden and harvesting for Friendship Trays, and to John Rapp for a guided trail walk filled with interesting stories!