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September 19th, 2023

This Sunday at NSCBC

17th Sunday after Pentecost - Jonah 4

The Gospel According to Jonah - The Lord Loves Mercy

Bobby Warrenburg

Last Week's Sermon Here!
Discussion Questions from Sunday


You're invited to join us for Connect 1 on Sunday, September 24th! Connect 1 is a chance for those new(ish) to NSCBC to get to chat with Pastor Bobby and some of our church staff and hear about our church and our vision for the future. It’s a great way to learn about who we are and is the best way to begin to get connected to our community. Lunch is provided - Please RSVP by this Thursday, September 21st.

RSVP Here!

Register for Gospel OS!

The Gospel OS course explores the lens through which NSCBC strives to apply our doctrine to the decisions we make in life and in our church. That is, we’ll discuss the OS, or DNA, that drives our decisions as a church and as disciples. And we will imagine together what God can do in our hearts and in our region if we live out of that OS.  Gospel OS will meet weekly from September 24th - December 17th on Sunday mornings at 11 am, and requires some outside reading and study. The deadline for registrations is tomorrow, September 20th!

Register for Gospel OS

Gospel Equipping Class

The Gospel at Work: Living out our faith in everyday life.

Being a follower of Jesus means the good news of the gospel goes to work on transforming our lives. But sometimes it’s hard to see change in the places of life where we spend most of our time - our workplaces, our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods. This three week Gospel Equipping class led by Jim Longhurst will help us see how the gospel is able to transform our everyday lives and give us some tools and practices to help us live out our faith in new and exciting ways!


This class will meet on this Sunday, September 24th at 11 am in the Family Room.


For the past several months the church staff has been working together on a new 'one stop shop' platform called "Church Center" that gives our congregation access to things like our online church directory, giving, signups, groups, and our church calendar all in one app (and/or webpage)!

To join the app or head to the webpage, click one of the buttons below.

Download the App
Visit the Webpage!

Small Groups Signups!

As we heard from Pastor Richard this Sunday, Small groups and D-Groups are great ways to be a part of our church community - to join together in the Gospel, with community, and for mission. If you are interested in learning more about small groups at NSCBC, visit the link below. From this page you can find descriptions and meeting times for all of our small groups, and even request to join a group!

Learn More Here

The nominating committee is seeking your recommendations for the following church offices: Elder, Deacon-at-large, Audit Committee, and Nominating Committee. The deadline for recommendations is tomorrow, September 20th. Recommendations may be submitted using our online recommendation form available through ChurchCenter, or paper forms located at the welcome desk. Have questions? Contact this year's chair, Natalie Crowson.

Recommendation Form Here!

Morning MOPS & Evening MOPS return Sept. 21st!

Mothers of Preschoolers - MOPS - returns this Thursday, September 21st, and registration for the fall semester is now open! MOPS offers engaging speakers, interesting discussions, and coffee (or dessert)! Our hope is that during your time with us, you'll develop strong, lasting friendships that will support and encourage you in this challenging season of motherhood. For more information, visit the NSCBC Mops web page below, and to register click 'register now'.

Register Now!

Join a Serve Team!

We are looking for people interested in joining the usher team, the welcome team, the fellowship team, and the children's worship team! We are also looking for an assistant pre-k/k teacher. If you are interested in serving in one of these capacities, visit the links below to learn more about what each commitment looks like.

Childrens and College Teams Here! 
Welcome Teams Here! 

College students, join us for lunch! Church, join the college students for lunch!

Students: please join us for a (free!) fajita bar lunch on Sunday, October 1st after the second service. This is a great way to meet our college ministry team, other students, and an intergenerational mix of people from our church! Email Laura Range with any questions! Church, want to bring a side and stay to be part of the intergenerational group of people getting to know these lovely students? Sign up here! Hope to see you there!

Youth, Children, and Families

Thank you so much to our families for jumping into our new Check Ins system with excitement! It was great to see so many of you prepared and ready to check your children in - Remember, in order for this new process to run smoothly, we need every family's participation, so keep up the great work!

Here's a reminder of how things work for this week:

When you enter the parking lot doors on Sunday morning, you will see a tablet and a desktop available at the welcome desk, as well as name tag printers. Parents, all you will have to do is enter the last 4 digits of your phone number and select which of your children you are checking in - and name tags and a security tag will be printed for your children! You will place the name tag on your child, and keep the security tag with you. This tag will have a 4 digit code (also on your child's name tag) that children's ministry volunteers will match and confirm at pickup after the service. If you would like to pre-check in on the ChurchCenter app, you can do this by going to 'more' and then 'Check Ins' beginning this Friday. There will also be volunteers available to help you as we introduce this new check in system! If your child is in 2nd grade or younger, they will not be allowed into their classroom without a nametag on - you can help this new process go smoothly by checking your child in as you enter the church!

Music, Arts, and Worship

What We're Singing At Church

Have you ever wanted a playlist of the songs we're singing as a church in this season? Find those playlists below!

NSCBC Music Playlist
This Sunday's Songs

Kingdom-Centered Prayer

We are now meeting back in person for our Friday morning prayer meetings at 6:30–7:30am to pray for the kingdom to advance in Essex County. Join us in Friendship Hall (downstairs at NSCBC) or click here to join us on Zoom with the password: prayer.

Artists Fellowship

Are you interested in using your creative gifts in the church? Join our artists fellowship group to stay connected about upcoming opportunities for visual artists, musicians, and writers of all kinds. Kickoff dinner October 7th.

Join the Group!

Prayer for our Church Family

We pray for Richard Wallace. We thank the Lord for the progress he has made, and pray for continued healing! We pray for Tess and Finn as they care for him.

We pray for our world partners M+S, as S has undergone chemotherapy treatment for

cancer. We pray for M as he deals with heart and blood pressure issues.

We pray for world partners T + M as M recovers from herniated disc surgery.

We pray for Ellie Harris for wisdom as she has multiple doctors appointments in the coming weeks.

We pray for Beth Ann Hilton as she undergoes treatment for a recent cancer diagnosis.

We pray for Nancy Burns as she has entered hospice care.

We pray for Jen Leathe as she grieves Russ' passing.

We pray for Louise Williams as she suffered a minor stroke early this week.


Baptism at NSCBC

If you are someone who is following Jesus, whether just recently or for a while, and have yet to be baptized, we would love to invite you to consider baptism at NSCBC! Baptism is a beautiful picture of how we are united to Christ in his death, dying to sin and its curse, and united to Christ in raising to new wonderful life - and it's a moment that we love to celebrate together as a church family!

If you are interested in baptism, please fill out this form and a member of our staff will be in contact.

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