August 19, 2016
American Small Businesses are suffering and JCN is on a campaign to Bring Small Businesses Back. This multifacted program tackles three key areas that are hurting growth in the biggest section of the American economy including: 

Overtaxation, Overregulation, and Lack of Access to Credit. 

A national JCN poll of small business owners reveals these entrepreneurs believe burdensome taxation, overregulation, and lack of access to capital is holding back job creation.  To combat these problems, the Bring Small Businesses Back Campaign is running an educational bus tour around the country and working with pro-growth legislators.

Mike Coffman,  U.S. Representative 
Heidi Ganahl,  Founder of Camp Bow Wow
Alfredo Ortiz,  President and CEO of Job Creators Network.

Learn about the JCN's Bring Small Businesses Back Campaign
Connect and Collaborate Radio

Podcasts Available from All Connect and Collaborate Shows Including These Recently Added
Colorado Space Advocacy - Small Satellite Conference Recap
Edgar Johansson, Colorado Business Roundtable's Space Advocate along with Stan Kennedy from Oakman Aerospace, Congressman Scott Tipton, and Bruce Davis of ROCCOR.
Manufacturing Resurgence Could Put U.S. On Top Again Kristen Muzzy, the Executive Vice President of Business Development for  Leading2Lean along with  Alvaro Espinoza, a trilingual, multicultural manufacturing and operation expert.
Consumer Energy Alliance - Know the Value Andrew Browning and Emily Haggstrom from Consumer Energy Alliance, along with Brent Boydston from Farm Bureau, join us to explain the "Know the Value" campaign.
Colorado Workforce Development Month Stephanie Veck joins us to talk about Workforce Development Month in Colorado. Exciting activities and events will happen throughout September in every part of the state.
Footers and Mosaic Employer Solutions Anthony Lambatos, owner of  Footers Catering talks with guest is Dylan Harrison, Business Development Manager for  Mosaic Employer Solutions. They'll discuss what recent graduates and new employees are looking for in a company,  as well as challenges workers face as they launch their careers. 

August 22 - Sean Duffy - Amendment 69
Sean Duff, Spokeman for No on 69 discusses concerns about upcoming Amendment 69  - a ballot initiative to amend the states constitution to allow a form of a single payer health care system in Colorado.   Those behind a statewide, bipartisan effort for the defeat of Amendment 69, known as ColoradoCare, feel the amendment would be costly, unproven, and risky and additionally, would double the size of our state budget. Listen to learn more and determine how Amendment 69 is wrong for Colorado.
August 23 - Alison Griffin and Derek Redelman - Launch My Career Colorado  
Alison and Derek join us to discuss the value of a college education and today's employment challenges, along with new Launch My Career Colorado web tool. We'll talk about the partnership that launched this tool and about the Gallup-USA Funds Daily Education Index which will deliver insights on the value of higher education from the consumer perspective.
This show is the third in the series with the Launch My Career Colorado webtool developed through College Measures partnership with American Institutes of Research work together with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Center for Education and Workforce and Gallup .   

August 24 - Kelly Sloan - Bob Murphy- AARP
Bob Murphy is the new State Director for AARP joining us to discuss issues for retirees in the state of Colorado, including legislation and upcoming initiatives.
August 25 - Mayor Michael Hancock
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock joins us to recap the State of the City. We will discuss his efforts regarding homelessness and affordable and attainable housing, as well as relationships with police and concerns around 16th Street Mall. 
There is much to talk about concerning programs like Peak Academy, Peak Performance and Denver Right. Join us for an engaging conversation with the Mayor.
August 26 - Job Creators  Network
Job Creators Network invites you to join them for the Bring Small Businesses Back Tour - kicking off in Denver Monday August 29th at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center.
JCN is educationg small business owners around the country and legislators in Congress about the struggles of overtaxation, overregulation and lack of access to capital. We'll talk with Elaine Lutz, Alfredo  Ortiz, President and CEO of Job Creators Network, as well as U.S. Congressman Mike Coffman and Heidi Ganahl, founder of Camp Bow Wow.
Listen at KDMT 1690 AM Denver's Money Talk from 4-5 p.m. Monday through Friday or live stream  live stream  online. Podcasts are available at www.cobrt.com/radio and on your favorite podcast app the day after live airing.

CEA continues its educational campaign called  "Know the Value" focused on educating Coloradans on the central role that energy plays in their everyday lives and the industries and activities that rely on energy costs. As part of the campaign, CEA is releasing a series of ads and videos highlighting industries directly benefit for Colorado energy every day, including agriculture, education, breweries, and medical devices.  Learn more
Pipelines for America is a project of the Consumer Energy Alliance and their  mission is to engage and inform you, the public, about the vital importance of our nation's energy infrastructure and its daily role in our lives.  Our pipeline infrastructure provides all Americans with energy security and serves as the safest and most environmentally preferred way to move energy products to consumers across the nation.

In order to accomplish this mission, CEA will work with and engage all energy consumers, in a constructive, fact-driven dialogue to ensure families, small businesses, manufacturers, and labor understand the importance of pipeline development to America's energy future. Learn more

The aging Baby Boomer Generation presents an opportunity to reinvent personal and organization career strategies. For 40 years, society has made only incremental changes around the edges of traditional career practices in response to more women in the workplace, advances in information technology, and the rise of knowledge-based work. Vestiges of old assumptions remain - employment policies that punish or prohibit flexible work; promotion patterns that punish child-bearing and child-rearing; job descriptions that require face-to- face work when not necessary; and retirement plans that push people out the door based on age rather than engagement and value.

The time for change is long overdue. As has happened so often in the last 40 years, it may be the large Baby Boomer Generation that triggers significant and lasting change in the way society engages people in work throughout life. Sustainable careers can help companies in at least five ways. Read more

The Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) is the eligibility determination system for the state of Colorado. CBMS incorporates eligibility determination for Medicaid, food assistance, cash assistance, and the children's basic health plan, including case management functions such as work programs. 

PEAK is a web - based portal designed to provide clients and community partners with a modern and easily accessible tool to apply for public assistance benefits. It currently allows new clients to determine program eligibility and allows existing patrons to check on their benefit.  Read More

Economic Development
So why does the space, aerospace, and defense industry in Colorado means so much to our public servants and those of us who live here? The economic impact alone tells the greatest part of Colorado's space story. The economic impact of this industry is expressed in innovation, which translates to significant capital investment ranking Colorado the third-largest space economy.

This translates to over 400 companies and suppliers, equating to roughly 162,680 jobs supported by space, 25,110 private-sector jobs, and 27,890 military personnel; resulting in $3.2 billion in annual payroll that is injected back into the Colorado economy. These numbers show that the space industry is vital to Colorado and should inspire are used to explore careers in this amazing industry.  Read More

Millennial Weekend Denver by Millennial Week D.C.
Rocky Mountain Energy Summit Conference by Colorado Oil & Gas Association

AT&T - Priority Hiring Event - Satellite Installation Technicians

The Art and Practice of Project Leadership by Manufacturer's Edge

Bring Small Businesses Back (Denver) by Job Creators Network

"Rally for Business" 2016 Annual Meeting by Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Ignite & Elevate: Generations of Leadership - SMDC Women in Business Conference

Denver Startup Week put on annually by many great groups.

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