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Grant, O merciful God, that your Church, being gathered together in unity by your Holy Spirit, may show forth your power among all peoples, to the glory of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
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Sunday, August 23, 2020
Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
10:30 a.m.
Morning Prayer

The Liturgy of the Word

  • Pre-service: Bunessan ("Morning Has Broken") (Alan Bullard)
  • Musical Offering: "I Need Thee Every Hour" (John Ness Beck/Craig Courtney), Doug Lawrence, soloist
  • Post-service: Congregational Hymn 427, When morning guilds the skies (Robert Seymour Bridges, Laudes Domini); "My Lord, What a Morning" (Raymond Haan); Carillon (Herbert Murrill)

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View the complete lectionary readings at www.lectionarypage.net

Wednesday, August 26, 2020
7 p.m. - Evening Prayer

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Upcoming Event: Adult Forum
Date: Thursday, Aug. 20
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Livestream
Description: Join your fellow Trinitarians for a discussion with artist, teacher and Trinity Church member Anne Patterson. You may of seen her around town with her English teapot or Trinity Church outfits. Join the discussion and enjoy the energy and excitement she brings to us all. https://www.facebook.com/pg/TrinityLawrenceKS/

Upcoming Event: Children's Sunday School
Date: Sunday, Aug. 23
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: Livestream
Description: Susan Hires leads lessons and activities. Join us on on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pg/TrinityLawrenceKS/

Upcoming Event: Morning Prayer
Date: Sunday, Aug. 23
Time: 10:30 a.m.
Location: Livestream
Description: Join your fellow Trinitarians online for worship and music.

Upcoming Event: Coffee Hour
Date: Sunday, August 23
Time: Following our Music
Location: Zoom
Description: Coffee Hour will start right after our ending music selection. Join your fellow Trinitarians via Zoom for a virtual gathering at noon each Sunday.
Participants can hang out together, chat, or create a "breakout room" to converse with friends.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 862 5740 5215
Passcode: 596584

One tap mobile
+12532158782,,86257405215#,,,,,,0#,,596584# US (Tacoma)
+13462487799,,86257405215#,,,,,,0#,,596584# US (Houston)

Upcoming Event: Anchor Women
Date: Tuesday, Aug. 25
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Zoom
Description: A community of women of various ages and backgrounds share thoughts, stories, highlights, fun and laughter. For more information reach out to Patti Anderson (patti6of7@gmail.com) or Mary Perkins (mlperk59@gmail.com).

Upcoming Event: Children's Story Time with Susan
Date: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 10 a.m.
Location: Livestream
Description: Susan Hires reads picture books and great children's literature, and explores crafts and beekeeping.

Upcoming Event: Friendship Circle
Date: Wednesday, Aug. 26
Time: 4 p.m.
Location: Zoom
Description: The Friendship Circle welcomes those who are widowed, divorced or single, or who are seeking friendship from parishioners. If you would like to join us, please contact Susan Ralston at sralston@sunflower.com for an invitation. All are welcome.

Upcoming Event: Evening Prayer
Date: Wednesday, Aug. 26
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Livestream
Description: Join us for Evening Prayer each week.

Upcoming Event: Adult Forum
Date: Thursday, Aug. 27
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Livestream
Description: Join your fellow Trinitarians for exploration of faith issues.
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From the Rector's Desk...

The mason had been working all day in the sun and the heat rebuilding the brick wall of the church next door. While not the hottest day of the week, it wasn't the coolest either. As I was leaving for the day, he was still at work, although he had briefly ducked into the church building for one reason or another.

While inside, a couple walked down the alley. It is appropriate to not judge books by their cover, but if the cover is showing a lot of damage it is fair to assume it has had a rough time. The couple, a man and a woman, looked like they had been through a lot. They paused by the brick wall, noticed the garden hose with the spray nozzle that the mason had been using to keep the dust down, and the man furtively grabbed the hoses end and quickly sprayed himself and the woman across their exposed arms and legs.

Just then, the mason returned from inside, and the man quickly dropped the hose and began apologizing profusely. "Hey, if you are hot," the mason said, "there's a cooler in the back of my truck with bottles of water in it. Help yourself."

The couple went to the cooler and took two bottles of water and went on their way.

I went up to the mason and said as I was driving away and said, "That was a really good thing you did just then."

"It is what we Christians do, am I right?" he replied.

It is indeed. I think that as we continue to find ways to navigate this unprecedented time, moments of pure, foundational love and kindness are the stepping stones across that turbulent river. For a bricklayer building a church, it is what we do.

Fr. Rob+
A Noteworthy Birthday

One of Trinity's longtime members, Eleanor Symons, will celebrate her 95th birthday on Aug. 30. You can help make her day very special by sending her a birthday card. Her address is 

Eleanor Symons
Brandon Woods
4720 Brandon Woods Terr
Lawrence, KS 66047
VBS is Open

VBS for all ages will remain available as a google classroom throughout the summer. 

