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  • Happy 99th, Nancy
  • TEST: Challenges for clean indoor air
O God, whose blessed Son came into the world that he might destroy the works of the devil and make us children of God and heirs of eternal life: Grant that, having this hope, we may purify ourselves as he is pure; that, when he comes again with power and great glory, we may be made like him in his eternal and glorious kingdom; where he lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
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Sunday, November 8, 2020
Twenty-Third Sunday
after Pentecost
10:30 a.m. – Holy Baptism with Holy Communion

The Liturgy of the Word


  • Pre-service: Trumpet in Dialogue (Clérambault)
  • Musical Offering: “Grace” (Mark Hayes) Trinity Choir, directed by Doug Lawrence
  • Post-service: Congregational Hymn 436 Lift up your heads; "O God beyond All Praising" (Aaron David Miller); "Amazing Grace!" (George Shearing)

Livestream link:

View the complete lectionary readings at www.lectionarypage.net

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
7 p.m. – Evening Prayer

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Upcoming Event: Children's Sunday School
Date: Sunday, Nov. 8
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: Livestream
Description: Susan Hires leads lessons and activities. Join us on our Facebook page. 

Upcoming Event: Holy Baptism with Holy Communion
Date: Sunday, Nov. 8
Time: 10:30 a.m.
Location: In person & Livestream
Description: Join your fellow Trinitarians online or in person for worship and music. Preregistration is required as seating is limited, Sign up for in person at this link.

Upcoming Event: Anchor Women
Date: Tuesday, Nov. 10
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Description: A community of women of various ages and backgrounds share thoughts, stories, highlights, fun and laughter. For more information reach out to

Upcoming Event: Friendship Circle
Date: Wednesday, Nov. 11
Time: 4 p.m.
Location: Zoom
Description: The Friendship Circle welcomes those who are widowed, divorced or single, or who are seeking friendship from parishioners. If you would like to join us, please contact Susan Ralston at sralston@sunflower.com for an invitation. All are welcome.

Upcoming Event: Evening Prayer
Date: November 11
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Livestream
Description: Join Vashti and David for Evening Prayer each week.
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From the Rector's Desk...

For a week that began with the celebration of life of our beloved deacon Rita Tracy and has ended with, well it really hasn’t ended, it has been a good time to remind myself of how even in the midst of chaos, uncertainty, and perhaps sadness, the love of God remains steady and strong, and the manifestation of that love in the community of the saints that is the Church continues to be present as well.

One of my favorite passages about the Church is Matthew 16:17 , which occurs after Peter takes a bit of a risk in answering Jesus’ question about who the disciples think he really is. Peter says “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” And Jesus replies “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven. And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

It’s easy to imagine legions of demons battering away at a church door and the door remaining upright, but there are two things to remember: first, the church that Jesus is talking about building is not a structure, but a human community. And second, it is that human community that is the one doing the battering against the gates of hell. The notion is not that the church will always remain “as safe as houses,” as they say, but rather that faithful disciples will always be able to overcome evil in the end. This is not because of our own implicit power, but rather by the unceasing care and support of our loving God.

Another source that my spirit has harkened back to is an old familiar hymn. Like so many of you, I miss singing together on a deep and spiritual level (but I also know and respect why that is the case). But in my own heart a hymn that has been “The King of love my Shepherd is.” The opening verse tells the whole story:

The King of love my Shepherd is,
  Whose goodness faileth never;
I nothing lack if I am His,
  And He is mine forever.

In other news, I have been asked by many how often we will be doing in-person worship from here on out. My intention is to do in-person worship every Sunday until the intensity of the pandemic increases to a point where that is no longer safe. The bishop just this week crafted guidelines for her own benchmarks of safety, but also affirmed that locations may choose to be more cautious than her guidelines are. As such, I have been in conversation with the Vestry about our own sense of what is safe and unsafe using reliable scientific metrics such as test positivity rates and cases per 100,000 in the county. In the meantime we will be limited seating in the nave to approximately 1/10th of its max capacity, so thirty people (plus the altar party). We will continue to insist on masks for the entirety of the service, limit entry and exit paths, and do temperature and symptom screening. We are using an online registration form, the link to which does not change week to week.  You can click the same link and be able to register for multiple services.  While we have not had a situation where we have more registrations than seating, we do ask people to engage in some consideration for the possibility of having more people interested and not reserve for too many in advance, but rather check on availability later in the week.

In addition, we will be doing an online broadcast of our services on our Facebook page, with links to services on our website as well, so for all those who are not comfortable attending in person can continue to be present as well. As always, please be patient with us as we continue to climb the learning curve on this new method of worship.

And thanks again for all that you do, in your homes, your places of work, your community, and this parish to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob+
Please Pledge Online or Return Pledge Cards

You can now make your 2021 pledge online – or stick with mailing it. Either way, please get your pledge in.

The online pledge link is:

You can also return your 2021 pledge card in the addressed envelope provided. If you haven't received it in the mail, please contact the church office.
  • call the church at 785-843-6166,
  • send email to finance@trinitylawrence.orgor
  • drop a line by USPS to 1011 Vermont Street, Lawrence, KS 66044.

The annual pledge drive is vital for Trinity's continued success in serving the community and its parishioners. We are continuing in-person Holy Eucharist Sunday services, and our community outreach continues with the Lawrence schools learning pod, Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry and other services. Your pledge helps Trinity continue its mission.

Join in, whenever and wherever you can. And please remember that Trinity needs your support.
Prayer Chain

To add a person's name to the prayer list or to become a prayer chain member, please contact the parish office... Prayers... or call 785-843-6166; or Carol Hatton, Prayer Chain coordinator at (caroldonhatton@gmail.com).

The Prayer Chain prays daily for those who are ill, suffering or troubled; who have died; or who wish to offer praise and thanksgivings. Prayer Chain members find that their own private prayer life with God also deepens during this daily practice.

Pray for those who need healing: D.J., Kathie, Sigrid, Eleanor, Vashti, Brian, Kim, Melanie, Donald, Chris, Ian,
Rob J., Brian, Doug, Arianna, Sharon, Susan, Stephanie, Emily, Brandon

Pray for those with special circumstance: the Tracy family, Jose, Becky, Martha, Shirley, Nathan, Heather, Arenth-Myers family, Jim

Pray for those in the hospital: Charles, Stephanie, Georgette

Pray for the departed: Samantha Owens
We would like to know about hospitalizations, illnesses or special needs you are experiencing. Please call Father Rob, Deacon Deborah Burns, the Church office or a Vestry member so that we can help.
Happy Birthday Nancy

One of Trinity's longtime members, Nancy Kaul, will celebrate her 99th birthday on Friday, Nov. 6. She hasn't been able to attend church for some time but now watches every week online.
Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry

Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry (TIFP) was open nine days in October and served 262 households. So far in 2020, the food pantry has been open 84 days and has served 2,380 households.
The total expense in October for food purchased locally and through Harvesters was $1,460.70 and the total retail equivalent value of all food provided this month was $5,502. Each grocery bag of food has a retail value of $21.

Our patrons receive one bag of pre-bagged food along with a bag of cold food. TIFP provides food to any person requesting food with no requirements. About 50% of our patrons walk or ride their bikes to the food pantry and the remainder drive cars.

TIFP continues to give all food to our patrons outside the Matthews Center by Trinity Church, and volunteers use face masks and equipment sanitizing practices.

Volunteers with Mobile Food Distribution (through Harvesters) served households in 125 cars on Saturday, Oct. 24, at First Baptist Church. TIFP volunteers and friends served along with other volunteers from Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, First Baptist Church, Salvation Army, and the Boy Scouts.

The food pantry continues to be grateful to members of all partner churches for the continuing and generous support with money, service and prayer to our ministry of giving food to people in need.

