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Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church
June 21, 2020

The Sunday Worship Invitation email is sent out separately on Saturday mornings. Feel free to forward the invitation along to family and friends.

Prayer Concerns This Week
"First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, 
and thanksgiving be made for everyone, so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and dignity."  1 Timothy 2:1-2

The Prayer family for the week is the Shahady family. Let us be prayerfully aware of Tim, Amanda and Olive, as well as all our members and friends.

Prayer Concerns : Katie Abrams, Katie Hoffmaster Barberi, Pat Vermeal.

Long term concerns : Stephen Bardsley; Jacob Basilotto; Ed Jung; Jay Hiatt; Despina Koch; Maryann Leach; Gwen McFaddan; Jacob Mendelsohn; Josephine McKeon; Leigh Millar; Melissa Millar; Dale Norby; Marilyn Powell; Owen Provencer, Geoff Reilly; Susan Robbins, J oseph Robinson, Bill Shoppell; Linda Lee Smith; Millage Youenger; Ginny Zimmerman; those struggling with addictions and mental illness.

Military: Sarah Davis Brown; Morgan Daniels Colberg; Michael Fahey III; Robin Fiorentino; all those in our nation's service.

From Our Interim Pastor
As I reported last week, a task force has been meeting weekly to handle all the action steps that will be required in order to be able to gather for worship in person in a relatively safe environment. A number of details have been taken into consideration and a preliminary plan is being presented to Session next week for review and feedback.

You will be pleased to know that every precaution is being considered to implement all the recommendations that have been provided by various sources. Your patience, flexibility and cooperation will make it possible to re-open safely stage by stage. At this point we are soliciting volunteers to help us in two important areas that will require special attention. 

Ushers Needed: We are looking for volunteers to serve as ushers once in-person worship services can resume. Special training will be provided to ensure everyone’s safety in compliance with CDC guidelines. Please review those recommendations to make sure you will not be putting yourself or others at risk before you volunteer to help. Contact Diane Manzo at 732-581-1882 or by email dmanzo.navesinkco@gmail.com if interested.

Technological Help Needed: In order to produce a competent service that allows for both in-person and remote participation, new equipment is being purchased and we will need several people to be trained to operate audio/visual equipment. We anticipate needing possibly up to 3 people per service to provide technical support. Please contact Peter Farwell at 908-675-7287or by email pfarwell@aol.com (with subject line: PPPC Tech Team) if this is an area that interests you. 

More information will continue to come as all the pieces come together. Until then, I will see you on Zoom!

Pastor Osy
COVID Care Corner
Another week has gone by in the surreal place we now reside in. It is starting to feel a bit more like normal for some of us. For others, the invisible threat lurks whether or not we are allowed to go out. Please hold compassion for yourself and others as we navigate these trying times. Between re-opening, racial unrest, politics, economic concerns and the rest it’s a lot on anyone’s plate. Please take the time to notice how all of this lands on you. It can vary day to day. I was talking to a small business owner who recently re-opened his store. He says one day he’s feeling positive about changes that are occurring and the next he’s feeling down and overwhelmed. He says his mood changes hour by hour and sometimes even minute by minute. So remember that everyone is in a different place at any given time. Hold compassion for frayed nerves and fears. Hold compassion for frustration and impatience. Most importantly hold compassion for yourself for if we can offer that to ourselves we can offer it to others. Until next time, eat healthy, be happy and wash your hands!

Elder Lynn  

Lynn O’Hara, MS, RD, LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Dietitian
Choir Recognition
Our Music ministry is an active and vital component of our service. In years past for our Choir Recognition Sundays, we have focused on the music. This year we would like to focus on the many members of both our Chancel Choir and Choral Bells Choir whose talent, dedication, and enthusiasm are very much appreciated.

Director Melanie Chambers began her second year as the Chancel Choir Director. Prior to the start in the Fall, Melanie offered a How To Read Sheet Music Workshop in August. Melanie led the Chancel Choir in a presentation of Classic Christmas melodies in December and incorporated new multicultural music in various languages during the year.