Access the classroom via Google. com and type in your account info. Click on "find a classroom" and type in one of the codes.

Remember: your child can mix and match activities to suit them. You can access any classroom, regardless of age. Adults can feel free to join the 16+ group as well! You only need to log on to a classroom once, then it will always be available through your google account. The codes are:

Ages 4-10 Class Code: 7dbwrzi
Ages 11-15 Class Code: rcwgrtt
Ages 16 and Up Class Code: jtpnvnz

Once in a classroom, click on "classwork" to see all the topics. Then, start with Week 1 and make your way through! Most importantly, have fun! If you want an intro for each classroom, click on "stream" and there is a short video introducing the VBS.

If you do not have access to a home computer, device, or internet, please contact the Trinity church office at 783-843-6166. We can print out activities, crafts, stories, etc. and mail them to you. 

If you have any questions, please email Rachel Schwaller at VBS@trinitylawrence.org
Prayer Chain

To add a person's name to the prayer list or to become a prayer chain member, please contact the parish office... Prayers... or call 785-843-6166; or Carol Hatton, Prayer Chain coordinator (caroldonhatton@gmail.com).

The Prayer Chain prays daily for those who are ill, suffering or troubled; who have died; or who wish to offer praise and thanksgivings. Prayer Chain members find that their own private prayer life with God also deepens during this daily practice.

Pray for those who need healing: D.J., Melissa, Robert, Sigrid, Eleanor, Matt, Mary Megan.

Pray for those with special circumstance: Anne, Fritz, Rob and family, Abbie, Joseph, Jennifer, Rylee, John, Christina, the Smith family.

Pray for those in the hospital: Dashle.

Pray for the departed: Jacque Alstatt, Cheryl Estes, Sharon Cinelli, Terry Fewel, John Wilkinson, Robert Pringle Sr., Nathan Penny, Bishop Bob Shahan, Phyllis Attocknie, Bill Honeycutt, Burgess Tapedo
We would like to know about hospitalizations, illnesses or special needs you are experiencing. Please call Fr. Rob, Deacon Deborah Burns, the Church office or a Vestry member so that we can help.
Keeping the Livestream Alive

The excellent Internet livestream of Trinity’s Sunday morning services needs your help. It’s a remarkably good production, done on a shoestring with minimal personnel. As a television news professional, I’m impressed every week. The livestream is vital—it’s our only way of gathering to worship together under pandemic restrictions and it will stay vital after we expand the congregation in the nave. However, we can’t continue doing it this way.  Let me run through the reasons.
When we bring more worshipers together physically – with, of course, prudent physical distancing – a significant segment of the congregation will not return to Sunday services immediately, according to last June’s parish survey. That includes me, being in the high risk for COVID-19 population along with an immediate family member. To serve those parishioners, the livestream needs to continue indefinitely. It could and probably should become a permanent feature.
Fr. Rob and Mandy Baldwin are using their own phones and computer, plus a tripod and light that they have purchased.  This is already an imposition and completely unacceptable for the longer term and cannot continue.
The parish must step in and provide the equipment for livestreaming. That means a modest – and unbudgeted – expense. The Vestry has authorized an outlay of $3,000. A new computer for switching video and putting it online is now in service, and cameras are on order.
Many Trinitarians are under financial pressure because of the pandemic sequestration, so it’s a “tough ask” for donations right now yet please consider the enormous, continuing benefit the livestream provides to all of us in the parish.
You can contribute to Staying Connected two ways:
  • Visit the Trinity home page http://trinitylawrence.org/, click the blue “Make a Donation” button, and select “Staying Connected Campaign,” or 
  • Send a check with “Staying Connected” in the memo line to Trinity Episcopal Church, 1027 Vermont St., Lawrence, KS 66044. 
Someday, we’ll all be back together. Until then, may the Holy Spirit be with you and may you stay safe and healthy. Finally, don’t forget the livestream, our worship lifeline.
John Broholm
Trinity Vestry

earth from space
TEST Tidbits: Plastic Pollution Increases During the Pandemic

The pandemic continues to affect our everyday lives in so many ways. Thousands are still getting ill and some dying. We know that our medical staff and aids need protective masks, gloves, and equipment, and essential workers need protection. The rest of us must do all we can to not add to the plastic load. 

Yes, we do need a “circular economy” that considers the whole lifecycle of products. We need better waste management systems as developing countries are no longer willing to sort our trash. Before the pandemic, 8 million tons of plastic found its way to our ocean each year. In recent months, 129 billion masks and 65 billion plastic gloves have been produced – many are being tossed without thought for human heath or the health of the ocean. 

Businesses are taking advantage of cheaper oil and gas (less driving) to produce new plastic products. We are, according to ocean conservation groups, well on our way to a 30% increase in plastic pollution over 2019 numbers. To make matters worse, some cities are making cuts to recycling centers – they just are running out of money. 

