7 Av 5780
July 28, 2020

Weekly Torah

The office will be closed July 27th - July 31st.
Shabbat at  6:30
or Zoom Meeting ID: 148 242 561

Join us for Shabbat with Evan Traylor
Sermon and Talk Back Session on Jews, Race, and Inclusivity

Evan is the URJ Presidential Fellow for Millennial Engagement; President of NFTY, URJ Board Member, Co-founder of Hillel International Student Cabinet

Please call the office if you need the password. We are using the same password we have been using.
In This Issue
   Miss R abbi's Email last week?

Virtual Mornings Service followed by Torah Study. Join with Rabbi Edleson as he leads our usual chanted morning service. Our virtual study of the weekly Torah portion with traditional and modern commentary to follow.
                                 Join us or
                        Zoom Meeting ID# 173 694 164

Facebook Live Havdalah Saturday August 1st at 9  pm

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Friday August 21st - Saturday August 22nd
Shabbat/Rosh Hodesh Elul Concert 

Joe Buchanon
Americana with a Jewish Soul

Wednesday July 29th, 9:00 pm
Lamentations: Poems of what we've lost
We invite you to bring poems about loss that seem fitting for this time. Bring your own personal writings. We will weave in some chants and readings from Lamentations as we bring new meaning to this day on which Jews remember the great losses in our past.

Zoom Meeting ID: 913 007 8933
Passcode: Regular Passcode for Temple Sinai

Temple Sinai High Holy Days

Everyone has been asking about High Holy Day services. Given COVID, rising anti-Semitism and racial injustice, we want to make the High Holy Days meaningful and engaging for all.

Since we are unable to meet in person, things will be a bit different, but it's nice to mix it up and try new things! We are excited to offer a refreshing as well as traditional take on High Holidays:
  • Services will be streamed and Zoomed from the Sanctuary - wait until you see the camera upgrades/changes!
  • Keep an eye out for SPECIAL GUEST musical appearances!
  • Family oriented activities for young families.
  • "On your own" meditations, prayers, or reflections to do after or instead of services.
  • Think about upgrading your speakers for your computer to have better sounding High Holidays and all musical performances.
We haven't quite finished up all the planning but will send something out in August with our full schedule.
Anti-Racism Book Group
Monday Nights in August
7pm - 8:30pm

Thank you to our Social Action Committees' ongoing response and plans to engage issue of racism and privilege i n the wake of the death of George Floyd and others.   

Acknowledging that we have implicit prejudice does not make us bad.  Prejudice is an ideology that is taught to us, from the time we are born. Learning about it and mitigating it makes us stronger and clearer.  Are you interested in better understanding the challenges you face when discussing race and racism?  

The Social Action Committee is offering an Anti-Racism Book Group so we can study and learn together in an open, accepting environment.

Our first book will be "White Fragility", by Robin Diangelo , as this is where many of us hit barriers in the discussion of racism. We are aware that as Jews, many of us have difficulty with the label of "white". We will be able to discuss this as well.  
Introduction to Judaism Class
12 Weeks- Dates TBD

This is a good for Jews who feel they don't know enough, or for interfaith families, or those interested in conversion.

More info to come! Please sign up if you think you are interested in this class!
Jewish History Group
Wednesdays 11 am-12 pm

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July Anniversaries & Birthdays
Join us in wishing them a wonderful day and many more!

2 ~ Gerri and Sam Bloomberg
3 ~ Barbara and Gene Sklar
4 ~ Shannon Stewart and Rich Melnick
5 ~ Paula and Tim Cope
5 ~ Cathy and Josh Diamond
8~ Myra and Seth Barovick
13 ~ Deb and Jim Laskarzewski
13 ~ Elise Guyette and David Shiman
14 ~ Myrna and Mitchell Fried
18 ~ Jeffrey Davis and Jamie Alpert
21 ~ Rosemeryl and Glenn Harple
21 ~ Rebecca Starks and Andy Solomon
28 ~ Holly Glassman and Lon Finkelstein
31 ~ Rachael and Gabriel Taylor-March

  1~ Valery Kagan, Nancy Smith
  3~ Margaret Blusius
  5~ William Chatoff, Colby Chatoff, Shelli Goldsweig, Hana Kallen
6~ Kimberly Kenwood
7~ Jacob Silver, Andrew Suntup
8 ~ Irwin Pensack, Jeffrey Rubman
9~ Alana Shapiro
10 ~ Jonathan Borden, Joshua Diamond
12 ~ Jacob Segal-Stone
13~ Myra Barovick, Saragail Benjamin, Cathy Diamond, Faith Rider
14 ~ Tina Kalfus, Amy Laskarzewski, Ellen Wolfson, Sarah Zelley
15 ~ Renee Dauerman, Elizabeth Kehr
16 ~ Michael Rosenberg
19 ~ Sally Howe
21 ~ Brent Chatoff, David Greenberg, Gwenyth Saipe, Grace Stein
22 ~ Sheri Duff, Esther Halder
23 ~ Erik Glitman
26 ~ Art Greenblott
28 ~ Shai Horotwitz
30 ~ Tony Blusius, Harold Dauerman, Jared Larrow
31 ~ Sydney Baer
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Mission Statement
We are a diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive community of Jews and interfaith families.  We joyfully embrace Judaism as a way of life through prayer, music, social action, celebrating Jewish holidays, lifelong learning, and life cycle events.  Through these activities, we seek to promote spiritual growth, moral values, and the social welfare of our community.
Vision Statement
Temple Sinai strives to be a joyful, energetic, accepting, innovative, caring, and accessible faith community.  We choose to practice and teach Jewish traditions in our community, so that Jews and Judaism will continue to flourish, both in Vermont and in an ever-changing world.  We believe that support for a safe and prosperous State of Israel is an important part of our Jewish identity.