18 Nisan 5781
March 31, 2021
Friday, April 2nd, 6:30 PM
Kabbalat Shabbat 

We invite you to celebrate Shabbat with us. Our weekly song-filled and joyous Shabbat service. A great way to let go of the week and relax into

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Saturday, April 3rd
9:30 am
Special Passover Service with
Song of Songs

A joyful song-filled festival service for Passover, and then we will read and explore The Song of Songs, Shir haShirim. The Song of Songs (of Solomon) is among the most beautiful poetry in the Bible. This luscious, sensual collection of ancient court poetry is also understood as a mystical reflection of our relationship with the Divine, even though it never mentions God. Join us to celebrate Passover with this poem of longing and desire.

As is Jewish tradition, at noon, we will have a short Yizkor service to remember our beloved dead. Here are approximate times:

 * 9:30 Preliminary Service with chant and song
 * 10:00 Festival Shabbat Service
 * 11:00 Song of Songs Reading and Study 
 * 12:00 short Yizkor service
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Wednesday, March 31st, 7:00 PM
Get Your Sephardi/Mizrahi Pesach Groove On
Dr. Galeet Dardashti

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   As we strive to know more about Judaism as a world culture and learn 
   more about Jewish cultures outside our "Ashkenormative" communities, 
   we will join renowned vocalist and scholar, Dr. Galeet Dardashti,  for a
   Pesach session to delve into some new and familiar melodies and texts
   from the Sephardi/Mizrahi world to enhance your Pesach experience! 

Tuesday, April 6th, 6:00 PM

Hebrew Union College Lecture
Judaism and Religions

The Qur'an and The Jews
Dr. Rueven Firestone
Regenstein Professor in Medieval Judaism and Islam
HUC, Los Angeles

     Today, it often seems as if relations between Muslims and Jews are    
     dominated by fear, resentment, and ignorance. Some Muslims believe 
     that Jews are taught to abhor anyone not Jewish.  Some Jews claim
     that Muslims are hostile to Jews because the Qur'an teaches Jew
     hatred and is inherently antisemitic.  Delve into a thorough investigation
     of how the Qur'an actually portrays Jews through text study and
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(Second lecture May 4)
Sisterhood April Zoom Events

Thursday, April 8, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm - Discussion
Moving Into Our Future
The Struggles & Silver Linings of the Covid 19 Pandemic

Thursday, April 22, 11:30 am -12:30 pm
Michael Orlansky
Diplomacy: Building Bridges

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Next Class--Sunday, April 11th   4 PM
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April Anniversaries & Birthdays
Join us in wishing them a wonderful day and many more!

4 ~ DeeDee and Mel Israel
10 ~ Len and Cheryl Rubin
11 ~ Judy and Irwin Pensack
21 ~  Lynne and Ed Leib
                Betty and Paul Mayer
24 ~ Patty and Steve Greenfield
25 ~ Ellen Wolfson and Neil Groberg
28 ~ Elizabeth and Ken Edwards

2 ~ Sophie Dauerman
Sarah Weiss
David Gladstone
Jane Grayson
3 ~ Emily Duff
4 ~ Adam Hutton
David Collins
    Skye Lockwood
5 ~ Karen Cote
              Howard Druckerman
Ella Eisenberg
Evelyn Lorentz
6~ Emma Marden
Ginny Greenblott
Merrill Epstein
 7 ~ Gene Sklar
     8 ~ Betty Mater
      Jen Marx
9 ~ Taylor Chatoff
Colin Rehkugler
Julie Baer
10 ~ Michael Orlansky
        Courtney Wright
11~ James Valastro
          Robin Goodwin
12 ~ Judy Pensack
           Otis Fenderson
13 ~ Patricia Levi
          Ophelia Levin
15 ~ David Brown
16 ~ Steven Schreer
             Richard Melnick
17 ~ William Rider
18 ~ Andy Orringer
      Deborah Leopold
Audrey Chafetz
Evan Stein
19 ~ Nancy Rondeau
Susan Kahn
Ella Oklan
20 ~ Dianna Israel
21 ~ Ann Mindell
23 ~ Felix Weissberger
24 ~ Judy Auderith
Jay Pasackow
Jeffrey Benay
Peter Kahn
25 ~ Dana Rachlin
26 ~ Aimee Loiter
27 ~ Hallie Grossman
     Ben Eisenberg
28 ~ Leah Oklan
29 ~ Mark Levine
             Richard Marko
                Elias Fleischman
        Myrna Fried
                     Sandy Bermanzohn
Community Connections

Join our COTS walk team. Temple Sinai has a team to raise funds for COTS. Although there is no actual walk on May 2nd, you can still join the COTS Walk Experience and virtual tour that day. David Geddes will serve as team captain. Address questions and concerns to him HERE.

There is great, great need. COTS has suggested a target of $2500 for our team, but we can do better. 

Go to http://give.cotsonline.org/COTSWalk2021 to register, join our Temple Sinai team and make a donation. Click where is says JOIN A TEAM.
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Mission Statement
We are a diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive community of Jews and interfaith families.  We joyfully embrace Judaism as a way of life through prayer, music, social action, celebrating Jewish holidays, lifelong learning, and life cycle events.  Through these activities, we seek to promote spiritual growth, moral values, and the social welfare of our community.
Vision Statement
Temple Sinai strives to be a joyful, energetic, accepting, innovative, caring, and accessible faith community.  We choose to practice and teach Jewish traditions in our community, so that Jews and Judaism will continue to flourish, both in Vermont and in an ever-changing world.  We believe that support for a safe and prosperous State of Israel is an important part of our Jewish identity.

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