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Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church
September 20, 2020

Sunday Worship
Reservation and service links were sent on Wednesday.
The bulletin for those participating online is here.
The flowers this Sunday are given
in Loving Memory of Jules Bierach and Jules Bierach, Jr.
by Peggy Bierach
Prayer Concerns This Week
"First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, 
and thanksgiving be made for everyone, so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and dignity."  1 Timothy 2:1-2

The Prayer person for the week is Courtney Bixby. Let us be prayerfully aware of Courtney, as well as all our members and friends.

Prayer Concerns: Jacob Bassalotto.

Long term concerns: Katie Abrams; Katie Hoffmaster Barberi; Michael Berry; Ed Jung; Jay Hiatt; Karen Liebhauser; Despina Koch; Gwen McFaddan; Jacob Mendelsohn; Leigh Millar; Melissa Millar; Dale Norby; Marilyn Powell; Geoff Reilly; Bill Shoppell; Linda Lee Smith; Millage Youenger; Ginny Zimmerman; those struggling with addictions and mental illness.

Military: Sarah Davis Brown; Morgan (Colberg) Sensing; Michael Fahey III; Robin Fiorentino; all those in our nation's service.

A Word from our Stated Supply Pastor
Carry one another’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

What a simple and direct instruction comes to us from the letter to the Galatians! Christ’s law, love of neighbor, is fulfilled simply by the willingness to bear one another’s burdens. Sometimes that shouldering of the burden will entail true physical assistance with a task. Sometimes it will involve sharing of our treasure - some financial support or provision of food, clothing and the like.

Far more often “sharing the burden” may simply require a listening ear, a kindly word, a birthday call or card or a pause to inquire how another is doing today. Maybe especially in the presence of the pandemic I am noticing how much people respond to the inquiry, “How are you today?” Staff at grocery stores, gas stations, and drive through fast food windows, all seem more willing than usual to share a word or two about their circumstances . It seems to me also that there is a kind of contagion of pleasantness that can break out when we take the opportunity to show interest in and support of others.

We all know there are more difficult challenges in following the Christian lifestyle. There are sometimes hard words that need to be spoken in love. There will always be challenges and temptations that confront us. There will be days of doubt and sometimes of despair. But most days we are not confronted with such circumstances. Most days we have both the discretionary time and peace of mind that we can follow the injunction in Paul’s letter to the church at Galatia- “carry one another’s burdens”. Even if we are presently confined largely to home we have the opportunity to carry another’s burdens as we remember them in prayer. Who are they who need your prayer today? What are their burdens? Perhaps today we can renew our own intentions to fulfill the law of Christ in a neighborly concern for those we know and those we don’t know. We never know for sure how much a kind word or a thoughtful gesture can mean to one who is struggling under a heavy burden.

In faith,

Pastor Eileen
Scripture Without Soup: The Psalms
For reasons of social distancing, we are not able to physically gather for Bible Study and to share a soup lunch. But through Zoom we are blessed to be able to gather for the study of scripture. Beginning on Tuesday, September 22 at 9:30 a.m. via Zoom, Pastor Eileen will be leading a four week course of study on the Psalms. The Psalms are a much beloved portion of scripture. Come join us for one week or for all four classes. The Meeting ID is 817 5808 7871 and the Passcode is 772829.
Congregational Meeting
The Session of the Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church calls for the Annual Meeting of the Congregation via Zoom (and on site participation) on Sunday, September 27, 2020 immediately following worship for the purpose of acting on the proposed amendments to the church bylaws, the election of Elders and Deacons and to receive reports.

Sunday School ZOOM Coming Soon!
Sunday School Online Zoom Sessions for families of children in grades preschool (age 3+) through grade 5 continue starting at 9 a.m. Sessions will last approximately 35-40 minutes. Participating families will receive Zoom meeting login credentials directly.

During our sessions, we will chat about our theme, watch the Bible story videos, enjoy music, and experience some of the other media available through our curriculum. Engaging family follow-up ideas/materials will arrive via email for use during the week. 

