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Trinity's e-newsletter for the week of March 1, 2020
Altar Cross
Almighty God, whose blessed Son was led by the Spirit to be tempted by Satan: Come quickly to help us who are assaulted by many temptations; and, as you know the weaknesses of each of us, let each one find you mighty to save; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
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First Sunday in Lent
Sunday, March 1, 2020

8:00 a.m. - Rite I, Holy Eucharist  
Lector: Austin Turney
Chalice: Donna Griffin, Andrew Hoyt
Intercessor: Mary Donovan
Usher: Greg Hazen

10:30 a.m. - Rite II, Holy Eucharist
Lectors: Dru Sampson, Kimberly Patterson
Chalice: Janine Cox, Carl Edwards
Intercessor: Will Chaney
Verger: Brian Haupt
Acolytes: Abigail Baldwin, Ellie Seybold, Lauren Seybold
Ushers: Lindy Eakin, Karen Keim, Terry Mandle, Liz Miller

Thursday after Ash Wednesday
Thursday, March 4
Noon - Lenten Healing Service
Lector: William Perkins
Chalice: Kim Mandle


PRELUDE Ein feste Burg (Dietrich Buxtehude)

SEQUENCE HYMN (142) Lord, who throughout these forty days (St. Flavian)  

ANTHEM To the Lamb on the Throne (Dan Forrest)

OFFERTORY HYMN (380 v3) Praise God from whom all blessings ( Old 100th)

COMMUNION HYMN (341) For the bread which you have broken (Omni Die) 

CLOSING HYMN (449) O love, how deep, how broad (Deo gracias) 

POSTLUDE Ein feste Burg (Johann Pachelbel) 

Altar Guild:
Katie Becker, Nora Clark, Cheryl Flessing, Dru Sampson, Bonnie Briscoe, Holly Hulburt, Gail Griffin

Flower Guild:
Mary Stauffer

  Altar Flowers

This Sunday's Altar Flowers are given to the Glory of God
 The Liturgy of the Word

View the complete lectionary reading at
Upcoming Event: Trinity Youth Group
Date: Sunday, March 1
Time: 6-7:30 p.m.
Location:  Parish Hall
Description: This Sunday we will be finding our Lenten disciplines . We are meeting in the Parish Hall this week. Please spread the word

Upcoming Event: Evening Supper and Prayer Service
Date: Wednesday, March 4
Time: 6 p.m.
Location: Parish Hall
Description: We will be serving a vegetarian meal during the Lenten season. Please join us for our meal and stay for Evening Prayers.

Upcoming Event: Lenten Program
Date:  Wednesday, March 4
Time:  7:15 p.m.
Location: Matthews Center Chapel
Description: A series of programs will be offered during Lent on Wednesday evenings. Please view the full article for details.

Upcoming Event: Christian Classics
Date: Wednesday, March 4
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Trinity Library
Description: Christian Classics will discuss "The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism," edited by Bernard McGinn. All are welcome to attend.

Upcoming Event: Thursday Noon Service
Date:  Thursday, Feb. 27
Time:  Noon
Location: Matthews Center Chapel
Description: Eucharist service with the laying on of hands and anointing for healing. See details in full article.
From the Rector's desk...

This week we enter the blessed season of Lent, a particularly introspective time of spirituality in which the focus is often on self-examination, conviction, sin, and repentance.

Interestingly enough, the Gospel readings feature little in the way of introspection, but instead are mostly interactions between Jesus and individuals who are pursuing their own agenda: Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman at the well, a blind man, and Lazarus’ siblings Mary and Martha. None of them are them particularly interested in repentance – they want to debate theology and interact with Jesus, and they are caught up in their own needs. In it in the midst of this, sometimes even in opposition to this, that Jesus enacts his transformative teaching.

This is not to discount the role of faithful soul-searching and repentance, but I wonder if we shouldn’t also just leave some time and space for Jesus to do what Jesus wants to happen. Is there a way to let Jesus enter into our own lives in, around, or against our own goals to share with us not only the love of God, but God’s plan in our lives as well?

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob+
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Adult Forum

The Adult Forum is the study of the Book of Job. Join us as we explore Job chapter by chapter. This week we will review Job 28.

The Adult Forum meets at 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings in the Library.
burning candle
We would like to know about hospitalizations, illnesses or special needs you are experiencing. Please call Father Rob, Deacon Deborah Burns, the Church office or a Vestry member so that we can help.
Middle and Senior High
Youth Group

This Sunday we will be finding our Lenten disciplines and planning a Spring activity.