Known for being a "team sport" it is also very physically demanding to be a part of the Choral Bells Choir. One must rely on the others on either side of them to achieve great musical results. A ringer's assigned bells is a melody or a chord fragment that the whole bell choir counts on. We are especially thankful for our Bell Choir Director Morgan Sarbello who quietly and lovingly leads us to ring as one.
Chancel Choir
Chancel Choir Members and Participants
Melanie Chambers (2) - Director
Sara B. Hoey (38) - Organist
William R. Shoppell, Jr., Music Director Emeritus (36)

Susan Beltran (5)
Marilyn Rice (1)
Sarah Sarbello (18)
Patricia Shoppell (45)
Susan Sutphen (19)
Arlene Wacha (20)
Donna Wittmann (14)

Karen Baron (2)
Peggy Bierach (38)
Jean Campbell (39)
Robin Cook (1)
Despina Koch (22)
Janice Lippincott (23)
Morgan Sarbello (8)

Christopher VanDuyn (21)
Jonathan Yount (15)

Peter Farwell (13)
George Koch (22)
Osy Nüesch (2)
Keith Reilly (4)

Karen Baron – 2 years
Why they joined the choir - I have truly enjoyed being in the Chancel Choir this past year! I joined a year ago because on one no-alto Sunday, Pat Shoppell told me, while passing the peace, that I should be in the choir—as if it were my fault that the alto section was empty that particular day! So, the following week I showed up at rehearsal, and I am loving the choir! Melanie is a wonderful vocal director and a joy to work with. Her explanations and exhortations make rehearsals so much fun!
Favorite service the choir sings at/favorite anthem - I don’t really have a favorite service or a favorite anthem; I love it all!
Best memory –Thank you, Pat, for your encouragement to get me back into choir mode with this delightful group of singing friends!

Peggy Bierach – 38 years
Why they joined the choir- The first year that Bill Shoppell was our director, he asked if I would join in singing "Messiah" at Christmastime. If I didn't want to, I wouldn't be required to continue after that. But the choir was so enjoyable I never left!
Favorite service the choir sings at - Maundy Thursday.
Favorite hymn/anthem – “Deck Thyself, My Soul, with Gladness”
Best memory – Thursday Rehearsals.

Peter Farwell – 13 years
Why they joined the choir- I joined the choir with Bill Shoppell’s encouragement. Little did he know how poor I was at matching pitch. But with practice at home, I’ve improved to being at least mediocre at it. And I truly enjoy the camaraderie of choir, the opportunity for a weekly change of pace from what I typically do with my time, and the mind stretch that goes on when learning and performing music.
Favorite service the choir sings at - Tough one! I enjoy the special music we do for Christmas and Easter, but the somber music we do on Maundy Thursday / Good Friday is particularly moving.
Favorite hymn/anthem -  My favorite Anthem is Eliza Gilkyson’s “Requiem.” I believe we only performed this once during the height of our response to SuperStorm Sandy. I am moved by the expression of loss and hope in this somber anthem … so appropriate during that time when so much was lost to the sea and the comfort that hope brought was what kept us moving forward, one house repair at a time.
Best memory – I am not sure if I would describe it as a memory, but the camaraderie and support from everyone in choir is what I cherish most.

Sara Hoey – 38 years
Why they joined the choir- I wanted to play the organ when Alicia retired and in my own church.
Favorite service the choir sings at - Christmas Eve- magical moments with the music at the 7 and 11 pm services.
Favorite hymn/anthem – O Jesus I have promised, Be Thou My Vision, God of Grace, Come thou Fount, Come Christian, Join to Sing
Best memory – Surving Dvorak Stubat Mater with percussionist and taking the 1994 and 1997 choir trips – best memories ever!

George Koch -22 years
Why they joined the choir- My involvement with the PPPC choir goes back more than fifty years. Sometime back in the sixties Bill was director of Felix Molzer’s youth choir for which my daughter was the accompanist. Then in 1969 I was asked to audition for the Monmouth Civic Chorus where I really began to know Bill. Living in Manasquan, Bill would invite me to sing with the PPPC choir on special occasions knowing that he would also get an alto; so our journey with PPPC began, and several years later I became a member of the church and the choir.
Favorite service the choir sings at with favorite hymn/anthem - That’s a tough one; but having been raised in the Lutheran church, I have to say Reformation Sunday with Luther’s rousing hymn “Ein Feste Burg”
Best memory – Musical memories all blend together, but all of the later ones revolve around our relationship with Bill and PPPC choir. Thanks for the opportunity to be with you.

Osy Nüesch -2 years
Why they joined the choir- I love sacred choral music and I figured that, given this group’s ability and experience, singing with such talented musicians would be both enjoyable and challenging. And it has been.
Favorite service the choir sings at - I enjoyed the service when we recognized the choir’s service at the end of “the season” when several favorite anthems were incorporated into the service.
Favorite hymn/anthem - Look at the World and several Christmas anthems by John Rutter.
Best memory – The Sunday when we honored Bill Shoppell’s long and exceptional service as our Choir Director.