In September we will concentrate on the theme of “Friendship."
Kindly fill in the 2020-2021 Online Sunday School Registration, so that we will know to send you weekly invitations with Zoom ID and password. Then, please scan the form, or snap a photo with your cell phone, and email it to pppcsundayschool@gmail.com.

Hope to see you soon!
Care Corner
I’ve noticed people becoming more anxious regarding COVID lately. It seems there are many people (but not all) who are just plain tired of having to wear masks and be socially distant and follow any of the other restrictions enacted to keep us all safe. I get it. It’s been a long time of having to not do as we’ve done our whole lives. It’s been a rough 6 or so months. The problem is when some people decide they don’t want to follow the recommendations any longer it puts other more vulnerable people at risk for getting sick and even worse. Add to that the fear some of these vulnerable people have about asking for the clerk or shop keeper or doctor’s receptionist (!) or even a dentist (!!) to please put their mask on. Seems many people are starting to feel cranky and angry about the whole thing and some even lash out at the person asking to have a boundary respected. This is all very anxiety and fear provoking for the most vulnerable of our population. Heck, I don’t want to ask some people to put their mask on for fear of the response!

What has happened to working for the greater good? What has happened to kindness and compassion? What has happened to civility? I know our patience is really being tested by all this but we must rise above and look out for all, including our most vulnerable citizens. So, let’s set an example for all people and continue to do the right thing. Continue to wear your mask and social distance and pay attention to those around you. We have done a great job in the church and I’m so happy to see the response. Don’t let the anger and the fear get to you. Keep on paying attention to what your own needs are and dig deep for the courage to speak up for those needs. Chances are if you are feeling uncomfortable by someone’s behavior, others are too. Let’s stick together. It’s the only way we will beat this thing. Until next time, eat healthy, be happy and wash your hands!

Elder Lynn 

Lynn O’Hara, MS, RD, LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Dietitian
Assistance to Offered to Get Your Flu Shot
With over 200,000 Americans hospitalized for flu-related complications each year, we encourage all our members and friends to get their flu shot.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the flu vaccine reduces the risk of flu illness by 40-60% for the overall population. The CDC also recommends that everyone over the age of six months old should be vaccinated.

This year it is more important than ever to be certain to get a flu shot and now is the time. Low and no cost flu shots are available through drug stores or from your own medical provider. If you need transportation to get a flu shot call the church office. Our deacons stand ready to help. You are precious to us- make plans to get a flu shot today!!!
Point Beach Prep
We are so excited to be back at school! Our preschool year began on Monday. Our morning classes are currently at state capacity but we have room to register new children in the afternoons.

This week we played lots of get to know you games and learned all about circle time and classroom routines. Along with many other books at story time, we read The Kissing Hand, about a raccoon learning to be independent at school. We made daily projects and enjoyed dancing during music time. We had beautiful weather to play and run outside! Next week we begin our alphabet adventures with letter A! If you are interested in registering, please call Devlin House at 732-701-9900 or email pointbeachprep@hotmail.com.
No Annex Access Allowed During School Hours
With Point Beach Prep now in session and extra state directives in place due to COVID, there is absolutely no access to the CE Annex during school hours.

No one, including church staff, is allowed into the building for any reason while the school is in session. This includes access to the kitchen, Wilton Hall and even the Point Beach Prep office. Access by church members and staff can only be after 3:15 pm on Monday/Wednesday/Friday or after 1:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is imperative that we follow all guidelines set by the state and not put any person or program in jeopardy.

Our church buildings still remain closed for all meetings. If your group would like help setting up a Zoom meeting please call the church office.

Show Us Your Talent
Join us for a little competition and a whole lot of laughs having fun with your family and friends. The Personnel Committee has been snooping around and learned that PPPC has talent!! But too often the talented stays hidden. They will be hidden no longer! We are giving every one a chance to show off the most creative, funniest, loveliest, and best of all.