Send monetary contributions (bank check) with TIFP Food noted in the check’s memo line:

Trinity Episcopal Church
1027 Vermont Street
Lawrence, KS 66044

Or you may make a donation using this Donation button.
A Special Tribute to Veterans

Every year the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics has “A Tribute to Veterans” in honor of Military Veterans and their family and friends. This event is completely free and open to public (whether you are a veteran or not). It is attended by over 300 guests. We turn the Dole Institute into a USO Hall and have dinner and dancing to live music provided by The Moonlight Serenade Orchestra. 
This year, we regret that our event will be virtual on Sunday November 8 from 6 to 7 p.m. It will not be the same event, but for our thirteenth year, we hope to make it special with Tributes to Veterans by KU ROTC Army, KU ROTC Naval, and KU ROTC Air Force and special guests showing their gratitude to those who serve or have served our country. This event is free and live-streamed on our YouTube Channel or on our website: www.doleinstitute.org.
earth from space
TEST Tidbits: 
Monitoring Indoor Air in Your Home

The quality of our outdoor air has been getting much attention – especially because of recent, raging wildfires – but we also should be concerned about the quality of our indoor air. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased our wish to disinfect all surfaces and keep the dreaded virus away from our families. As we use more and more cleaning products with harsh chemicals, we could be solving one problem, but causing another, especially as we go into winter when folks will have less access to fresh air. 

Besides harsh chemicals, there are other sources of bad indoor air:
  • bad air and smoke from outdoors;  
  • particulates from cooking at home;  
  • mold and mildew in houseplants, bathroom surfaces and corners; 
  • pet hair, dander and occasional accidents (not my pet, of course); 
  • cooking with a gas stove;  
  • newer furniture and plastic shower curtain liners.  

To see what can we do to make our indoor air less toxic and better for our lungs, go to the www.ewig.org website. Check out products you use and find safer alternatives that still work. 

A lot of the solution comes down to good housekeeping. Vacuum often, mop hard surfaces frequently (warm water and vinegar is a good cleaner), refrain from overuse of harsh bleach-containing products and be sure to ventilate if you use them – here’s a link to the full TEST article for alternatives, and for other tips in keeping your household air clean. 

Just do not buy dryer sheets – they can be endocrine disruptors. The full TEST article has a natural DIY dryer sheet project. Plants will help keep your indoor air clean – but they need to be tended carefully to prevent mold, and www.wikihow.com tells how to treat your houseplants for mold. 

Earth Steward Action: Check your home for any indoor air problems.

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Our Distance Learning Pod Needs Your Support

You may have read in the paper that the USD 497 hybrid plan starts Nov. 9. This means that we still need your help to keep the pod running. It is fun and enjoyable work helping the kids during their art time or supervising recess – a way that we can help others in need and provide a helping hand to our future leaders.

If you can help on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday from 12:30 p.m. for about four hours, please contact Linda McCoy via email (tomlinmccoy@gmail.com) or phone 785-550-6743.
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Vestry Meetings

The scheduled Vestry meetings are:

Dec. 7, Jan. 4

Meetings are open to all and are being held on Zoom at this time. The minutes of each meeting are posted to the church bulletin board and Trinity Vestry Minutes. Your Vestry can be contacted at vestry@trinitylawrence.org

Minutes through August have been added to our website.
Ministry Opportunities

Thursday, Nov. 5
9 p.m., Tea and Compline at Canterbury House – Livestream

Friday, Nov. 6
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray

Saturday, Nov. 7
Becker Baptism
9 a.m., Organ Practice
10 a.m., Food Pantry

Sunday, Nov. 8
Sposato Baptism
9:30 a.m., Trinity Children's Sunday SchoolLivestream
10:30 a.m., Holy Baptism with Holy Communion, with Livestream

Monday, Nov. 9
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray

Tuesday, Nov. 10
1 p.m., Food Pantry
6:30 p.m., Trinity Anchor Women

Wednesday, Nov. 11
Veterans Day
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray
4 p.m., Friendship Circle – Zoom
7 p.m., Evening Prayer – Livestream

Thursday, Nov. 12
9 p.m., Tea and Compline at Canterbury House – Livestream

Friday, Nov. 13
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray

Saturday, Nov. 14
9 a.m., Organ Practice
10 a.m., Food Pantry

Sunday, Nov. 15
Discretionary Sunday
9:30 a.m., Trinity Children's Sunday SchoolLivestream
10:30 a.m., Holy Eucharist with Livestream
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Donna Griffin, Clerk, ‘22 785-865-6039
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Cristian Sauciuc, Treasurer

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