Marilyn Rice
Why they joined the choir- I like to sing and started singing solos from age 8. This was with the encouragement from the Choir director and Organist at my Church in Syracuse, NY. Also when you sing in Choir you don't have to wear a hat in Church while in a Choir robe. I hate hats.
Favorite service the choir sings at - The services leading up to Easter are my favorite now. There is great significance in all of our seasons though.
Favorite hymn/anthem – The hymn "Oh Sacred Head Now Wounded"
Best memory –All the memories of people I have sung with in all the places I have lived.

Sara Sarbello – 18 years
Why they joined the choir- Choir was always a part of my life. I started with Corrine Donley in the children’s choir at 5 years old. Then in junior choir with Loren Donley. Graduated to chancel choir with Bill Shoppell around 13.
Favorite service the choir sings at - Maundy Thursday was always the most moving service with some of my favorite anthems.
Favorite hymn/anthem - “Here I Am Lord” is my absolute favorite.
Best memory – 1. Singing Stabat Mater by Dvorak left me speechless. One of the greatest experiences of my life.
2. Singing “Rejoice” from Handel’s “Messiah”.  A life long goal that Bill and Sara helped me achieve.
Patricia Shoppell – 45 years
Why they joined the choir- I joined the choir 45 years ago because I love to sing. I sang in all the choirs (Cherub through Chancel) at the First Presbyterian Church in Asbury Park and I sang in the glee club while attending Beaver College (now Arcadia University).
Favorite service the choir sings at - I love Easter most of all. The joy of celebrating our risen Lord is awesome (although I really like Christmas too!).
Favorite hymn/anthem - My favorite hymn is "Great is Thy Faithfulness". Favorite anthem is harder...I do like "The Majesty and Glory of Your Name" and “Creation Will Be At Peace".
Best memory – Finding my husband when he came to be choir director! Followed, of course, by our singing tours in Europe.
Arlene Wacha – 20 years
Why they joined the choir- I have been in the Point Pleasant Presbyterian church choir since grade school. Glenna Fisher and Loren Donley ran all the choirs back in the day. When I was 16, Loren Donley asked me to come and sing with the chancel choir (1972). I was so honored and the only teenager. I sat next to Pat Shoppell (at that time, Limpantis) and tried to sing like Doris Pennypacker.
Favorite service the choir sings at - My favorite service or time of year when the choir sings is Christmas time, 11 pm candlelight service, and I enjoy including the Hallelujah Chorus as part of the service.
Favorite hymn/anthem - There are so many beautiful anthems and hymns. I cherish "When Love Grows Here" words and music by Don Besig as we sang the song at my wedding and my parents' renewal of vows both at Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church.
Best memory – There are so many memories over the decades that it seems as though I have had multiple lifetimes. I would have to say the best memories are when the choir sang at my son's memorial service, my wedding, my children's baptism, and my father's Memorial Service. There has been a span of three generations.

Donna Wittmann – 14 years
Why they joined the choir- As a member of both the Bell Choir and the Chancel Choir, I have enjoyed praising God through song for many years. Music has been a part of my life since I began playing the flute and singing in the chorus in third grade. I joined our church choirs ( I also sang in our Praise Choir when it was active) because it was a way to continue my musical path while contributing to a musical ministry.
Favorite service the choir sings at - My favorite service is the Easter service. I love the joyful uplifting music of the season.
Favorite hymn/anthem - Two of my favorite hymns are “Lord of the Dance” and “Here I Am Lord”. One of my favorite anthems is “Song of the Saints”......and I love to sing Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus”!
Best memory – One of my best memories is the day I received my hymnal, the one given for ten years of choir membership. It has my name on it embossed in gold. It is a treasured possession. I also enjoyed planning Bill Shoppell’s retirement party. It was a pleasure helping to honor such a wonderful director and friend.

Jonathan Yount – 15 years
Why they joined the choir- We visited the church looking for a neighborhood church with good music. I was invited to a rehearsal and I never left.
Favorite service the choir sings at - Good Friday
Favorite hymn/anthem - Precious Lord Take my Hand.
Best memory – 125th anniversary concert

Choral Bells Choir
2019-2020 Participants and Members
Karen Baron
Ryan Carver
Marilyn Coppolino
Min Curtis 
Alex Freer-Chilvers
Doroth Galvan
Sue Hankins 
Sara Hoey
Cindy Kells
Barbara Lund 
Karen Norby  
Osy Nüesch 
Keith Reilly 
Donna Wittmann 

