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Honoring Those Who Came Before Us

The late Stephanie Tubbs Jones, former member of the U.S. House of Representatives
There are countless people of color from the Cleveland area who have been instrumental throughout the city's history with their innovative work in the realms of advocacy, civil rights, re-entry and much more. As an agency that prioritizes advocacy and empowering those who are often forgotten in the community, Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry has supported the work of these individuals and has even had the honor of working alongside many of them.

During Black History Month, we celebrate and praise these individuals; from the likes of Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Louis Stokes, influential politicians who were tirelessly working towards change at the national level, to Dorothea Lyons and Harllel Jones, prominent figures who helped shape the very foundation of LMM as an agency.  While these individuals have passed on, their legacies continue to live on forever. Their impact is strongly felt during Black History Month, but they will continue to be honored beyond February, as their work has greatly changed the lives of many.
LMM Advocacy: Will You Vote?

Did you know that you can vote early for the March 17th Ohio Primary election in person or by mail? View  the early voting schedule for Cuyahoga County or check out i nformation about voting by mail. Your vote counts! Watch for LMM Advocacy Alerts, newsletters, web stories and social media posts to stay up-to-date with LMM's latest initiatives.
Happy Valentine's Day from LMM! 

'Love' cookies from Metro45 Café
Men's Shelter residents with Wendy, therapy dog

LMM was feeling the love on Valentine's Day!  Wendy the therapy dog stopped by the Men's Shelter to visit with residents. At the Richard Sering Center, the Metro45 Café whipped up some delicious V-Day cookies. Thank YOU for being our treasured valentine year after year! 
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