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  • Fr. Rob: What we gain from seeking forgiveness
Set us free, O God, from the bondage of our sins, and give us the liberty of that abundant life which you have made known to us in your Son our Savior Jesus Christ; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
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Sunday, February 7, 2021
Fifth Sunday after
the Epiphany
10:30 a.m. – Holy Eucharist Rite Two

The Liturgy of the Word


  • Prelude: St. Denio (“Immortal, Invisible, God only wise”) (Percy Whitlock)
  • Offertory: "In Christ There is No East or West” (Dale Wood)
  • Post-service: Congregational hymn 529: In Christ there is no East or West (John Oxenham, McKee); Concerto No. 2 in E Major: I. Allegro (J.S. Bach) Noah Luke, violin

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021
7 p.m. – Evening Prayer

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Upcoming Event: Children's Sunday School
Date: Sunday, Feb. 7
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: Livestream
Description: Susan Hires leads lessons and activities. Join us at this link: Livestream

Upcoming Event: Holy Eucharist
Date: Sunday, Feb. 7
Time: 10:30 a.m.
Location: Webstream
Description: Join your fellow Trinitarians online for worship and music at this link

Upcoming Event: Extended Table Eucharist
Date: Sunday, Feb. 7
Time: 1 p.m.
Location: Trinity parking lot and by home delivery
Description: See full item

Upcoming Event: Anchor Women
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 9
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Zoom
Description: A community of women of various ages and backgrounds share thoughts, stories, highlights, fun and laughter. For more information reach out by email to

Upcoming Event: Friendship Circle
Date: Wednesday, Feb. 10
Time: 4 p.m.
Location: Zoom
Description: The Friendship Circle welcomes those who are widowed, divorced or single, or who are seeking friendship from parishioners. If you would like to join us, please contact Susan Ralston at sralston@sunflower.com for an invitation. All are welcome.

Upcoming Event: Evening Prayer
Date: Wednesday, Feb. 10
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Livestream
Description: Join Vashti and David for Evening Prayer each week at this link
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From the Rector's Desk...

I saw a meme on Facebook recently that said that most apologies can be translated as “are you done being mad yet?”

As I mentioned last week, I am encouraging people to consider using their Lenten discipline as an opportunity to seek forgiveness from someone that they have hurt. In last Sunday’s sermon I suggested that people first find a core group of people to provide guidance and support for this process.

But I also think that it is important to set aside one goal that you might have in seeking someone else’s forgiveness: the hope that the other person will address your own emotional distress. To put it simply, you cannot insist, or even hope, that the offended person feels better about what happened to alleviate your own guilt, remorse, or discomfort at the situation. Part of experiencing the truth of what has happened means living with your own consequences, even if it does not meet what you hope to happen. Adding to that burden of your initial offense the task of the other person managing your emotions is neither fair nor loving.

There is hope, though. In seeking forgiveness, we are supported and nurtured by God.  As Proverbs says, “Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will gain mercy.” (Prov 17:9) Even if that mercy doesn’t come from the person you offended, our heavenly Creator will provide you mercy in the knowledge and confidence that you have done what needed to be done – for yourself, for the offended, and for God.

It would be nice to experience a reconciliation, a renewal of relationship, and the succor of moving a painful episode to the past. But it cannot be expected, nor demanded, but there is comfort to be found in the spiritual journey that you are on.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob+
Family Promise
Family Promise Rotation

Our normal rotation model of sheltering families has changed due to COVID-19. We are currently sheltering several families in-place, outside of the congregational setting, and we anticipate this will continue for the foreseeable future.

We ask that, as you are able, provide cash to F.P.L. to purchase grocery cards or groceries, as appropriate to specific needs, to be distributed to the families to supplement their grocery budgets and SNAP benefits. A range of $200-$300 in total per hosting rotation week (not per family) would be sufficient to help cover this expense of food each week.

Donations can be made at St. Margaret's Family Promise online donation link.