Trinity Youth Group meets at 6 p.m. every Sunday evening during the school year in the Parish Hall, with a monthly excursion off site. Youths in grades six to 12 are welcome to join Sunday evenings and to bring a guest. Please spread the word.
Forward Day by Day

Forward Day by Day for February, March and April is ready in the track racks.

Let it be part of your daily life whenever you take time to pray and meditate. Contemplate the passage of scripture. Then see the connection to the other passages referred to.

Read the meditation and perhaps make your own. Pray for the people of the diocese for the day. Imagine how those Anglicans are praying.
Vestry Meetings

The next scheduled Vestry meetings are:

March 2
April 6
May 4

Meetings are open to all. The minutes of each meeting are posted to the church bulletin board and Trinity Vestry Minutes. Your Vestry can be contacted at

Minutes through October have been added to our website and bulletin board in Parrish Hall.
Prayer Chain

To add a person's name to the prayer list or to become a prayer chain member, please contact the parish office... Prayers... or call 785-843-6166; or Carol Hatton, Prayer Chain coordinator (

The Prayer Chain prays daily for those who are ill, suffering or troubled; who have died; or who wish to offer praise and thanksgivings. Prayer Chain members find that their own private prayer life with God also deepens during this daily practice.

Pray for those who are ill: 
Eleanor, DJ, Rita, Karen, Olivia, Amy, Ruth, Glenna, Megan, Greg, Kim, Melissa, Mike, Chris, Billie, Nate, Tiffany, Peter, Dianne, Russ, Jay, Wayne, Doug, Scott, Olivia

Pray for those with special intentions: 
Dane and Natalie, Robbie, Nicolette, Erin, Carson, Cassie, Michae, Sabrina, Josh, Matthew, Nicole, David, Barb, Abby, Kelsey, Kathleen, the Van Schmus family

Pray for those in the hospital: Christina, Arienne, Mary Jane, Lea    

Pray for the departed:  Toni Lybarger, Don Dalquest, Florence Arnold, Harold Cordry     
Coffee Hour

Thanks to all the families that provided fine foods for the Coffee Hours. Sign up sheets for March and April are posted with two openings for March. If you would like to provide snacks and work the coffee pots, there are many openings to choose from.
TEST Tidbits – Tar Sands Oil Is
in the News Again

Last week the Canadian mining company Teck Resources walked away from a $15.7 billion (US $), 260,000 barrels per day project just days before final permits in Alberta, Canada. The company cited lack of investment capital and an uncertain market as reasons.

There are, however, at least 20 other tar-sand extraction projects in various states of development in Canada. The Canadian government and population are divided about moving forward with some of these projects. Alberta’s economic advisers cite great economic benefits, while environmentalists fear greater greenhouse gas emissions. 

There were proposals to cap the amount of emissions to no more than 100 megatons per year in Canada, but the proposed cap did not become law.

President Trump, earlier this year, gave the green light to the Keystone XL Pipeline through a “special presidential permit.” Currently, there are several suits against building the pipeline brought by the indigenous Environmental Network. Their goal is to stop construction through native land. As it stands now, construction is to begin in March.

To read the full article please go to

Also please remember all past TEST articles are available on our website at
Thursday Noon Service

Lent is a time for spiritual reflection and reconciliation. It is also a time to pray for recovery and renewal in one’s life. Throughout the Lenten season, Trinity will be offering a noon service on Thursdays for the laying on of hands and anointing for healing. This simple service will be held in the Matthews Chapel and will feature a brief Eucharist as well.
Wednesday Evening
Lenten Programs

A series of programs will be offered during Lent at 7:15 on Wednesday evenings in the Matthews Center chapel. A vegetarian meal will be served beforehand in our Parish Hall at 6 p.m.

