Volume 14 | February 15, 2019
Weekly News and Updates for Central Ohio Physicians
Below you'll find the latest news and updates concerning the good work of Central-Ohio physicians, our affiliate organizations and other healthcare-related issues in our community. These and other stories can be found on our blog site ( blog.columbusmedicalassociation.org ).
Left to right: Dr. Jeffrey Hall, Dr. Edward Bope,
Dr. Uma Ananth, Carrie Baker (HCGC President)
CMA moves forward with MOC
Part IV sponsorship plans
Last week, the CMA's MOC Standing Committee met to discuss how the CMA, in partnership with the Healthcare Collaborative of Columbus (HCGC), will help to support physicians in obtaining their MOC Part IV credit. Physicians will be able to join already approved Q/I projects, present their own ideas, or be a part of a community-wide and multi-specialty initiative.

More details coming soon. For more information about this new service, contact Lisa Oyer.
Join us for our upcoming Public Policy/2019 Planning Work Group

Thursday, February 21 at 6:00 p.m. at the CMA's offices on Dublin Road .

At the Statehouse, organizational activities of the new legislative leadership are wrapping up. Legislators' committee assignments and the introduction of new legislation will begin in the next week. 
As the new Governor and new legislative leaders are beginning their work, this upcoming meeting of the CMA Public Policy group is designed to be a little different:

  • Legislative activity prior to Feb 21 is expected to be very light, but we will review any legislation that has been introduced to date. 

  • We will discuss any legislative topics of interest to attendees

  • Those two activities are not expected to take long, so the majority of the meeting will be a working session where attendees will help to decide about some new ideas for how we engage with elected officials, as well as how we communicate more/better with physician colleagues. Included will be discussion of whether we should pursue hosting of a broad Central Ohio Legislative Delegation meeting that focuses on the state of medicine and healthcare in our region.  

With new legislative leaders, a CMA Board Officer who has been elected to the House of Representatives, and another new Representative who is a healthcare policy professional, there are some new dynamics and opportunities to consider! 

If you are interested and available to attend please RSVP at the link below.

Click Here ( to RSVP)
PLA Now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 course year!
"Leadership is deeply caring about something, deciding to act on that caring and operating from that place of caring as the leader." (Phil Cass, PhD, Curriculum Director of the PLA)

Learn how the Physicians Leadership Academy has helped over 70 physicians transform their daily lives, through practical leadership training centered on emotional and social intelligence.

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