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Laity Sunday 2016
Laity Sunday 2016
And all Gods people said...Amen!
Laity Sunday 2016
Laity Sunday 2016
Laity Sunday 2016
Photos from Laity Sunday
June 26, 2016
Laity Sunday 2016

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Welcome to 
Matthew Lane Burleson!
(see wonderful details below)
Welcome to former 
Pastor Pat Conover 
Welcome Home
Plan to come early
this Sunday 
to welcome 
Nancy and Pat
at 10 am in the
Gathering Room.

Flat Nancy
is glad to be home!

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July 4 in observance of Independence Day.

It was mid-afternoon; we were scheduled to go out for dinner with our granddaughter. She came bounding in and wanted to know when we were going. I told her that it would be at 6:30 that evening, about three and one-half hours from then.  She replied, "How long is three and one-half hours? What's evening? I don't understand time. Please explain it to me." Explain time. Okay. Do you have a few months? My adult mind was having fun with her question which, of course, begged a very simple answer. The kind of theories about time that leave my mind spinning would await another time - if at all.

In three days, I will conclude my administrative/worship/preaching coverage for Nancy. Where did ninety days go? Yes, "time flies!" All of us have experienced those long planned for events which, when they finally arrive, seem to be over in the blink of an eye. Rationally we know that the hands on the clock move at the same pace no matter what we are doing, but experientially it does not feel that way. Waiting for a baby to decide to be born or a loved one to make it through difficult surgery, however, create a very different reaction to time's passage; then we shall feel the burdensome croak of time seemingly passing with the speed of cold molasses. Our experience of time is contingent upon the content of the moment.

Sometimes English does not have the word nuances that help us to express our experiences. Greek helps us out in this instance. It has two words for time: chronos (from which we get the word "chronology") and Kairos. "Chronos" is the passage of linear time, the kind we live by and which governs when we eat, awake, show up at work or at a meeting, begin worship, etc. "Kairos" is time known by the experiential content of the moment. It is time described by value-laden words: "We had a good time"..."We had an awful time"..."The movie left no time to be bored" etc. - time known by its passage on the clock and by its impact on the heart. Two very different kinds of time.

Consequently, having the honor of filling in for Nancy on the administrative-worship/preaching end of pastoral ministry has rekindled thoughts about the two kinds of time we experience. Ninety days! Where did they go? A "chronos" reflection. But then I think about that time and what it meant and the enjoyment I had in working with so many wonderful people, and suddenly I am reflecting on time in terms of what it meant and how it felt.

As "chronos" passes, I hope that for each of you its days will bring those "kairos" moments that will enrich your life. And speaking of a kairos moment, Nancy is about to resume her ministry with us. WELCOME BACK NANCY!

~Steve Garvey
Holy Covenant Happenings
  Join us at 10 AM this Sunday in the Gathering Room for a time of catching up and reconnecting! Bagels and Juice will be served. Also plan to stay for an equally informal and fun Welcome Back reception for Pastor Nancy following Sunday's worship service hosted by our Hospitality team.

  Pat served at First United Church of Christ from 1981-1984. Following his ministry in Charlotte he joined the National Staff of the UCC as a policy advocate in Washington, DC. For nineteen years he served as the lead advocate concerning issues of poverty in the United States and working with the 
Interreligous Health Care Access Coalition with about twenty denominational partners.
  Pat also authored and shepherded multiple resolutions and pronouncements through Gen eral Synods  including a resolution concerning the rights of children, the vision and standards for health care reform, the standards for good government, standards for international trade and development, and the pronouncement welcoming and supporting the participation and ministry of transgender people in the UCC. The transgender resolution was the first of its kind in mainstream Protestantism.
  Pat wrote Transgender Good News which was published in 2004 and became a reference for discussions of the acceptance of transgender clergy in several denominations. Pat was also the first "out" transgender minister to have ministerial standing in the UCC or in any other Protestant denomination. 
  For thirty years Pat has been an active leader in the Seekers Church of Washington DC, an independent congregation in which no one is designated as laity or clergy and all are expected to explore their callings and take up their ministries. For the last eight years Pat has been preparing, writing, and editing materials concerning progressive Christian theology. Pat is married to Trish Nemore who had a long career in DC as an advocacy expert concerning people who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. Pat, Trish, and Sandra Miller are three of the six participants in the Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, Peace Prayer Mission Group in Seekers Church.

Steven & Brittany's baby has arrived!
Matthew Lane Burleson was born June 27, 
7 lbs 13 oz, 21 inches
Congratulations to the happy family!

In honor of our Centennial, our Hospitality Team is helping to create a printed version of a cook book, compiled from the favorite recipes from our Holy Covenant and Pilgrim Congregational UCC members, past and present!  Please submit any tried and true favorite recipe, of any food category, by July 15 . Send your recipe to Debbie Davis, debbiekdavisnc@gmail.com Judi Lord, jklord17@gmail.com or Linda Carver, 2547A Stockbridge Drive, Charlotte NC 28210. This work is a fundraiser to benefit our Guatemala mission work and is a wonderful way to recognize and honor both our heritage and our saints among us today. Please be a part of this wonderful church ministry and submit your recipes soon.

The Sojourners class, continues its discussion of Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help. No preparation need. Join us, won't you? 

We will be meeting on Monday, *July 11*, at 1:30 pm at the Sharon campus. Our new choice is A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, an engaging and quick read! Barbara Schneller will be leading the discussion.  We will meet again on Monday, August 22, at 1:30 pm at the Sharon campus. Sue Pascucci will be selected the title for August, and she will notify the book club members and you as soon as she has made a choice.
  HCUCC Pride logo 2012

Charlotte PRIDE, the third-largest LGBTQ Pride organization in the American Southeast, will hold its annual festival August 19, 20 & 21. We need all members of Holy Covenant to volunteer in helping Holy Covenant be present throughout the weekend. Please contact Phil Kaveler to let him know when you can volunteer.  There will be a sign up sheet beginning July 10 in the Gathering Room.

Prayer Concerns
Paul Bomely, Gail Bushman, Leanne Bushman, 
Ginny & Bob Fisher, Marianne Gannon, Karen Griffin, 
Chuck Johnson, Helen Lambert,  Irene Mikkelson, 
Deb & Yvette Ross, Dave Stoimenoff & Jim Germann,
Mamie Stokes, Jean Washburn
Friends & Family Members
McKenzie (Sue Godfrey), Rose Bouchonville (John Maze),
Charlotte Carbone, Matthew Christian, (Beth Sharp),
Bill Funderburk (Donna Collins), Frances Helms (Lynn Helms),
Mike Hinson (Kathi Smith), CD & Alice Huskins (Jared Fischer), 
John Jacobsen (Holly Middleton), Aaron Johnson (Joy Johnson),
Barbara Lees (Donna Collins), Urban Linn (Julie McLelland),
Pat & JoAnn Murphey (Laura Murphey), Candy Propes (Sue Rettberg),
Luz Soto (Aida Marcial)
Participant Reminders For Sunday
Greeters: Lisa Sherman, Barbara Schneller
Ushers: Kelly Gimlin, Jill Gregg, Barry Holcomb, Moses Taylor
Media: Brian Hankins, Joe Craig
Tabulators: Kelly Gimlin, Julie Klever
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Steven Burleson, Youth Pastor: YouthMin@holycovenantucc.org  704-706-4170
Jared Fischer, Director of Music: music@holycovenantucc.org 423-443-1676

No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey,

you are welcome here.

Laity Sunday 2016
Laity Sunday 2016
Laity Sunday 2016
Laity Sunday 2016
Laity Sunday 2016
Photos from Laity Sunday
June 26, 2016
Laity Sunday 2016