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Holy Communion Sunday, 3-4 p.m. in the east play lot or for delivery.
July 26, 2020
1650 W. Foster Ave., Chicago IL
(773) 561-8496
From Pastor Michael...

Blessings to you all in the name of Christ!

We will continue to prioritize a vibrant online worship life, safe opportunities to connect where and how appropriate, and be flexible and faithful as we move forward together.

Restoring, encouraging, and rejoicing God's presence and love among us and our community remain our focus. To that end, the Council has approved a slight increase in the size of gatherings permitted to camps, support, and recovery groups meeting in the largest areas of our facility. They also approved retaining our current worship format through August, with the possibility of a short, spoken, outdoor service being added in mid-August if the public health indicators affirm the wisdom of that plan.

We yearn to be together. At the same time, as we pray for the areas of the country where the virus is rapidly spreading, we were reminded that the safety of worshipers and our neighbors must be maintained. The council will, of course, continue to reassess the situation as it evolves.

We are pleased to report that the church's financial situation remains stable, thanks to your gifts and generosity.

Finally, a reminder about our Cheer Fund. In addition to keeping all our employees fully compensated throughout the pandemic, we have also been able to be generous and helpful as needs have arisen for our members, from transportation to medical appointments, groceries, and rental assistance. The fund is now running a little low, so if you've in a position to make a gift, this would be a great time to do so.

A reminder, that Communion pick-up this Sunday is from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Missing you all,
Pastor Michael

We will continue to follow the guidance of the ELCA, the CDC, and the City as we make decisions affirming the well being of our neighbors. Remember: If you can help someone out, we need to hear from you at . This is where we are matching needs with those who can help.

Daily devotions are being posted on Facebook at:
The Hidden Treasure
Eighth Sunday After Pentecost
"As Solomon prays for wisdom, we seek to more deeply know the treasures of faith. In today’s gospel Jesus offers everyday images that reveal to us the reign of God: a tree that becomes a sheltering home, yeast that penetrates and expands, a treasured pearl, a net that gains a great catch. Even as we seek the riches of God’s reign, the great surprise is that God’s grace finds us first! "
Sharing Faith at Home
Morning Prayer: Through dreams and visions, O God, you broaden the horizon and hope of your people, that they may discover the meaning of your covenant, even in the midst of trial and exile. Increase the number of those who believe in your word so that all people may joyfully respond to your call and share in your promises. Amen.
Evening Prayer: Seed-planting, fish-netting, bread-baking, pearl-hunting God, you shape us into living parables. Pray with your Spirit in us so that we may understand our experiences as healing metaphors, and become creative and abundant stewards of the environment you entrusted to our love. Amen.
Prayer with Children: Dear Jesus , you teach us to give thanks for the good things we have in life. Help us to remember that your love and the people we love are the most important of all. Amen.
In our prayers: Lisa, Joyce, Johanna, Paul, Barbara, Bruce and Margo, David, Ben, Dennis, Kyle, Ruth, John, Remy, Dem, Katherine, Jody, Jane, All affected by Covid, Carol, Ben, Scott and Laurie, Dick, Nancy, Debbie, Velda, Cierra, Gail, Michele, Jill, Jim, Judy, and Dennis . We also pray for our Bishops, Elizabeth and Yehiel.
Celebrations, Concerns, and Condolences...
If you have items you'd like shared in this section, email Pastor Michael .
Names may be added or removed from the prayer list by contacting Pam S .

For Jody Kretzmann, who has suffered a stroke.

For John Minor in physical and occupational therapy.

For Jim, Barbara Ketter's son, who awaits a heart transplant.

For the safety of protesters. For justice and for the safety of people of color, particularly black people.

For all areas experiencing in increase in COVID-19 infections and deaths.
This Week's Commemorations
Johann Sebastian Bach, died 1750; Heinrich Schütz, died 1672; George Frederick Handel, died 1759; musicians
Tuesday, July 28, 2020
These three German-born musicians have done much to enrich the life of the church. Schütz was an early master who focused on settings of biblical texts. Bach wrote over 300 cantatas along with works for organ and instrumental pieces, and has been called the "fifth evangelist" for the way he proclaimed the gospel in music. Handel's great work, Messiah, is a setting of scriptural texts.

Mary, Martha, and Lazarus of Bethany
Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Friends of Jesus, Mary and Martha are remembered for the hospitality of their home that they offered him—Martha focused on serving their guest, and Mary on listening to him. Their brother Lazarus was raised from the dead as a sign of the greater resurrection to come.

