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Trinity's e-newsletter for the week of June 30th 2019
Angel and Children
Almighty God, you have built your Church upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone: Grant us so to be joined together in unity of spirit by their teaching, that we may be made a holy temple acceptable to you; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
your faith and connect with the community.
Third Sunday after Pentecost
Sunday, June 30th, 2019

8:00 a.m. - Rite I, Holy Eucharist  

Chalice Bearers: Nancy Pauw,
Mary Donovan
Lector: Austin Turney
Intercessor: Diana Dya
Usher: Derek Pauw

10:30 a.m. - Rite II, Holy Eucharist
Chalice Bearers: Janine Cox, Gail Griffin
Lectors: Margie Lawrence, Jennifer Attocknie
Intercessor: Sandra Wiechert
Verger: Brian Haupt
Acolytes: Claire and Caroline Schmidt, Ari Myers-Arendt
Ushers:  John Broholm, 
Alison Myers-Arenth, 
Craig Myers-Arenth, 

Altar Guild:
Katie Becker, Charlotte Mueller, Nora Clark, Cheryl Flessing, Nancy Haggart, Shirley Reese, Dru Sampson, Emalea Miller


Entrance Hymn: 525 The Church’s one foundation (Aurelia)

Sequence Hymn: 549 Jesus calls us; o’er the tumult (St. Andrew)

Offertory Hymn: 380 (v. 3)
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow (Old 100th)

Communion Hymn: 328 (v. 1-5)
Draw nigh and take the Body of the Lord (Song 46)

Closing Hymn: 717 My country, ‘tis of thee (America)

  Altar Flowers

Altar flowers for this Sunday are to the glory of God.
 The Liturgy of the Word

See the complete lectionary reading at www.lectionarypage.n et .
Upcoming Event: Summer Art Auction
Date: Saturday June 29th
Time: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Parish Hall
Description: The silent auction will feature art by our own Trinity members as well as other artists from the community. Join the fun and spread the word.

Upcoming Event:  Women's Lunch Group
Date:  Monday, July 1st
Time:  12:00 p.m.
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, 1711 W 23rd St, Lawrence, KS
Description: Women meeting for lunch and fellowship.  Dutch treat. All are welcome!

Upcoming Event: Family Play Time
Date:  Wednesdays
Time:  3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Trinity Nursery
Description: All families are welcome, ages 0-3 years old. Older siblings also welcome. Stop by anytime to play and visit! Light refreshments provided. Hope to see you there!

Now that we are past Pentecost and Trinity Sunday, we as a church spend the next almost six months in the season of Pentecost (e.g. the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, et al). It is the longest of the liturgical seasons, using the same color green as Epiphany, as well as the term “ordinary time,” which is also shares with that other verdant season.

“Ordinary time” is not meant to suggest something quotidian or boring, but normative and familiar to Christians. For Epiphany, the focus was on learning about Jesus Christ, something we spend a lot of our lives doing as people of faith. For Pentecost, the focus is the work of the Church. If you listen carefully to the lessons, you’ll hear more instruction about how to live your life and less about Jesus’ miracles or his talking about God than you do in other seasons. This Sunday, for example, is about following Christ and the cost of that discipleship.

So settle in for a season learning about how to live your best life, the life that God wants you to live, and the green, vital life that can be.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob+
Adult Form

The Adult Forum looks at the First Epistle to Timothy

While traditionally attributed to Paul as a letter written to his protégé in Ephesus, modern scholars now think that the First Epistle to Timothy (or 1 Timothy as it is sometimes written) was composed in the late-first to early-second century AD. The letter contains themes of what to avoid and what to repair in the Church, including some instruction that is controversial in our own time. Join us as we explore this book of the New Testament for the next six weeks in the Adult Forum Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM in the downstairs Jackson Kemper Room.
Summer Art Auction

An Art Silent Auction: How does it work?

Excitement is building for the Trinity Summer Art Auction, Saturday June 29 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. But how exactly will it work? It's pretty simple, and as with most things, more fun if you get in on the action! 

  1. Come to the parish hall and register for a bid number, which will be your I.D. during the auction.
  2. Peruse the art and write your bid on the sheet next to the art that you love. There's no limit to how many artworks you can bid on!
  3. Go outside and enjoy the live music by Sissy and Earl. Play some lawn games. Have a cookie.
  4. Go back inside and check on your bid. If someone else raised the bid, increase yours so you don't lose that beautiful art!
  5. Repeat as necessary.
  6. Run a few errands. 
  7. Bidding ends at 4:00, so come back at 5:00 to see if you won the art that you fell in love with. (If you can't be there at 5:00, you'll get a call telling you that you won.)
  8. Take your beautiful art home and enjoy it!

