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How YOU Can Help LMM

"How can we help?"
We've been hearing this more often since the school year started, and so many groups and organizations have started swinging into action. Although they may be meeting by physically distanced or electronic means, houses of worship, community organizations and schools are still looking for ways to make a meaningful difference at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry.
While COVID has put a temporary hold on in-person volunteering, we still want to maintain our connections with your organization. You may be curious about how we've brought about innovative solutions to the unique challenges that the pandemic has created for the vulnerable people we assist. Perhaps you've heard about our Breaking New Ground campaign, which provides homes in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood to 20 families transitioning out of homelessness. The campaign is going strong. Providing families in need with safe, stable and affordable homes is more important than ever during the pandemic, when we are being advised to "stay home" much of the time to avoid illness. 
We would be delighted to take a minute or two and share our work with you in your online meetings, worship services, mission committees, or classes. We can offer you pre-recorded informational videos, or online presentations and chats via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. If you're interested in finding out more, please email or call Kate Maver, Director of Development at [email protected] or 216.658.7204. 
And, of course, a financial contribution is always a great way to help us get through the pandemic and continue to assist those who are oppressed, forgotten and hurting. If you're able, please give now by clicking the donate button above.
National Workforce Development Month
LMM Career Development Specialist, Joseph Ciarallo

September is National Workforce Development Month! We must recognize the important work being done by workforce professionals and the tremendous impact they have on the lives of those they work and serve with.
LMM's Workforce Development team, who live and work by the fitting motto "Can't Stop, Won't Stop," has been continuing to go above and beyond in meeting the needs of the community throughout this challenging year. In the midst of a global pandemic, LMM's Central Kitchen has pumped out over 239,900 meals since March to local shelters and hotel hubs that are serving individuals experiencing homelessness. 
"The Workforce Development team showed extraordinary resilience and adaptability to ensure not a single meal has been missed since the beginning of this pandemic. In the face of enormous uncertainty, we have shifted to new preparation and delivery methods to best meet our community needs." - LMM VP of Workforce Development, Ian Marks.
Workforce Development Tech Boot Camp

Are you or someone you know looking to improve your basic tech skills? Contact Elizabeth Stiles at [email protected] to register for next week's Tech Boot Camp!
World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day. We, especially nonprofits and organizations that offer behavioral health services, must hold ourselves accountable to creating environments that allow individuals to feel as comfortable as they can in expressing suicidal feelings and seeking help.
To those experiencing these feelings: You deserve to be alive and you are not alone. National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
United Way Annual Video

Check out United Way of Greater Cleveland's 2020 annual video, which features LMM's President & CEO, Andrew Genszler, and Chopping for Change graduate, Tyia Patchen!
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