Olaf, King of Norway, martyr, died 1030
Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Considered the patron saint of Norway, Olaf went from a life of piracy to becoming Christian and declaring himself king of Norway. He revised the laws and tried to administer them fairly. Driven from Norway in a rebellion, he was killed in battle trying to regain his kingdom.
Ebenezer in Mission
ELCA Celebrates 50 years or Ordained Lutheran Women in North America!

Click here to view a special message from our Presiding Bishop, The Rev. Elizabeth Eaton.
Wednesday Bible Study to Begin and At-Home Children's Sunday School Resources
Wednesday Bible Study, meeting online weekly at noon.
Pastor Michael will lead a weekly, 40 minute scripture study of the week's texts online. Look for an email Wednesday morning with a link to the study hangout. Hope to see you there!

Spark Sunday School at home. Click here for weekly, free Sunday School videos and downloadble materials. In addition, children's bulletins are now being posted along with the Sunday bulletin each week at
Children's Tuesday Time with Pastor Emily
Join Pastor Emily for a candle ritual, Bible story, song, prayer, and hear about an activity your household can do together during the week. Videos will be posted on Ebenezer  Youtube Channel  and  Facebook page  on Tuesdays but can be viewed at any time.  
Flower Orders for Online Liturgy
Interested in ordering flowers for online liturgy? Contact Pastor Michael via email at least 10 days before your desired date. The flowers will appear in the liturgy video along with any dedication you may like. You have two options: A live plant suitable for replanting in the flower boxes at church, or, a cut flower arrangement you may arrange pick up from the parsonage front porch after the liturgy has been filmed.
Sprinklers Needed!
Ebenezer could use a few second-hand or new sprinklers to keep our grounds attractive for increased outdoor use. If you can help, contact Norm D.
Sharing the Peace
You and/or your family can appear in upcoming liturgies offer the peace to the Ebenezer community and beyond! Here's how:

  1. Film yourself/yourselves saying the words "peace be with you!" using your phone. Film horizontally (sideways), leave a three-count of silence at the beginning and end of the clip, and make sure not to have photos of others in the background who have not consented to appear online.
  2. Email the video as an attachment to Rick S. Include in the body of your email consent to use your image online only for the puropses on Ebenezer worship on YouTube.
Ebenezer Mental Health Team
(Blacks,Indigenous People, and People of Color)    
Formally recognized by U.S. Congress in May 2008, Bebe Moore Campbell author, journalist, teacher and mental health advocate  National Minority Mental Health Awareness  was created annually in July to bring awareness to the unique struggles that underrepresented groups face in regard to mental illness in the United States. To continue the work of Bebe Moore Campbell as people and language evolve, Mental Health America (MHA) has chosen to remove the word “minority” from their annual mental health toolkit and will be phasing it out on their materials. BIPOC more fairly honors and distinguishes their unique experiences and personhood.

Other resources:
* BIPOC Mental Health
* BIPOC Mental Health Month
* Infographic about BIPOC and LBGTQ+Mental Health
* Policy Issues: Health Disparities Among BIPOC
* BIPOC Communities and Covid-19
Wellness Screening
The July 2020 offsite Wellness Screening has begun.

Learn more and register by clicking on this link.
Or contact parish nurse Marcia Smith at 773-743-1831
Ebenezer Seniors
Ebenezer Seniors invites YOU to join us for conversation and fellowship August 20.

We will meet twice in July on Zoom for more opportunities 
to reconnect, support one another, pray with one another 
and have a few laughs together too! Please join us.

Ebenezer Seniors Zoom Meeting
Dates: Thursdays August 20
Time: 12:00 p.m.

Join Zoom Meeting Online by clicking on this link :
Or by phone dialing 1 312 626 6799 then entering the Meeting ID: 981 0047 0154
For more information contact Marcia Smith at 773-743-1831
Edgewater Congregations Together Youth Group 
(Grades 6th-12th)
Wednesdays, 6:00-8:00pm
via zoom

During this time of social distancing and sheltering in place, the E.C.T. Youth Group will continue to gather on Wednesday nights over zoom to catch up, play games, have a short devotion, and “hang out” together. 

