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LMM Statement on Recent Gun Violence
LMM condemns the recent acts of gun violence that have taken place in the United States. These recent tragedies have devastatingly taken the lives of elementary schoolers and teachers in Uvalde, TX, individuals shopping at a supermarket in Buffalo, NY, churchgoers in Orange County, CA, individuals attending a memorial service on the east side of Cleveland, and 14-year-old girl in the Glenville neighborhood. To those who have been impacted by these tragedies, we empathize and mourn with you. 

These acts of gun violence are unacceptable and preventable. LMM would like to continue to express our concern regarding Governor Mike DeWine’s decision to sign Senate Bill 215 into law, which will go into effect on June 13. With the passage of this bill, Ohio became the 23rd state in the U.S. to take away the need for training and/or permits to openly carry a handgun. Lawmakers’ decisions to loosen restrictions on gun access will only continue to add to the loss of lives across the country and right here in the community that LMM serves.
LMM encourages you to contact your Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, as well as Governor DeWine, to express your concern about Senate Bill 215 and the loosening of gun restrictions in Ohio. You can learn more about how gun violence is impacting Ohioans in this 2022 report from the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence. 
Happy Memorial Day!
With Memorial Day approaching on Monday, we want to wish the LMM community a Happy Memorial Day! We would also like to directly thank our veterans, including those we serve at LMM through our various program areas, for their bravery and their commitment to this country.
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Communications Chat with Sarah Johnson
At LMM, it is essential that we build and maintain strong relationships with our elected officials and their teams so we can continue to inform systems change and advocate on behalf of the individuals that we serve.

On Tuesday, May 24th, LMM's Community Engagement Coordinator Gloria Craig attended a discussion hosted by the Public Relations Society of America with Mayor Justin Bibb's Communications Officer, Sarah Johnson. Sarah discussed topics regarding public safety, communication strategies, media relations, and what it takes to hold a position that is a 24/7 job while also being a mother of five.

To read more about Sarah Johnson, click here.
Reentry Event Recaps
People's Reentry Assembly
Photo by Michele Lenni
Charles R. See Forum Panel at the City Club
Moderator Rachel Dissell, ODRC's Roxanne Coey, LMM's Malika Kidd (left to right)
LMM has hosted multiple events in the last month to bring awareness to and inspire action around the subject of reentry. The Charles R. See Forum on Reentry at the City Club and the People's Reentry Assembly hosted at LMM highlighted many issues around reentry, uplifted voices through sharing lived experience and allowed event attendees to leave with a better idea of how we can cultivate change moving forward.

Didn't get a chance to attend either of these events? Check out these recap blogs from LMM's Director of Advocacy, Margie Glick: