17-18 Elul 5778
August 28, 2018
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This Weekend
~ 6:00pm
Join us for this start to Shabbat  with a Pre-Oneg at 5:30pm and services starting at 6:00pm. 
~ 9:30am
Join us for our Shabbat morning services every week from 9:30am - 10:30am. The service is a lovely, meditative, and peaceful way to start the day. Whether we have five or fifty, we'll be mixing traditional chanting with songs both old and new tunes to create a prayerful space for connection.
Torah study with bagels and coffee will begin at 10:30am and go until 11:45ish. We'll look at both modern scholarship, traditional commentary, and considering how these ancient texts can help us explore our own spiritual lives, our values, and what it means to be human.
This Saturday at 7:00pm

Selichot , "songs of forgiveness", marks the beginning of the High Holy Days, the Jewish period of self-reflection and community renewal. Please join us for this special service as we reflect on the power - and limits - of forgiveness, considering how we can live more joyously, and connect more fully with others and with God. This service of ancient and modern prayers has been a focus of Jewish musical creativity for centuries, offering stirring melodies together with quiet moments of reflection.
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Pray with your Feet  & March
Saturday, Sept 8, 11:00 am  
Battery Park in Burlington
(look for Rainbow Flag with Star of David)

Everyone is welcome to join us at our egalitarian brunch-time short Shabbat Morning Service before the pride march.  We'll sing great songs in English and Hebrew to celebrate Pride and the tenacity of the human spirit, and we'll pray for the safety and well-being of our family that live in fear or in hiding, threatened with beatings or worse if they speak up for their right to love.   

It will also be a time for us to remind ourselves that to love is holy, and that we who fight for the right to love are doing sacred work .  

Also, join us to march with meaning, celebrating Pride, and resistance to those who would roll back our rights in the name of religion.  We'll hora, we'll schmooze, we'll sing as we march to show our support for justice and for the power of love. After the parade, join us at our booth for socializing with folks and sharing what Temple Sinai has to offer.
Want Our Prayer Book on your Tablet or Kindle?

For some of you, the prayer book (Siddur) and the High Holy Day prayer books  (Machzor) are too heavy, or have print that is difficult to read.  In the future,  we will have some kindles ready in the Sanctuary, but for now,  you should feel free to buy the Kindle books at Amazon and download them to your own device and bring them to services. Here are links for your convenience:
H igh Holy Day Opportunites

We will be having our folks that play Ukulele leading a song at Rock Shabbat on Sept 7 and on Rosh HaShanah Evening.  If you are interested, (beginners welcome!) join us at 6:00pm on Sunday, September 2 to do a little practicing of "Wonderful World"  and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  Please RSVP to Rabbi Edleson if you are interested.

On Sunday, September 2, at 5:00pm,  Rabbi Edleson will have an informal "practice" for anyone wanting to learn the tunes to the chants and songs we will be singing together on the High Holy Days. This is NOT choir, but a way for you to be able to participate more in services and enjoy singing with other people. You will be learning mostly the traditional songs and chants that are sung in synagogues throughout North America.  The practice will be around 45 minutes.  You will learn: Avinu Malkeinu, Areshet S'fateinu, Ki Anu Amecha, V'Al Kulam, Ashamnu, and others--so join us!

Greeters always have a key role in making sure all who come to Temple Sinai feel welcome and appreciated. This is especially true this year with our "No Ticket Required" High Holy Day Services and our new rabbi. If you like to schmooze and welcome people, consider being a greeter for  the holidays. You would help Sinai connect with new people, welcome them, and give them any information they might need. This is a key way to help build our community.  If you would be interested, please contact Bruce Hicken.
2018-19 Religious School Year

Temple Sinai's Religious School Registration is now open.  Parents, please click the Registration Button, log in to ChaverWeb, and click the School Button.  You will be asked to pay the $100 book and materials fee for each child that you register. If you have any questions or issues logging in, please contact the Temple Office.

All students who plan to attend in the 2018-2019 Religious School year must register online no later than Wednesday, September 12 to avoid a late fee--SO REGISTER TODAY !

First day of Religious School is
 Thursday, September 13

Service Planning

The Temple Sinai Brotherhood is in the early stages of planning a Friday Night service for November 16.  (SAVE-THE-DATE!)   The goal is a different kind of service, one that explores some issues of relationships between genders in our modern world, using humor, song, story and prayer.  If you would be interested in helping to plan the service, (you don't have to be a member of brotherhood to help plan!) please be in touch with Tim Cope.  This is a great way to get involved, have some fun with others in our community, and use your creativity to create new forms of service to address the issues in our lives.   We'll set up a time to work on it once we have a sense of who is interested. 

Are you willing to host a Shabbat Dinner?

One key way of creating community is eating together in one another's homes. Studies shows that the connections made in homes are more lasting, and help people feel part of a community. To that end,  Rabbi Edleson is wanting to find (at least) 12 people who are willing to have 8-12 people come to their homes for Shabbat dinner during the upcoming year. Here's how it would work:  The host would invite 2-3 people they know well and are comfortable with, and then the Temple would arrange for another 4-5 people to join you; these could be old members, new members, prospective members, Hillel students, etc. You would light candles, say a short kiddush and motzi, and then enjoy one another's company.  It's also a guilt-free pass on services that night!   If you are willing to host such a dinner, or want more information, please let Michael know.
Does This Interest You?

We have heard from several members that they would like to study for an Adult Bar/Bar Mitzvah. This is an excellent way to become more connected, confident, capable in your Jewish life, and who doesn't need a celebration in this difficult times. Rabbi Edleson and Judy would like to start a class for this after the High Holy Days, so if you are interested, please let Michael know! They are very excited to start working with you!


Jewish History Study Group
Wednesdays | 11:00am

Our Jewish History Study Group is currently reading the book, The Jewish Contribution to the Modern World. It  is details the the stories of extraordinary post-emancipation, Jewish participation in the shaping of 20th and 21st Century civilization. The book explores an impressive array of Jewish talent and creativity. Award-winning journalist, Joe King of Montreal, profiles some 250 brilliant Jews, spelling out the immense and disproportionate influence they have had on shaping the world in which we live.

Due to the expense of the book, copies have been purchased to share during the class sessions.  Please join in this time of study, discussion, and socializing.
Anniversaries & Birthdays
Join us in wishing them a wonderful day and many more!


    August 28 ~ Lori Fisher & Bennett Rose

    August 29 ~ Laura & Marc Kamhi

    August 30 ~ Dianne & Steven Schreer

September 3 ~ Karen & Jared Larrow

September 3 ~ Susan & Victor Zimmerman









    August 28 ~ Connor Wright

    August 28 ~ Russell Wright

September 2 ~ Benjamin Birnbaum

September 2 ~ Jakob Birnbaum

September Birthdays Celebration
Oneg |  Friday, September 21

September BIRTHDAYS!

Mark your calendars, and join us Friday, September 21, after the 6:30pm worship, for a special Pre-Oneg in honor of your birthday. 

No need to RSVP,
just come for some cake  and to CELEBRATE!
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Interfaith Connection Cafe'

Thursday, August 30 | 6:00pm

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Mission Statement
We are a diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive community of Jews and interfaith families.  We joyfully embrace Judaism as a way of life through prayer, music, social action, celebrating Jewish holidays, lifelong learning, and life cycle events.  Through these activities, we seek to promote spiritual growth, moral values, and the social welfare of our community.
Vision Statement
Temple Sinai strives to be a joyful, energetic, accepting, innovative, caring, and accessible faith community.  We choose to practice and teach Jewish traditions in our community, so that Jews and Judaism will continue to flourish, both in Vermont and in an ever-changing world.  We believe that support for a safe and prosperous State of Israel is an important part of our Jewish identity.