Contact  Pastor Emily  if you would like to join the event.
Edgewater Congregations Together Young Adults 
(18-mid-30 year olds)
Thursdays 4:00-5:30pm
via zoom

The E.C.T. Young Adults are gathering over zoom to catch up, check in with each other, and play some games together. Grab a beverage and/or a snack and join them!   
To join our next zoom meeting, contact  Pastor Emily
Face Masks
We want to say a huge thank you to Sue Swinger-Ellbogen, Jackie Wood, and Bev Albert for making face masks for several of our community members who need them!  This week Ebenezer Tutoring Director Norm Dynneson was able to deliver 38 of these face masks to Ebenezer's refugee families and in the next few days, Pastor Emily will be able to deliver over 25 masks to youth group members and their families.  

The CDC guidance states that cloth masks are recommended when going out on necessary trips like to the grocery store, pharmacy, or to work.

If you need a mask, contact Pastor Emily  with the number of masks and the sizes needed (adult or child).
Justice Team
Did you know that everyone in Illinois -- regardless of income -- pays the same rate of taxes (4.95%)? In November, we'll have an opportunity to change that with the Fair Tax: the wealthiest 3% of people in Illinois will pay a higher rate and 97% will pay less. Consider joining the Fair Tax Phonebank Program. Sign up here:  or reach out to Justice Team member Sue Swinger-Ellbogen  here  with questions.
Lutheran World Relief Needs Your Fabric!
If you're cleaning out your closets while you're social distancing, consider donating any cotton fabric in clean condition to Ebenezer's Lutheran World Relief (LWR) ministry for mission quilts! The cotton fabric currently needed includes used sheets, table cloths, washable drapes and cotton shower curtains. Any fabric donations can be set aside until they can be safely picked up at a later time. If you'd like to further partner in the work of LWR beyond our annual school kits and quilts, consider a monetary donation: visit , , or .
Refugee and Tutoring Support Needed
Many of our refugee and tutoring families have extra needs during the covid-19 pandemic. If you are in a position to assist, please consider helping in one of the following ways:
  • Financial support for groceries or other needed items during this time. Visit and click “Give Online.” 100% of funds entered in the “Other” line and labeled “Refugee Support” will assist our refugee families.

  • Helping adults fill out Medicaid, unemployment, and job applications over the phone.

  • Tutor youth and children virtually.

We celebrate that a generous donation has now been made to support a struggling family with rent for the next several months!
If you are able to offer support in any of these ways, contact Norm Dynesson.
Ebenezer Refugee Support
Ebenezer’s support group works with newly arrived refugees in the Rogers Park and Edgewater area. Sponsoring agencies offer a minimum of initial help when families first arrive. Ebenezer’s group works to fill the gap until families are self-supporting. Follow the Ebenezer Refugee Support Group on Facebook to see updates on families and the what the current needs are. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Norm Dynneson or Jackie Wood, as well. Cash donations can be made out to Ebenezer Lutheran Church with the notation of Refugee Fund on the memo line. Questions can be directed to  Jackie Wood or Norm Dynneson.
Community and Announcements
Need some help with groceries?
The Irving Park food pantry at 4256 North Ridgeway has an incredible amount of food every week. They have dairy, eggs, meat, lentils, and more. 

Remember to participate in the 2020 Census!
A reminder that filling out your Census form is vitally important. Here are 5 reasons why, from :
  1. Local communities use the data to guide public improvements, and non-profits use the information to identify beneficiaries and find donors and volunteers.
  2.  Emergency services are based on maps created using Census data.
  3. Federal funds are distributed based on Census population data.
  4. Businesses use the data to reduce financial risk and find new markets for their products and services.
  5. Your own family can ask for confidential records that can be used as proof to establish your age, residence or relationship, information that could help you qualify for a pension, establish citizenship or obtain an inheritance.
Give with Goodshop and Amazon Smile
Shopping online at allows you to do the shopping you'd do anyway at your favorite sites, while supporting the ministry at Ebenezer! Simply register and then select Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Chicago, as the beneficiary of the donation Goodshop makes when you shop through their site. Check it out today!

Also, Ebenezer is designated as a recipient for Smile dollars on Amazon. Any shopping you do on Amazon can benefit Ebenezer! Simply register at and designate us... same great shopping, but we receive .5% of your purchase amount!
Office Hours
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Our Mission:
God calls Ebenezer to be a Christian home for all who seek the sustaining nature of the Holy Spirit, to demonstrate faith and trust in God through the ministry of its people, and to let Christ's model of service, justice and love give expression to how we share God's gift with the world.
Do you or someone you know need someone to talk to?  
If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
Additional resources are available