Volume 19 | April 26, 2019
Weekly News and Updates for Central Ohio Physicians
Below you'll find the latest news and updates concerning the good work of Central-Ohio physicians, our affiliate organizations and other healthcare-related issues in our community. These and other stories can be found on our blog site ( blog.columbusmedicalassociation.org ).
Applications open for 2019/2020 Physicians Leadership Academy
Apply today and secure your spot in the upcoming PLA class. The PLA's approach is less about "managing" and more about improving physicians' leadership capacities through emotional and social intelligence, as well as cutting edge leadership mental models. Learn more...
Want to learn more before applying? Come to the information session on Tuesday, May 7th from 5:30-7:00 p.m.
RHEP Coalition Summit: Common Ground for Disaster Preparedness
“We’re here to learn. We’re here to listen. We’re here to help understand your successes and hear your challenges and see where we can do a better job at the federal level to help you do what you need to do at the local level. To do what you want to do; save lives and protect Americans .”
Read more about the RHEP coalition summit and what members learned about disaster prep.
Columbus Medical Association Foundation's Donor Reception
In a cozy gathering Wednesday night, the Columbus Medical Association Foundation (CMAF) held their annual donor reception to honor and thank those that have contributed to the Foundation.

Read more about the reception and see more photos here.
The Fare of the Seventies and “Cooking With Dr. Janis”

In the annals of American cookbooks, perhaps none were more regrettable than those of the 70’s. “The books were full...
A message from a CMA Sponsor

The addition of our New Albany, Ohio office provides new and exciting resources that clients will directly benefit from...
Advocacy Update (April 2019)

With Governor DeWine’s budget now in front of them, the Ohio Legislature is getting down to substantive policy work. New proposals are emerging...
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