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Will You Make a Difference for Our Children?

The children in our lives are watching us. Our actions speak much louder to them than our words.
Those of us with children in our lives may be finding many teachable moments in these unprecedented times of the global pandemic and international protests of racial injustice. This is our chance to show children ways to actively care about others.
It's not hard to find inspirational stories these days. Some families participate in rallies or peaceful protest. Youth groups are making cards for quarantined residents in nursing homes. Some are donating food to pantries. One more important lesson you can teach children is the blessing of adults being able to give financially to organizations like LMM that serve the oppressed, forgotten and hurting.
The next time you make out a check or complete an online donation, let the children in your life know you are doing so and how the financial gifts bless both the giver and the receiver. LMM would cherish any donation your family is able to give. Just call the kids over and have them help by clicking the donate button, above.
To learn more about the blessing of giving, here's a website to get you and the children in your life started:

Celebrating Children's Awareness Month

June is National Children's Awareness Month, a month dedicated to promoting a healthy upbringing and enabling children to live up to their full potential. LMM's Youth Services programming assists youth ages 12-21 who are at-risk to provide them with shelter, stability and prepare them to live independently. 
Thank You, Rev. Doug Horner!

Rev. Doug Horner (left)
Rev. Doug Horner, Senior Pastor at St. Paul's Community Church, is retiring.

Rev. Horner has built a strong sense of community at St. Paul's and was known to bring people of all walks of life together through activities like prayer, sports and gardening. Rev. Horner is known in the community as a social justice advocate and a strong supporter of individuals experiencing homelessness.

During his time with St. Paul's, Rev. Horner worked alongside LMM in multiple capacities, including hosting our former After School Prevention Resources program at the church, as well as partnering with LMM to provide overflow shelter for individuals who are homeless.

Thank you for your meaningful work, Rev. Horner, and we wish you the best!
Standing in Solidarity

LMM stands in solidarity with our neighbors who have faced countless years of oppression, racial discrimination and injustice. We must work together to be advocates for change and allies with those fighting discrimination - and not just people of good will. In doing this, we will be able to seek justice, and true progress. 

Stay tuned for more updates around LMM's internal and external racial justice efforts in the coming weeks. Click here to view LMM's statement in response to the recent racial injustices in our country. 
Get Involved: Friend-to-Friend

LMM's Friend-to-Friend program matches volunteers with individuals in local prisons with the intent of creating a friendly bond and support system for those who are incarcerated.

The volunteers write letters to their assigned friend and may do visitation at the prison. Since COVID-19 has changed the current regulations and visitors are temporarily not allowed, volunteers can mail or email residents to stay in touch.

Alongside the letter-writing and visitation, there is also a ministry of sending birthday cards.
Halfway through each month, Friend-To-Friend distributes a list of those in our program who have birthdays in the coming month. Volunteers are encouraged to send cards to the men and women in prison celebrating birthdays. The men and women of Friend-to-Friend often comment on how meaningful it is for them to have received so many birthday cards. These days, cards are even more appreciated.  

For more information on joining Friend-to-Friend or receiving the monthly list of birthdays, contact the Friend-To-Friend Volunteer Manager, Lynn Schlessman at:   [email protected].
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