Karen Baron
Why they joined the choir - When I relocated from Northern New Jersey, I knew that my new church had to have a fun Handbell choir. I think it’s the best team sport ever, and just my luck—the Choral Bell Choir played the day that I visited PPPC! When Rev. Osy announced that there were openings in the bell choir, I was hooked! I went to rehearsal the very next day and became stand partners with Karen Norby, and the Karen stand is a great team!
The most challenging thing to learn - My greatest challenge is page turning!!
Favorite anthem to ring - One of my favorite pieces is the arrangement of “We Three Kings” in which you can practically see the camels clomping their way to Bethlehem.
Best memory from choir - Morgan and the members of the Choral Bells are a very welcoming group, and are always willing to help one another to solve musical bell problems! Don’t be afraid to try ringing bells—how hard could ringing two bells be?!

Min Curtis
Why they joined the choir - I joined the choir at Sara Hoey's invitation to try it out. I thought it would be great to learn something new.
The most challenging thing to learn - Learning to read music, especially the counting.
Favorite anthem to ring - I loved The Prayer.
Best memory from choir - The members of the bell choir are all so talented, and each one has been encouraging beyond belief to me. Thank you all... Morgan, thanks for being SO patient with me. It's been a wonderful experience.

Sue Hankins
Why they joined the choir - I love music but unfortunately sing like a frog. Bells allow me to be involved in a music program without having to sing.
The most challenging thing to learn - It is the coordination and concentration involved. If you lose focus for one minute, you are lost and must depend on your neighbor to give you the measure number. Turning the pages is also a challenge.
Favorite anthem to ring - We have rung many of my favorite hymns over the years. However, “Reverberations” is a favorite as is anything by Cynthia Dobrinski because of her flowing melodies and runs.
Best memory from choir - One of my favorite memories is when we arrived at the Toms River Bell Festival to discover that their adult choir was playing the same piece we were. However, we played at a fast tempo and they played at a much slower pace. It was almost as if it were two different songs. After this, everyone had to submit their solo piece in advance.

Sara Hoey
Why they joined the choir – I wanted to be with Bill of course!
The most challenging thing to learn – Bill gave us a trilogy. We performed 2 out of 3 different services.  
Favorite anthem to ring – Come, Thou Font of Every Blessing
Best memory from choir – Playing good all together and being proud of ourselves.  

Cindy Kells
Why they joined the choir - I have played music in some capacity since I was 5 years old, and I spent too many years after college being dormant. So, I joined to bring back the pleasure that music brings.
The most challenging thing to learn - To master playing two bells at the same time.
Favorite anthem to ring - "Bell Boogie" for sure. It is challenging and entertaining to say the least.
Best memory from choir - Working under Bill Shoppell's direction.

Karen Norby
Why they joined the choir - Sue Hankins knew that I could read music so she asked me to join the bell choir. I did eventually join the choir, the children's bell choir. I played between Ben Wilton and Liz DeRosa, I played F, F# and G and G#. To this day, I still play those same bells.
The most challenging thing to learn -  I think it is very challenging to play the bells softly. My trick is to squeeze the handle of the bell.
Favorite anthem to ring -  I have many favorites, "Reverberation" comes to mind.
Best memory from choir - Playing in the children's choir with my children Kate and Jake.

Osy Nüesch
Why they joined the choir  - I was intrigued by bell choirs back when I was a music director and intended to learn about them but that career ended when I became a pastor. I welcomed the opportunity to join our excellent choir as a 'ringer' and try all the different sizes. 
The most challenging thing to learn - I watch in awe how Cindy and Sue are able to hold and ring two bells in each hand. That proved to be an advanced skill for me. I passed and moved back to the lower bells.
Favorite anthem to ring - Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.
Best memory from choir - I appreciated the way the choir helped me during a children's sermon to illustrate how everyone has a role to play in the church by playing "Happy Birthday" leaving different notes out.

Susan Reilly
Why they joined the choir -  Bill Shoppell was very persistent! Never regretted the decision.
The most challenging thing to learn - Holding two bells in one hand – still can’t hold two in my left hand.
Favorite anthem to ring - I don’t know that I have a favorite – well maybe Bell Bogie, that is a fun piece.
Best memory from choir - I have a lot of good memories, but ringing with my grandson probably tops the list.

Morgan Sarbello
Why they joined the choir - I was in high school and wanted to explore more outlets in music, and Bill recommended I join the bell choir.
The most challenging thing to learn - I'd have to say conducting the choir.
Favorite anthem to ring - So far my favorite anthem to conduct has been Carol of the Bells from this past Christmas. It's difficult for me to choose a favorite anthem to ring though, I love them all.
Best memory from choir - One of my favorite memories was the first time the choir played in the Toms River bell festival when I was in high school. Another more recent favorite memory is the first time I conducted the choir for a Sunday service last year.

