1 Tamuz 5780
June 23, 2020

Weekly Torah

Shabbat at  6:30
or Zoom Meeting ID: 148 242 561

Please join us for a night filled with music! You won't want to miss this as Ellie was named an upcoming artist at the URJ Biennial.

Please contact the office if you need the password.

In This Issue

Virtual Mornings Service followed by Torah Study. Join with Rabbi Edleson as he leads our usual chanted morning service. Our virtual study of the weekly Torah portion with traditional and modern commentary to follow.
                                 Join us or
                        Zoom Meeting ID# 173 694 164

Facebook Live Havdalah Saturday June 27th at 9  pm . Like us on Facebook for notifications!  Like us on Facebook

Email Stacie to sign up and click HERE for instructions for Watch Party

Education Fund
Judy Alexander and Bruce Chalmer
In memory of Joen Bettmann

James and Joy Grossman
In memory of Harriet Dubin

Carol Heffer
Anti-Semitism Class donation

General Contribution
Myra and Seth Barovick

Kimberly & Harold Dauerman
In memory of Rita Dauerman

Eli Goldberg

Felicia Kornbluth
In honor of Temple Sinai's exemplary response to the virus crisis.

David Palmet
In memory of his brother, Wayne Palmet

Matthew Samuels

Norman Rapoport
In memory of Susan Rapoport

Carol and Barry Stone
In Memory of Jeffrey Stone

Susan and Victor Zimmerman
In memory of Leila Blum Alexander

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
Amy and David Collins
Thank you Deb Leopold, Aimee Loiter, and Patty Greenfield for making asks for temple members and the community.

Kimberly and Harold Dauerman
In honor of Ann's Bat Mitzvah

Ginny and Art Greenblott
In appreciation for face masks

Valery Kagan
In memory of Tatiana Mushat

Nancy Rondeau

Carol and Jeffrey Rubman

Barbara and Gene Sklar
In memory of Joen Bettmann

Linda and Dean Snider
In memory of Joen Bettmann

Susan Sobel
In memory of Dr. Burton Sobel

Linda Retchin and Jeffrey Solomon
In memory of Marc Kamhi
In memory of Joen Bettmann

Linda and Andrew Suntup
In appreciation for face masks

Social Action Fund
Ginny and Art Greenblott
In memory of Joen Bettmann
In honor of Judy Alexander and Bruce Chalmer's new grandson, Jacob Chiam Chalmer
In honor of Mark Levine

Spiritual Fund
Leah Barnett
Donation in honor of Anti-Semitism Class

**Donations for the month of May 2020**
Social Action News

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Jewish History Group
Wednesdays 11 am-12 pm

We are starting this new book June 17th!

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URJ Northeast Camps

June Anniversaries & Birthdays
Join us in wishing them a wonderful day and many more!

6 ~ Julie and Jeffrey Benay
6 ~ Audrey and David Chafetz
6 ~ Linda Roberts Greenblatt and Marc Greenblatt
7 ~ Harriet and Marcel Grunvald
7 ~ Lois and David Whitmore
9 ~ Sandy and Lewis First
9 ~ Patty and Paul Levy
13 ~ Judy Alexander and Bruce Chalmer
21 ~ Laurie and David Singer
22 ~ Carol and Jeff Rubman
22 ~ Jean Pieniadz and Joel Shapiro
23 ~ Judy Hettena Wright and David Wright
25 ~ Jennifer and Louis Prue
27 ~ Amy and David Collins
27 ~ Kimberly and Harold Dauerman
27 ~ Joanna May & David Weinstein
28 ~ Deidre and Ross Fenderson

  6~ Sherry Glassman, Eli Goldberg, Jean Pieniadz
  11~ David Geddes
  13~ Karen Larrow, Elise Guyette, Rachel Taylor-Marsh
14~ Amy Collins, Talia Loiter
15~ Allyson Bazarsky, Tim Duff, Clark Gabert, Dean Gabert, 
Laurie Singer
16 ~ Jeff Grunvald, Shannon Stewart, Liza Segal-Stone, 
Susan Zimmerman, Joan Lorber
17~ Marcel Grunvald
18 ~ Doug Marden, Charlie Sheppard, Lon Finkelstein
23 ~ Lily Smith, Claire Wright
24~ Laura Zuelch
25 ~ Alex Rose, Adriana Saipe, Elissa Levy
26 ~ Jan Kline
27 ~ Ruth Schreiber
Throughout Vermont

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Mission Statement
We are a diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive community of Jews and interfaith families.  We joyfully embrace Judaism as a way of life through prayer, music, social action, celebrating Jewish holidays, lifelong learning, and life cycle events.  Through these activities, we seek to promote spiritual growth, moral values, and the social welfare of our community.
Vision Statement
Temple Sinai strives to be a joyful, energetic, accepting, innovative, caring, and accessible faith community.  We choose to practice and teach Jewish traditions in our community, so that Jews and Judaism will continue to flourish, both in Vermont and in an ever-changing world.  We believe that support for a safe and prosperous State of Israel is an important part of our Jewish identity.