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Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church
May 31, 2020

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Prayer Concerns This Week
"First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, 
and thanksgiving be made for everyone, so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and dignity."  1 Timothy 2:1-2

The Prayer Family for the week is the Simpson family. Let us be prayerfully aware of Alexander, Lisa, Shae and Austin, as well as all our members and friends.

Prayer Concerns : Mary McSweeney, Katie Hoffmaster Barberi, Jay Hiatt.

Long term concerns : Stephen Bardsley; Jacob Basilotto; Ed Jung; Despina Koch; Gwen McFaddan; Jacob Mendelsohn; Leigh Millar; Melissa Millar; Dale Norby; Marilyn Powell; Owen Provencer, Geoff Reilly; Susan Robbins, Bill Shoppell; Linda Lee Smith; Millage Youenger; Ginny Zimmerman; those struggling with addictions and mental illness.

Military: Sarah Davis Brown; Morgan Daniels Colberg; Michael Fahey III; Robin Fiorentino; all those in our nation's service.

From Our Interim Pastor
Pentecost Window
In the last few weeks, I have been invited to celebrate several relatives’ birthdays and anniversaries via Zoom. No parties. No candles. No dinners. No gifts. Just people in their individual boxes coming together to express good wishes trying not to talk all at the same time.

I am afraid that this year’s celebration of the Church’s ‘birthday’ will also feel very different. We have always tried to welcome the Festival of Pentecost with a grand celebration with majestic anthems, balloons and cake, sometimes including confirmations, ordinations, installations, with everyone wearing bright red clothing, etc..

This year’s celebration will be a bit more modest, but it need not be less significant. Sometimes, with all the fanfare and excitement, it’s easy to overlook the guest of honor. This Sunday our emphasis will be on the Holy Spirit, who continues to call, equip, challenge, motivate, strengthen, and lead Jesus’ Church for the transforming ministry. So, let me invite you to another virtual birthday celebration this coming Sunday at 10 am to rejoice over the Spirit’s work in our lives, in our congregation, and in the world. And you are still welcomed to wear something red!

See you on Sunday!

Peace ,
Pastor Osy

Still Wear Red on Sunday
The liturgical color for Pentecost is red, symbolizing the tongues of fire that descended on the gathered disciples. You are invited to wear something red when you log on to the service.
COVID Care Corner
Hello everyone. More notes to ponder from the COVID Care Corner. I’d like to
take this time to talk about what re-opening or re-entering into society means for you.

Today a friend shared a Facebook post she had seen on fear. The post was
referring to opening up of society as a binary issue-you were either going to live in fear and not go out or you weren’t going to be bothered by the potential consequences. My friend took umbrage with the post as do I. It’s not that simple.

Fear is not to be ignored or shamed. We need our fear. It’s real and it deserves to be listened to. It is an important part of us that we need to take into account as we move forward. However, we don’t want to be living in a state of all-consuming fear all the time. So, how do we decide what is right for each of us? Its time to check in again with what your particular needs are.

Some folks have extra reason to be fearful of going out among people. Perhaps they have risk factors or love someone with risk factors. Perhaps they’ve seen all too closely what this virus can do. Others don’t seem to have the same level of concern and feel the bigger risk to their own health is the emotional pain of not being able to connect with their loved ones. Or perhaps there is no choice for some. They must work or they go hungry. It is up to each and every one of us to determine our own risk/reward ratio. In order to do that we need a few things.

First, we need facts so please scrutinize where your information is coming from. Remember the media lives for ratings so whatever viewpoint they take is often hyped. Seek out scientific data and form your own opinions from that information. Second, how you feel is legitimate! Don’t let anyone else shame you into doing something you aren’t comfortable with. It is your right to feel safe and your responsibility to make sure you do. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself. This can look like many different things so there is no right or wrong. Last but not least is the awareness that others may not feel the same as you. That is ok as long as their behaviors do not impact your safety. That is a big boundary buster so we each need to be aware that other individuals' needs may look very different from our own. Compassion for others and mindfulness of our own needs will go really far in making this a safe and healthy re-entry. Stay safe, stay well and wash your hands!