Join Us Tonight For Bingo
Will you be joining us tonight on Zoom for Bingo? Boards and the Zoom link was sent out on Thursday. Boards are also in the office side entrance available for pickup. The fun begins at 7pm tonight. The host of this event will provide all of the instructions once you join the meeting.

Please have your boards ready before logging on. Early results seem to indicate many are printing out "odd number" Lucky Boards. A lot of winners can be found on the even number Lucky Boards. Prizes will be awarded to our winners.
Point Beach Prep Summer Camp
At a Called Session meeting via Zoom on June 14th, Session met with the Director of Point Beach Prep Preschool, Devlin House, to discuss the possibility of a safe and compliant opening of Point Beach Pre Nursery and Pre-school summer camp from July 6 through July 31st. A motion was approved to open Point Beach Prep Summer Camp, July 6 through July 31, 2020, 8:30 to noon, in compliance with New Jersey State directives and plans that Session has developed.

Following the approval, Point Beach Prep had a very successful Summer Camp registration at a distance. A special thank you to Elder Bette Hughes who prepared a very thorough waiver for families to sign.
Point Beach Prep Preschool
Our students, families and teachers certainly make strong connections through the years! Graduation can be bittersweet because often it means good-bye for a family if there are no younger siblings to return to the school. We wanted to share just a few of the personal notes sent to us this year. Quarantine couldn't break the bond or erase the memories created during their time at Point Beach Prep. We are grateful for having the honor to spend this special time in their lives together!

The following letters and notes were received from families this week.

I just wanted to thank you for visiting today. We really needed that and it totally made her day! She hasn't been anywhere since 3/13. We've kept the girls quite sheltered. And the pure joy you brought her today brought tears to my eyes! Thank goodness for sunglasses. We consider you part of our family as you have basically raised our girls since they were tiny people. We feel robbed this year with missing her last 4 months with you, but are forever grateful for the almost 4 years we had with you in our lives. So thank you again! You made today super special!

It is so hard to come up with the words to truly express our gratitude and appreciation for making preschool learning incredibly fun! You have helped to build an incredible foundation and are an integral part of all their future successes. When we ask them their favorite memories they always smile and giggle. They loved circle time, all the creative play areas, even the sight word board and of course the playground. I truly appreciate the resources you provided me with, and the videos during this pandemic. We are so thankful every single day for your warm smile,endless patience, kindness, and creativity! We love you guys and will continue to be Point Beach Prep's biggest cheerleaders!

Thank you for everything you've done over the years for all 3 of my children. I cannot describe how bittersweet this time is for us. You have given my children and myself a second home. A place to feel safe and loved. PBP gave all my children the personal attention they needed to help them grow academically, but also as little humans navigating leaving the nest. I couldn't be happier with the choice we made to send the kids to you and will so very much miss seeing them grow under your care. On a personal note I want to extend my gratitude for your friendship that has grown over the years into something I will always cherish. You have been there for me and my kids through very rough times with an open heart and listening ear. Don't be surprised if I stop by to chat every so often. I feel like I'm not quite ready to let go. We will all miss you and wish you nothing but the best in the years to come!

We sat down the other night as a family to recap the preschool year and fun times at Point Beach Prep. They talked about new toys every week, you dressing up as The Cat in the Hat-they did not realize it was you! The firetruck coming and giggles on the playground.There are no words that can truly encompass and express our gratitude and appreciation for making learning incredibly fun! You have helped to build an incredible foundation and are an instrumental part of their future successes! What is even more impressive is your huge smile, fun personality and endless patience and creativity every single day!
Upcoming Virtual Meeting
Coming Up
Friday, June 19 - Church Wide Bingo Game Night
Sunday, June 21 - Choral Bell Choir and Chancel Choir Recognition
Tuesday, June 23 - Session Meeting
Sunday, June 28 - Virginia Griggs Education Award
Upcoming Birthdays This Month

June 21 Nicholas Jalowski
June 22 Mary McSweeney, Andrea Purtell, Virginia Welch
June 23 Kendall Pearce
June 24 Joan Danziger
June 25 Gayle Ferry
June 26 Bryan Smith
June 27 Caitlyn Cook
June 28 Aidian McGuire
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What is Missing?

All cushions, hymnals, and worship pads were removed this week to limit touching surfaces in preparation for our eventual return.

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