Here’s how it works: Each family, or group of friends, or individual, plans and practices for a 5 minute performance in our PPPC Family Talent Show! You may sing, dance, play an instrument, tell jokes, read, juggle or what ever you do best. You will perform in your own living room (or where ever you keep your computer). You must register to perform by Monday, October 5th. Each performing group will register (see below for directions), and will then be assigned a number. Everyone will receive a Zoom Invite on October 9th and can join to perform or just watch. When your number is called you will get up in the comfort of your own home in front of your computer and . . . SHOW US YOUR TALENT!

All who are not performing will be invited to connect via Zoom to be entertained by our own PPPC talent. The panel of judges will be watching each performance and will announce the lucky winner/s that night for the BEST, FUNNIEST, and MOST CREATIVE performances! The lucky winner will receive . . . well, you will have to win to find out just what you’ll receive, but you’ll be very HAPPY and FAMOUS in PPPC.  Start planning now, and contact Diane Sikora at 732-598-1320 dlsikora2001@yahoo.com to register to be on our Zoom stage.

The talent show will be Friday, October 9th from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. but we need a full roster of entertainers, (we will need at least 10 - 12 in order for the show to go on!). Come one and all, as it is all in FUN.

Special Offering Peace and Global Witness
On World Communion Sunday, October 4, we celebrate that Christ’s peace extends throughout all creation. We celebrate that we are all together at the table, in God’s house. We celebrate that we are offered what we need to continue the work of building the household of God with active peacemakers here at home and around the world.

Through participation in the Peace & Global Witness Offering, our church is extending Christ’s peace throughout our community and our world. We begin at the communion table, with our siblings in every time and place, and we celebrate the peace we find there and commit to building a more just and peaceful world. We celebrate the truth found in 2nd Thessalonians, “May the God of peace give you peace at all times in all ways.

This year again we invite you to join in this ministry. As a community of God’s people seeking to be instruments of peace bearing “peace, at all times and in all ways,” we want to make our commitment and participation in ministries of peace visible to all. I pray that the God of Peace might inspire us to be peacemakers in every word and deed as we celebrate World Communion Sunday on Sunday, October 1 and give generously to the Peace & Global Witness Offering.

Prayer for Those Impacted By The Fires
View of the wildfires in Newell Creek Canyon in Oregon (Photo by Kirill Ignatyev, CC BY-NC 2.0)
This past week the Deacons have sent financial assistance to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for those effected by the fires on the West Coast.

Jill Duffield, Presbyterian Outlook has offered this prayer

Lord God, this year continues to batter us and we wonder when there will be relief.

Even as the pandemic persists, natural disasters do not stop. We see images of smoke-filled skies, leaping flames and the carnage of fires ravaging the West coast, and we grieve for those impacted by these tragic events. We pray for firefighters and first responders putting themselves in harm’s way to protect others. We ask for your strength for all the people reeling from the loss of property and possessions. We plead for you to comfort those mourning the loss of life.

No matter the cause of our siblings’ suffering, we yearn to participate in bringing them respite and hope. You promise that springs of living water will flow from believers’ hearts. Open the flood gates of our hearts now. May rivers of your grace and mercy overflow into creation bringing healing and restoration to every corner of your beloved world. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.
Coming Up Online

Monday, September 21 - PW Coordinating Meeting
Tuesday, September 22 - 9:30 a.m. - Virtual Psalms Bible Study
Sunday, September 27 - 11:00 a.m. Virtual Congregational Meeting

Coming Up In Person
Every Wednesday - 9:00 a.m. Women's Breakfast at the Rainbow Diner

Church Calendar
We are glad to announce that the church calendar is starting to be filled once again. To view the church calendar online please visit our website or click on the link.
Upcoming Birthdays This Month
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Image of the Week
More Room at the Table

Last year many were able to join Pastor Eileen around the table for Soup and Scripture. The good news is there is a lot more room for everyone to join her this Tuesday since the Bible Study is on Zoom. There is only one Psalm (Psalm 88) that does not end with some sense of praise or hope in God. Log on and be uplifted with others this Tuesday.
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