Elder Lynn  

Lynn O’Hara, MS, RD, LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Dietitian
A Big Thank You
A big thank you to Donna Wittmann who for two days weeded around the church and the annex. A thank you also to Troop 6 who will be laying down mulch this weekend. If you are feeling nostalgic take a ride by and see our Spring spruce up.
Best One Yet Thanks To You!
The Presbyterian Women raised $1,060 for their Clothing Drive. Thank you again to everyone who helped us make it our best year to date.
Wedding Anniversaries 50 years or More
Those with an anniversary 50 years or more should have received an email requesting a wedding picture. This is your final chance to participate in our special project.

Please call the office if you still would like to participate. A special video will be in the newsletter and will be shown following our service on June 14th.
Calling the Class of 2020
PPPC would like to recognize High School and College Graduates for the Class of 2020. If someone in your family will be graduating this year, please let us know.

For High School Graduates please send us their name, the school where they are graduating from and their plans for next year.

For our College Graduates please email us the degree/major and the name of the school. Emails can be sent to mail@pointpresbyterian.org. Our graduates will be recognized in a future newsletter.

Church Wide Game Nights Planned
Building off their very successful Carnival Night back in January, the Personnel Committee has more fun activities being planned. Mark your calendar now for the church wide game night for all ages

  • Friday, June 19 - Church Wide Bingo

  • Friday, June 26 - Lets Make A Deal Scavenger Hunt

  • Friday, July 10 - Traditional Game Night

The game nights for June will take place over Zoom. Invitation, instructions, bingo boards, items to Make a Deal will be sent out over email prior to the night. More details will follow in upcoming newsletters.
Point Beach Prep Preschool
This week we finished learning our numbers with lessons on numbers 9 and 10. Check out our videos on Facebook!

Point Beach Prep has availability in September for the upcoming school year. If you are interested in registering, please call 732-701-9900 or email pointbeachprep@hotmail.com. Call to see how we make learning fun! We look forward to hearing from you!
Upcoming Virtual Meeting

Monday, June 1- CECommittee 5:30 pm
Deacon's Meeting 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, June 2 - Confirmation Class 5:15 p.m.
PNC 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, June 3 - Re-opening Strategy Meeting 5:30 p.m.

Special Worship Events in June
Sunday, June 7 - Sacrament of Baptism
Sunday June 14 - Church Membership and Anniversary Recognition
Sunday, June 21 - Choral Bell Choir and Chancel Choir Recognition
Upcoming Birthdays This Month
June 1 Susan Lorentzen
June 2 Robin Cook
June 3 Kellan Iadarola
June 4
June 5 Diane Sikora
June 6
June 7 Olivia Shapiro
June 9 Luke Pearce
June 10 June 11 Susan Leasure
June 12 Luke Braaten
June 13 William Birdsong
June 14 Cecilia Collins
June 15
June 16 Cameron Durante
June 19
June 20 Trudy Pedersen, Jack Satterlee, Donna Wittmann
June 21 Nicholas Jalowski
June 22 Mary McSweeney, Andrea Purtell, Virginia Welch
June 23 Kendall Pearce
June 24 Joan Danziger
June 25 Gayle Ferry
June 26 Bryan Smith
June 27 Caitlyn Cook
June 28 Aidian McGuire
Image of the Week
First Presbyterian Church of Highstown has an awesome display for Pentecost now.
From their Facebook Page...
The Pentecost Art Ministry installation celebrates the blessing of the Holy Spirit. The streams of fabric remind us of the tongues of fire from the Pentecost story in Acts 2:1-21. Their movement as the breeze moves through them reminds us that the word for “spirit” in both Hebrew and Greek also means”breath” or “wind”.
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