Now is the time for ordinary citizens to step up and show others that we can be good Earth Stewards – even in the face of a pandemic and economic distress. If society fails to act on reducing plastic pollution in the oceans – by 2050 there many be more plastic by weight in the oceans than fish.

EARTH STEWARD ACTION: How many of the following suggestions made to reduce plastic pollution are you already doing? Can you add others? Speak to others about joining you in your actions. Here are some suggested actions you can take to reduce plastic pollution:

● Please make a habit of using a refillable water bottle and always clean up trash after an outing.
Continue to do your recycling, and offer to help recycle for elderly or ill friends or neighbors.
Consider reusable mesh bags for produce in grocery shopping – it cuts down on plastic bags.
Stores now require self-bagging if using cloth bags– hard for you? Ask for paper and reuse.
Choose to wear cloth masks and wash frequently. Disposable masks must go in bins with lids.
Consider frequent hand washing instead of plastic gloves. If you use gloves, dispose in bins with lids.
Ask your favorite take-out place if they can use paper containers in place of plastic.
Bring your own reusable eating utensils and reusable straws – no more plastic straws.

Visit the Trinity website for full and past articles
Volunteer Corner

Looking for something to do to help your Church? We have a few positions currently open. Please contact Cathy if you are able to spare a few hours at office@trinitylawrence.org.

Production Assistant Would you like to help create our virtual Sunday service? We are looking for a backup person to relieve Mandy in creating our livestream. She has been putting it together without a break since the pandemic shut down regular worship. Mandy will teach you how to collect, create and produce the virtual Sunday morning service.
This year Kansas Interfaith Action's signature issues forum will be held on Facebook Live at 7 p.m., Tuesday Aug. 25.

A non-partisan panel of advocates and experts will speak on the most pressing issues facing Kansans, including the state of Kansas’ budget in the wake of COVID-19; racial justice; the prospects for Medicaid expansion; climate disruption and clean energy.

  • Adrienne Olejnik, Kansas Action for Children
  • John Nave, Governor’s Commission on Racial Equity and Justice
  • Kansas State Rep. Rui Xu
  • Nadine Johnson, executive director, ACLU-Kansas
  • Rabbi Moti Rieber, KIFA (moderator)

Join us for this important event, and stay well informed on the issues that are important to people of faith and conscience in Kansas.
Vestry Meetings

The scheduled Vestry meetings are:

Sept. 7, Oct. 5, Nov. 2

Meetings are open to all and are being held on Zoom at this time. The minutes of each meeting are posted to the church bulletin board and Trinity Vestry Minutes. Your Vestry can be contacted at vestry@trinitylawrence.org

Minutes through July have been added to our website.
Ministry Opportunities

Thursday, Aug. 20
10 a.m., Story Time for Kids – Livestream
7 p.m., Adult Forum – Livestream

Friday, Aug. 21
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray

Saturday, Aug. 22
9 a.m., Organ Practice
10 a.m., Food Pantry

Sunday, Aug. 23
9:30 a.m., Trinity Children's Sunday School – Livestream
10:30 a.m., Morning Prayer and Music Concert – Livestream
with Coffee Hour following - Zoom

Monday, Aug. 24
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray

Tuesday, Aug. 25
10 a.m., Story Time for Kids – Livestream
1 p.m., Food Pantry
6:30 p.m., Trinity Anchor Women

Wednesday, Aug. 26
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray
4 p.m., Friendship Circle – Zoom
7 p.m., Evening Prayer – Livestream

Thursday, Aug. 27
10 a.m., Story Time for Kids – Livestream
7 p.m., Adult Forum – Livestream

Friday, Aug. 28
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray

Saturday, Aug. 29
9 a.m., Organ Practice
10 a.m., Food Pantry

Sunday, Aug. 30
9:30 a.m., Trinity Children's Sunday School – Livestream
10:30 a.m., Morning Prayer and Music Concert – Livestream
with Coffee Hour following - Zoom
Trinity Vestry 2020
Rob Baldwin, Rector 785-424-4312
Steve King ‘21, Senior Warden 913-645-3135
Richard Lungstrum, Junior Warden ‘20 jrwarden@trinitylawrence.org
Jennifer Attocknie ‘20 785-760-2938
Elizabeth Miller ‘20 785-766-8175
Dave Severance ‘20, 785-691-7261
Betsi Anderson ‘21 785-843-9083
Leslie Foust ‘21 785-979-1829
Camille Olcese ‘21 620-704-4180
John Broholm ‘22 785-766-7002
Donna Griffin, Clerk, ‘22 785-865-6039
Linda McCoy ‘22 785-550-6743
Bill Perkins ‘22 785-331-4401
Cristian Sauciuc, Treasurer

1011 Vermont St. Lawrence, Kansas 66044
Office closed due to stay at home
Facebook @TrinityLawrenceKS
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