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Support the Guardianship Services Emergency Ward Fund

LMM’s Guardianship Services (GS) program provides qualified legal guardians to serve as caring advocates and decision-makers for adults who have been deemed incompetent by Probate Court and lack family/friends to support and protect their needs and interests. GS clientele includes older adults with dementia and age-related health problems as well as adults with severe persistent mental illness.


We need your help to support the Guardianship Services Emergency Ward Fund, a fund that assists with covering the cost of basic needs for vulnerable seniors under guardianship. The fund serves three purposes: 


Goal 1: It ensures that wards have their basic needs met; live in safe, affordable housing; receive timely and appropriate medical care; receive entitled benefits; have advanced directives and a funeral plan in place; and have appropriate legal decisions made on their behalf. 


Goal 2: It improves a ward’s quality of life by providing not only appropriate medical care and basic needs but also supporting wards’ peace, well-being, and dignity.


Goal 3: It sustains and builds program capacity to meet current and future needs for indigent guardianships, meet standardized best practice thresholds, and strive to achieve continuous improvement of its high-quality services.


To support the Guardianship Emergency Ward Fund, click the link below and designate your gift to Guardianship Services. 


Nora's Last Ride: A Guardianship Story

LMM Guardianship and a mutual love of motorcycles have bonded two women together. One, a young legal guardian who enjoys riding for charity in her free time, and the other, an 86-year-old who has a spunky side. Dementia isn’t taking that from her.

Celebrate Guardianship Awareness Month with us by clicking the play button above to watch Nora's Last Ride, shot and edited by Michele Lenni.

LMM Opposes Issue 1

The November 8th ballot includes Issue 1, a constitutional amendment that if passed, would impact how bail is decided in courtrooms across Ohio. LMM opposes Issue 1 because it would reverse long-fought efforts by the Ohio Supreme Court and advocates to bring more equity into bail setting. Specifically, Issue 1 would lead to higher levels of cash bail being set, which disproportionately impacts people who are low-income and people of color.

 Learn more about Issue 1 and why LMM has decided to oppose this constitutional amendment by clicking below.


TODAY: County Executive Forum

Photos by Michele Lenni

Join the First Suburbs Consortium and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress this afternoon at 2PM at LaSalle Theater for a moderated forum on economic development, housing, and more featuring Cuyahoga County Executives candidates Chris Ronayne and Lee Weingart.

Click the button below to RSVP and learn more.


You're Invited: Portraits of Strength Reception at Trinity Commons

The Portraits of Strength: Stories of Redemption gallery, created by LMM's Lydia Bailey, is traveling to Trinity Common's Gallery this Friday, October 21! The event is open and will begin at 5pm. There will be a program and reception featuring light appetizers catered by Metro45

In addition to the exhibit opening on the 21st, a forum will be hosted at Trinity on Sunday, October 23 at 10am to highlight LMM's work in the area of reentry and to view the gallery.

This is the second public viewing of the Portraits of Strength exhibit, following the recent launch at Cleveland City Hall. To RSVP to the event at Trinity, click the button below. We look forward to seeing you there!


Get to Know Your Candidates and Vote Early

In honor of election season, here's a fun fact about voting history:

Did you know that election season's timing is based on weather and harvest? In 1840, farming was the occupation of about 70% of working Americans. Farmers typically did not travel until the end of harvest and, due to the winter weather, it was decided that early November would be the most fitting. 

Now that you know this fun fact, go vote early!

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