Weekly News from LMM
Founder's Day: Happy Birthday, Rev. Sering!
Rev. Richard Sering
Happy birthday to LMM's founder, the late Rev. Richard Sering. The important work that this agency does for individuals who are oppressed, forgotten and hurting couldn't be done if it weren't for Rev. Sering's deep passion and determination when founding LMM back in the 60's.

In honor of Rev. Sering and the founding of LMM, we invite you to join us this afternoon at 4:30 PM for the second annual Founder’s Day Celebration. The gathering will be held virtually on LMM’s Facebook page and can also be viewed on our website, lutheranmetro.org.
Celebrating Black History Month
Black History Month recognizes and honors the achievements and excellence of African Americans throughout our nation's history. Let's celebrate those who made our country what it is today!
The Time is Now: End Source of Income Discrimination
Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, in coalition with the Fair Housing Working Group, is working to advance local legislation that would end Source of Income (SOI) discrimination.

SOI discrimination occurs when a landlord refuses to rent to an otherwise qualified tenant because they plan to pay rent using a non-cash source of income like a Housing Choice Voucher. SOI discrimination often serves as a proxy for racial discrimination as black residents of Cleveland account for 90% of voucher users.

We are pleased to share that Cleveland City Council is planning to introduce an ordinance to end this type of discrimination, and invite you to sign on in support of these efforts. Here is a link to a google form to lend your support and if you’ve faced SOI discrimination, to share your story.

NeighborRelief Helps Nonprofit Serve Families
LMM is one of ten organizations participating in NeighborRelief's pilot program in Ohio. NeighborRelief allows LMM to small, short-term, but urgent needs (utilities, groceries, etc.) of program participants, so that donors can easily support those needs through a few clicks online.

NeighborRelief has determined that there was an 18.6% monthly increase in individuals and families looking for assistance since the COVID-19 pandemic, and that 86% of these requests under $150 are being fully funded by donors. To support LMM program participants through NeighborRelief, click here.
Addressing Inequities in Vaccine Access
It is alarming that Black Ohioans are half as likely as white Ohioans to have received the COVID vaccine yet are four times more likely to be hospitalized and three times more likely to die from COVID than their white counterparts. This lack of access to the life-saving vaccine reflects the numerous barriers to access including a complicated sign-up process, challenges with transportation, and a general distrust of the health care system due to a history of racist health care policies.

LMM is pleased to see Governor Mike DeWine tackle these systematic issues, and urges a continued focus at the federal, state, and local level to ensuring racially equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine. 
Cleveland Browns Support LMM
In alignment with the team's Black History Month celebration and 'Be the Solution' social justice initiative, the Cleveland Browns are donating 100 meals to LMM's Men's Shelter!

Read more about the Browns' effort to support local shelters throughout February, as well as supporting black-owned restaurants.