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Men's Shelter Prepared for Winter Storm
With the incoming winter storm, the Men's Shelter at 2100 Lakeside is prepared and has capacity for any man in need of shelter. If you or someone you know needs to stay at the Men's Shelter, we are a 24/7 site and can take walk-ups at any time.
Cleveland Heights Church Donates $126k to
Breaking New Ground
On Sunday, Fairmount Presbyterian Church announced a $126,898 donation to LMM's Breaking New Ground (BNG) initiative. BNG is an innovative rental model that provides families experiencing homelessness with safe, affordable housing in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood.

Thanks to amazing donors like Fairmount Presbyterian, we are able to continue to carry out this important effort of providing affordable housing in the community.

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Founder's Day 2022
Founder's Day is tomorrow!

Each year, LMM celebrates the birthday of our agency's late founder, Rev. Richard Sering. Each year, we honor Rev. Sering on February 4 to celebrate not only the remarkable work he has done and the legacy he has left behind, but the important work that LMM will continue to do.

Tomorrow, on Rev. Sering's birthday, we will be sharing a special tribute video to our founder, which was put together by his granddaughter. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out this video that shares more on Rev. Sering and the history of LMM.
Rev. Richard Sering
Black History Month: Remembering LMM's Roots
Longtime Cleveland activist, community re-entry leader, and former Prime Minister of Afro Set, Harllel Jones.
Longtime LMM'er and former VP of Community Re-Entry, Charles R. See (pictured left), alongside Harllel Jones (pictured right).
In the mid 1960s, Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood underwent a period of civil unrest as a result of racial injustice. In response, local community leaders banded together, and many advocates from the area and beyond came to Cleveland to get to the root of the civil injustice that was occurring. 

With the guidance and leadership of long-time Cleveland activist, Harllel Jones, many Lutheran pastors, like Rev. Richard Sering, were guided on how to best serve the community and fight racial injustice, eventually resulting in the formation of LMM.

As we celebrate Black History Month, it’s vital that we honor our roots as an agency and honor those who were instrumental throughout LMM and Cleveland’s history.

Read more on Harllel Jones and LMM's history.
'Apart' Documentary Featuring C4C Alumni to Air Live on PBS Independent Lens
The documentary Apart features the stories of three of our Chopping for Change students, following them for several years as they journey through the LMM program and criminal justice system. What happens when they reunite with their young children after being Apart for so long?

PBS will be airing Apart on their Independent Lens series on February 21. However, you have an opportunity to view a pre-screening of the film and chat live with the filmmakers! The online screening will be followed by a panel featuring two Chopping for Change graduates, and the producer/director and cinematographer will be answering your questions in the chat!

The online event tickets are FREE, but spots are limited. Register HERE
Renters' Rights Teach-In on February 9
Are you a renter? On February 9 at 5:30 PM, the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH), in partnership with other organizations including LMM, is hosting a community conversation centered around renters’ rights and renters’ issues.

Join us to share your experiences as a tenant and to learn about different renter protections. We hope to see you there! Register here.
LMM Volunteer 'Sewing Ladies' Awarded with Grant
Margie Little (pictured left) and Avis Pulley (pictured right) sewing for the Men's Shelter back in 2014!
A group of LMM Men's Shelter volunteers known as the 'sewing ladies' was recently awarded a $500 A.C.T.I.O.N grant on behalf of MetroHealth to purchase a heavy-duty sewing machine to continue sewing projects that benefit our shelter residents, including the mending of thick winter coats, heavy blue jeans and various other winter gear.

With the help of MetroHealth employee, Darla Meyers, who requested this grant on behalf of the 'sewing ladies', these volunteers will be able to continue to help out our shelter residents with their sewing skills.

Thank you to the amazing sewing ladies, Margie Little, Avis Pulley, and Ruth Simonis, and to the generosity of Darla Meyers, who help our residents stay warm during the winter.
The Soul of Democracy - Desmond Meade
This Friday at 12:00 PM, the City Club of Cleveland is hosting Desmond Meade, a MacArthur “Genius Grant” recipient and Executive Director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. Don’t miss Mr. Meade’s speech on the ongoing battle over the soul of democracy, and his work helping returning citizens exercise their right to vote.

Click here to grab a ticket to the forum or watch online.