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Giving is the Spice of Life
Ian Marks, Vice President of Workforce Development, receives a carload of Penzey's spices for LMM's Central Kitchen.
It started with a customer service call and turned into a wonderful gift. An LMM staff member called the local Penzey's Spices to straighten out an issue with her personal order. In the course of the conversation, Julie, a manager at the Ohio City Penzey's shop, asked about LMM. When she found out about Central Kitchen and our Culinary Arts programs, Julie said the magic words: "How would you like some spices?"
Sadly, the Ohio City store was closing. They were moving inventory to their Woodmere location, and they were looking for an organization that would take spices. These products needed to be off the store shelves, but still had plenty of time before their "use by" date. LMM was the happy recipient of this deliciously fragrant gift. Even better, the Woodmere Penzey's location has promised to continue the relationship with LMM, offering Penzey's products when they need to rotate inventory.
We are grateful for every gift, whether a gift-in-kind, a gift of time, or a financial contribution. Our donors mean the world to us. Your giving is truly the spice of life.
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