26 Elul 5780
September 15, 2020

Weekly Torah

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Temple Sinai's Yom Kippur Yizkor Service will be different this year!  We want you to send digital pictures of those in your family or the Temple Sinai family you will be remembering this year. We are going to turn it into a slide show or video. Please include their name, Hebrew name if known, how you are connected, and other short details you want included. 

If you are unable or don't want to send in a photo please just list their names below and we will list their name in presentation.

Please know that due to time constraints, while individuals will be remembered during the service, their names will not be read from the pulpit. Please submit no later than Sunday September 20th.

The Gilman Family
We moved to South Burlington in June 2018 after about 15 years in the New York City area. Laura is originally from West Hartford, CT and Andrew is from Wynnewood, PA, but we were drawn to Vermont to be closer to Laura's sister (and her family) in Shelburne as well as to raise our children in an area with great schools, beautiful surroundings (with lakes and skiing), and a vibrant town. 

Elizabeth is in first grade at Orchard School and Hannah attends preschool at Heartworks. Andrew and Laura are both attorneys - Andrew works for the U.S. Attorney's Office, and Laura for the Vermont Attorney General's Office.  

Vermont Wide Shabbat Shuva
Friday September 25th
5:30 pm Study Session
6 pm Service
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Shalom Mishpachot/Dear Families:
"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry'"
We had a run through with the teaching staff and things did not go well. Rather than begin a new school year with technical problems, we are going to take more time to work them out. 
This week we will work on the tech issues and next Thursday (Sept. 24), we will have a technical run through with all of our Religious School families to make sure everything is working. We won't have regular class, just a chance to see if you can all get into the assembly and your classes. It will be a great opportunity for you and your child to meet your teachers and iron out all the glitches. 
Then, if everything is good, we will begin school in earnest on October 1st.
Watch your email and the weekly announcements for all the updates. And, as always, feel free to call, text, or email me with any concerns or suggestions.
Shanah tovah,
Morah Judy
Building Fund
Johanna Prince

General Contributions
Beverley Bettman
In Memory of Evelyn Geddes

Eli Goldberg and Nick Lemon

Joan and Kenneth Lorber
In Memory of Mortimer Lorber

Jane and Reid Grayson
In Memory of Sara Grayson

May Chow and Andy Orringer
In Memory of Gussier Genser

Linda and Dean Snider
In Memory of Louise Caldwell and Minnie Hersh

High Holy Day Donation
Beverley Bettmann

High Holy Day Yizkor Donation
Beverley Bettmann

Kimberly and Harold Dauerman

Myrna and Mitchell Fried

Nancy and Mark Levine

Bonita and Helen Libman

Norman Rapoport

Carol and Barry Stone

Susan and Victor Zimmerman

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
Irene and Merrill Epstein
In Memory of Samuel Epstein

Jo Herstand
In Memory of Arnold Gillette

Valery Kagan
In Memory of Ludmila Mushet and Gedaly Kagan

Kimberly and Jason Kenwood

Johanna Prince
Thank you to Chaverim!

Eliza Rosenberg
In Memory of Paul Rosenberg

Carol and Jeff Rubman
In Memory and Haskell Rubman

Tobi and Morris Silver
In Memory of Edna Silver

Social Action Fund
Ginny and Art Greenblott
In Memory of Miriam Gladstone Saiger

Technology/Music Fund
Ginny and Art Greenblott
In Memory of Wendy Valastro's father

Kimberly and Jason Kenwood

***Donations for August 2020***

From Temple Sinai Sisterhood
Anti-Racism Book Group Continues

Join us! Our anti-racism book group will begin its second book in October.  We will be reading Isabel Wilkerson's Caste:
The Origins of our Discontents. It is a powerful examination of how our racial hierarchy was constructed and continues to reproduce itself.  

We will divide the book (approx. 370 of text) into three sections(1 ½ hours each) and meet at 7 pm every other week: 
  • Monday, Oct. 5
  • Tuesday, Oct. 19
  • Monday, Nov. 2

If you have questions contact Carol Heffer or David Shiman.


Register with Stacie, our temple administrator by October 1st.

September Anniversaries & Birthdays
Join us in wishing them a wonderful day and many more!

3 ~ Ally Bazarksy and Tony Blusius
Karen and Jared Larrow    
    Susan and Victor Zimmerman
4 ~ Deb and Mark Leopold
9 ~ Vivien and David Brown
12 ~ Sheila Stanton and David Geddes
14 ~ Tina and Howard Kalfus
16 ~ Deb and Mitchell Stern
             Stephanie and Dan Weiss
21 ~ Jan and Michael Orlansky
23 ~ Sonya and Alex Epstein
24 ~ Jim and Joy Grossman
         Linda and Andy Suntup
28 ~ Tobi and Morris Silver

4 ~ Sam Bloomberg
Paul Levi
5 ~ Evan Friedman
       Abby Rehkugler
Cheryl Stein
6 ~ Seth Barovick
         Anna Dauerman
7 ~ Zachary Loiter
             Charlotte McCorkel
8 ~ Tobi Silver
9 ~ Eric Gissendanner
Jane Molofsky
10 ~ Chad Edwards-Kuhn
Anna Kalfus    
Linda Suntup  
Brian Galimidi 
11 ~ Jeffrey Davis
12 ~ Joel Goldberg
         Laura Valastro
13 ~ Sheila Stanton
14 ~ Jacob Grocki
        Susan Sobel
15 ~ Dianne Schreer
          Marjie Sheppard
16 ~ Jennifer Levy
17 ~ Deborah Norotsky
Eli Rachlin   
22 ~ Jamie Alpert
24 ~ Allison Norotsky
       Ryan Schreiber
         Tristan Schreiber
    Daniel Weiss
25 ~ Cordelia Hutton
    Jon Margolis
     Jennifer Prue
26 ~ Nina Borden
29 ~ Susan Dinitz
          Mitchell Stern
Throughout Vermont

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Timely Tire

Timely tires is Chittenden County's first Mobile Tire/Interior Detailing Shop, that will come to your home or work.

Ari Moskowitz, owner of Timely Tire, is offering us a special 
$15 off promotion to all Temple Sinai members for winter tire change overs.

For more information click HERE
Jewish Communities of Vermont (JCVT) Executive Director (ED)
Scheduled Start: Dec 1st
The office can be relocated to elsewhere in Vermont.

As its founding Director retires, Jewish Communities of Vermont is recruiting an Executive Director to work with our Board of Directors to achieve the vision and strategies of the organization. JCVT is a non-denominational organization that seeks to strengthen existing Jewish organizations in Vermont and to encourage new outlets for Jewish expression, affiliation, education, communication, and practice for all Jewish Vermonters by facilitating connection and innovation.

The ideal candidate has the stamina and demonstrated capabilities to understand and implement what is possible, while building community among communities. The willingness to take risks to achieve desired outcomes and the ability to expand resources to achieve the organization's vision should be important characteristics of the person selected. For full position description, and more information, or to apply contact ed@jcvt.org.

Mission Statement
We are a diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive community of Jews and interfaith families.  We joyfully embrace Judaism as a way of life through prayer, music, social action, celebrating Jewish holidays, lifelong learning, and life cycle events.  Through these activities, we seek to promote spiritual growth, moral values, and the social welfare of our community.
Vision Statement
Temple Sinai strives to be a joyful, energetic, accepting, innovative, caring, and accessible faith community.  We choose to practice and teach Jewish traditions in our community, so that Jews and Judaism will continue to flourish, both in Vermont and in an ever-changing world.  We believe that support for a safe and prosperous State of Israel is an important part of our Jewish identity.