Family Roster for this week:
two families in shelter

James (dad), Haylie (mom) and Josie(1) Food Allergies: none

Jordan (mom), Jishaun (17), Aziah (2) and Ariyah (11 mo).
   Food Allergies: none
Ash Cross
Ash Wednesday Services

This year’s Ash Wednesday service on Feb. 17 will be held using a socially distanced and safe model. On the Sunday prior, Feb. 14, will we be in the parking lot from 1-2 p.m. handing out small packets of ash.

Packets can also be picked up Monday through Wednesday of that week during Church office hours (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.). If you cannot make it down, we can deliver to your home if you call the Church office at 785-843-6166.

There will be two services on Ash Wednesday: a live Zoom-based service at noon, and a Facebook broadcast at 7 p.m. If you wish to participate we are encouraging you to either impose the ashes upon yourself or ask someone you can be in close contact with (e.g., a family member) to impose them for you.
Trinity's Automated Group Voice Messages

Have you been receiving Fr. Rob’s voice messages by phone? If not and you'd like to receive calls relating to current happenings at our Church, please email directory@trinitylawrence.org .
Prayer Chain

To add a person's name to the prayer list or to become a prayer chain member, please contact the parish office... Prayers... or call 785-843-6166; or Carol Hatton, Prayer Chain coordinator at (caroldonhatton@gmail.com).

The Prayer Chain prays daily for those who are ill, suffering or troubled; who have died; or who wish to offer praise and thanksgivings. Prayer Chain members find that their own private prayer life with God also deepens during this daily practice.

Pray for those who need healing: Gretchen, Melinda, Gracia, Lisa, Cal, Carol, Hunter,
Alan, Jeni, Melinda

Pray for those with special circumstance: Phil, the Van Schmus family, Brian, Melinda,
Jennifer, the Domer family, Elaine, Kent, Steve, Fanny, Jack, Jeanne, Phil

Prayers for the departed: Brian Van Schmus, John McCoyne, Paul Kincaid, Bill James, Shirley Domer
We would like to know about hospitalizations, illnesses or special needs you are experiencing. Please call Fr. Rob, Deacon Deborah Burns, the Church office or a Vestry member so that we can help.
Extended Table Eucharist

Going forward during the lockdown on the first Sunday of each month, Trinity is offering Holy Communion packets at 1 p.m. in our parking lot. We also understand that some are not able to travel to Trinity, so our Lay Eucharist Visitors will be offering home delivery of the consecrated packets that afternoon. We will leave a bag with the Communion packet on your front door and knock, verifying you retrieved the bag. If there isn’t anyone at home, we will retrieve the packet.

For those in retirement centers, we will leave the bag with the receptionist and then call later to make sure you have received the elements.

If you would like this service, please email Deacon Debbie Burns at deboreil@aol.com.
Forward Day by Day booklets for February to April are available in the Church office at this time. If you cannot make it in, we can deliver a copy to you. Just call the Church at 785-843-6166.

Let it be part of your daily life whenever you take time to pray and meditate. Contemplate the passage of scripture. Then see the connection to the other passages referred to. Read the mediation and perhaps make your own. Pray for the people of the diocese for the day. Imagine how those Anglicans are praying. Does Moving Forward help complete your day?

You can also sign up to receive a Daily Prayer at forwarddaybyday.ccsend.com.
earth from space
TEST Tidbits: 
Maintaining Important Official Contacts

Because we live in a representative democracy, keeping those who represent us in making and carrying out policies is of the utmost importance. Voting is the best way to see that we have in place well qualified, fair-minded, honest and solution-oriented individuals. 

For ways to make sure our wishes are heard and considered, and for a listing of contact information for elected officials, follow this link.

Earth steward action: Be sure to save this guide and be active in communicating with your elected officials. Take advantage of this basic right of citizenship

Sources: A member of our TEST Team, Paul Jefferson, supplied this list for your ease in communication.
New Junior Warden,
New Website

Junior and senior wardens. The Trinity Vestry selected Donna Griffin to serve as junior warden for 2021. The junior warden oversees maintenance of the church buildings and all their systems, such as heating and cooling. Donna is also clerk of the Vestry. She takes over for Richard Lungstrum who was junior warden for 2020. 

Fr. Rob announced that he will keep Steve King in his position as senior warden; Steve began serving in 2020 and was previously senior warden in 2017. 