  • March 4, The Rev. Nicolette Papanek: An Appreciative Lent

  • March 11, The Rev. George Wiley: Reflections on Lent

  • March 18, Mary Donovan: Visio Divina

  • March 25, Mary Donovan: Lectio Divina

  • April 1, Mary Donovan: Benedictine prayer practices

  • April 8, Fr. Laird MacGregor: The Power of Personal Prayer

Join us in this opportunity to reflect on what Lent means to us and as we explore spiritual practices that may be new to us, but which are actually very old.
Altar Flowers:
A Great Way to Celebrate
The beautiful altar flowers on Sundays and the special floral decorations you see during the seasons of the church year are provided by your gifts. Altar flowers are a way to share your joys, thankfulness and memories – all of God’s gifts in your life – with your parish family while adding to the beauty of our liturgy.  
You may wish to provide altar flowers to celebrate a special date or event: a birthday, a wedding or other anniversary, a baptism or confirmation, an ordination or a graduation, just to mention a few. Memorials are also welcome, as are thank offerings for the blessings in your life.
How do you give your gift of flowers? The signup forms are in the Church office. The form allows you to request a particular type of flowers and/or color if you wish, and to specify the wording to be used in The Corner. The Flower Guild can generally accommodate multiple flower requests on any given date.  
Please place your completed form and your donation ($35 minimum please, but a larger donation is always appreciated) in the Sunday offering, or bring or mail it to the parish office so that it is received at least a week before the date you have chosen. A member of the Flower Guild will call you for clarification if needed, and you are also most welcome to call Flower Guild chairperson Mary Stauffer at 785-843-6778 with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your gifts of flowers to add to the beauty of Trinity’s altar and our worship together.
News from Nepal

Thank you for lifting up my ministry area's annual meeting that took place in Thailand last week. There were more than 270 adults (plus kids) from countries all over Asia serving with my sending organization, and it was really encouraging to meet together and hear about what He is doing across this region. It was great to see and to be a part of.

Though overall the experience was positive, there were some hard moments. Many members of our Nepal team are struggling, and it feels very much like an attack from the enemy.

Three adults and one teenager have all been getting violent visions of either killing themselves, their spouse, or both. Most of these people have never had any mental health issues at all in the past (one has struggled with past depression) and the suddenness of the visions, their graphic nature, and the almost unstoppable compulsion to do these things has added a very scary and dangerous dimension to their lives here.

One has left the field with his family indefinitely, and another was even hospitalized during our meeting as a result of the sudden onset of suicidal/homicidal ideation.

It is our belief that we are making a difference in the Kingdom, and "someone" wants that to stop. Please be lifting us up for protection and perseverance.

There are also new reports of immigration officials questioning landlords and searching homes of foreigners here on research visas (like me), trying to find evidence of Christian affiliation. The tide is turning here again and security is an issue. Please keep this in your thoughts, as well. Bless you! 


(Photo caption: My Nepali niece wearing the vest I bought her for Christmas – just one small reminder of why I'm here!)
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Save the Dates

Episcopal Summer Mega Camp  
Sunday, May 31, 2:30 p.m. to
Saturday, June 6, 11 a.m.
Camp Wood YMCA, Elmdale, Kansas
Trinity Vestry 2020
Rob Baldwin, Rector 785-424-4312
Steve King ‘21, Senior Warden 913-645-3135
Richard Lungstrum, Junior Warden ‘20
Jennifer Attocknie ‘20 785-760-2938
Elizabeth Miller, Treasurer ‘20 785-766-8175
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Ministry Opportunities

Thursday, February 27
10 a.m., Trinity Treasures
Noon, Thursday Lenten service in Matthews Chapel
1:30 p.m., Women's Quest-ioning
9 p.m., Tea and Compline at Canterbury House

Friday, February 28
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray
6 p.m., Lenten Taize service at the Ecumenical Campus Ministries

Saturday, February 29
9 a.m., Organ Practice
10 a.m., Food Pantry

Sunday, March 1
8 a.m., Holy Eucharist, Rite I
9:30 a.m., Adult Forum
10:30 a.m., Holy Eucharist, Rite II
11:30 a.m., Coffee Hour
6-7:30 p.m., Youth Group in Parish Hall

Monday, March 2
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray
Noon, Women's Lunch Group at Perkins Restaurant
7:00 p.m., Vestry Meeting

Tuesday, March 3
10:30 a.m., Staff meeting
1 p.m., Food Pantry

Wednesday, March 4
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray
6 p.m., Evening Dinner
6:45 p.m., Evening Prayers
7:15 p.m., Lenten Series in Matthew Chapel
7:30 p.m., Christian Classics

Thursday, March 5
10 a.m., Trinity Treasures
Noon, Lenten service in Matthews Chapel
9 p.m., Tea and Compline at Canterbury House

Friday, March 6
6 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray
6 p.m., Lenten Taize service at Westside Presbyterian

Saturday, March 7
9 a.m., Organ Practice
10 a.m., Food Pantry
2 p.m., Erin Flessing/Tim Otter Wedding

Sunday, March 8
8 a.m., Holy Eucharist, Rite I
9:30 a.m., Adult Forum
10:30 a.m., Holy Eucharist, Rite II
11:30 a.m., Coffee Hour
Noon Friendship Circle Dinner
2:00 p.m., Lawrence Gamers Guild
6-7:30 p.m., Youth Group in Parish Hall
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