Website redesign. Melissa Hill gave the Vestry an extensive tour of the parish’s updated website, which she hopes to have ready by mid-February. (It’s not publicly visible yet.) There were some suggestions, along with a healthy measure of praise for the clean and straightforward visual design and organization. She and her husband, Jacob Burch, have been working on the new site for several months, in concert with Camille Olcese and the communication committee. 

Housing allowance. The Vestry approved Fr. Rob’s housing allowance for the coming year. The $30,000 payment is a budgeted item that is part of his contract. It has remained the same for several years. 

New vestry. This was the first Vestry meeting for the new members who attended: April Dwyer, Andrew Hoyt, Susan Ralston and Cheryl Wagner. Phil McKnight was unable to attend. Fr. Rob announced that, after a review of the online and mail-in ballots of last month’s election, Eric Ryan will serve as the standby member should anyone on Vestry be unable to complete their term. 

Save the Dates

Extended Table Eucharist
Sunday, Feb. 7, 1 p.m.
Trinity parking lot

Ash Wednesday Services
Wednesday, Feb. 17,
Noon and 7 p.m.

Adult Forum during Lent
Starts Monday Feb. 22, 7 to 8 p.m.
"Sacred Ground'
Vestry Meetings

The scheduled Vestry meetings are:

March 1, April 5, May 3

Meetings are open to all and are being held on Zoom at this time. The minutes of each meeting are posted to the church bulletin board and Trinity Vestry Minutes. Your Vestry can be contacted at vestry@trinitylawrence.org

Minutes through November have been added to our website. Financials through December are also added.
Services Begin
at Meadowlark

Fr. Rob has begun saying prayers and giving a homily at the Meadowlark Estates retirement community in Lawrence on the third Sunday afternoon of each month. Meadowlark is an independent living facility located at 4430 Bauer Farm Drive. 

Services at Brandon Woods at Alvamar, which have been conducted once a month for several years, remain suspended by the pandemic.
Reminder that articles for our newsletter should be sent to corner@trinitylawrence.org by noon Wednesday each week.

Our newsletters are available on our website and Facebook page.
Ministry Opportunities

Thursday, Feb. 4
9 p.m., Tea and Compline at Canterbury House – Livestream

Friday, Feb. 5
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray

Saturday, Feb. 6
9 a.m., Organ Practice
10 a.m., Food Pantry

Sunday, Feb. 7
9:30 a.m., Trinity Children's Sunday SchoolLivestream
10:30 a.m., Morning Prayer – Webstream
1 p.m., Extended Table Eucharist - Church parking lot

Monday, Feb. 8
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray

Tuesday, Feb. 9
1 p.m., Food Pantry
6:30 p.m., Trinity Anchor Women – Zoom

Wednesday, Feb. 10
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray
4 p.m., Friendship Circle – Zoom
7 p.m., Evening Prayer – Livestream

Thursday, Feb. 11
9 p.m., Tea and Compline at Canterbury House – Livestream

Friday, Feb. 12
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray

Saturday, Feb. 13
9 a.m., Organ Practice
10 a.m., Food Pantry

Sunday, Feb. 14
9:30 a.m., Trinity Children's Sunday SchoolLivestream
10:30 a.m., Morning Prayer – Webstream
1 p.m., Distribution of Ash Packets - Church Parking Lot
Trinity Vestry 2021
Rob Baldwin, Rector 785-424-4312
Steve King '21, Senior Warden 913-645-3135
Donna Griffin, Junior Warden & Clerk, '22 785-865-6039
Betsi Anderson '21 785-843-9083
Phil McKnight '21 785-842-4872
Camille Olcese '21 620-704-4180
John Broholm '22 785-766-7002
Linda McCoy '22 785-550-6743
Bill Perkins ‘22 785-331-4401
April Dwyer '23 620-326-1848
Andrew Hoyt '23 785-312-4841
Susan Ralston '23 785 331-9703
Cheryl Wagner '23 785-840-6253
Cristian Sauciuc, Treasurer

1011 Vermont St. Lawrence, Kansas 66044
Office closed due to stay at home
Facebook @TrinityLawrenceKS
Twitter @trinity_kansas