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, even more fun if you bring a friend or two, so spread the word! And a good way to spread the word is logging onto the Trinity Facebook page and share our post with the art.

Do you have a great fundraising idea? If so contact Betsi Anderson on the Vestry at to share.
Vestry Meetings

Vestry meeting are held the fourth Mondays of each month. The next scheduled meetings are:

July 22nd, August 26th,
September 23rd

All meetings are open to the congregation and start at 6:30 p.m.
and the minutes of each meeting are posted to the Church bulletin board and Trinity Vestry Minutes...

February and March minutes have been added to our website.
July Ice Cream Social

Ice cream for lunch!!! Following the 10:30 service on July 7th, Jennifer Attocknie and Vashti Winterburg are celebrating paying off their student loans!! All are invited to this event!! Bring friends and strangers off the street to help celebrate!!!

Prayer Chain

To add a person's name to the prayer list or to become a prayer chain member, please contact the parish office.. Prayers... ; or call 785-843-6166) or Carol Hatton, Prayer Chain coordinator ( ) .

The Prayer Chain prays daily for those who are ill, suffering, troubled, have died, or wish to offer praise and thanksgivings. Prayer Chain members find that their own private prayer life with God also deepens during this daily practice.

Pray for those who are ill: 
Sharon, Allen, Bonnie, Mark, Betsy, Brett, Doug, Linda, Vicki, Judy, Neil, Shirley, Joe, Glenna, Amy, Mark, Olivia, Sharon, Karen, Shawn, Dick, Eric, Jana, Kim, Diana, Willard, Gwenyth, Manuel, Denise, Monica, Erin, DJ

Prayer for those with special intentions:  
Mike, Grady, Michelle, Rob, Pamela, Sigrid, Ulysses, Wendy, Ellen, Kevin, Jill, Sue, Tara, Brend, Liliana, Hank, Shane, Sherry, the Van Schmus family

Prayer for those in the hospital:
Richard, Dick, Monica, Griffin, Edith, Neil, Kathy

Pray for the departed: Carol Hassig Floersch , Robert Proctor
Summer Sunday School teachers needed!

There is no one signed up for June 30, and so we are asking you to consider signing up. You’ll get a complete lesson plan with activities, games, and lessons to work with, and the great feeling that comes from shaping the faith lives of our youngest members while having fun at the same time! The sign-up sheet is located in the atrium of the church, or you can contact Fr. Rob at
Above picture was taken June 23rd celebrating John Bullock's ordination with a gathering after our 10:30 a.m. service. We presented John with a stole that can be used while he is a deacon and also in the future when he is a priest. John was also presented with a picture of Trinity. Both gifts were created by our own Anne Patterson. John we wish you the best in your service to our Lord.
The Bottom Line

The Vestry reviewed the May 2019 financial reports for Trinity at their monthly meeting on June 24th. The financial highlights for the first five months of 2019 are below. A full set of monthly financial reports can be found on Trinity's website under "Resources/Finances".

Total CYTD Income:

Budgeted: $183,833.30
Actual: $254,875.80
Difference: $+71,042.50

*Actual CYTD Income includes $28,525.00 from the "Above & Beyond" Fundraising; recognition of $19,908.45 of 2019 Prepaid Pledge Income; and an unexpected (and very welcome!) stock gift of approximately $20,000. 

Total CYTD Expenses:

Budgeted: $179,475.45
Actual: $161,801.13
Difference: $+17,675.32

*Actual CYTD Expenses are below budget primarily due to Total Salaries & Benefits running below budget as a result of open staff positions during the first few months of 2019. (All of the previously open staff positions have now been filled.) 

Trinity's financial resources are currently sufficient to support regular operations as budgeted, including regular Diocesan apportionment payments. Thank you for keeping your pledge payments current as we move through the summer months. This really helps with cash flow, since Trinity's operating expenses continue at the same level throughout the summer. Thank you for all of your financial support of Trinity's ministries!

Liz Miller
Voices Crying for the Wilderness

Hear the voices crying, “Preserve the wilderness!”
For preserving the wilderness
is honoring all life;
honoring all life
is compassion, kindness, and wisdom;
and compassion, kindness, and wisdom
are the way of the Lord.
Hear the voices crying in the wilderness:
“Preserve the way of the Lord!”
(Written by a member of Trinity Environmental Stewardship Team, TEST.)

Stewardship Action: 

Wilderness areas are essential to a healthily balanced Earth Ecosphere, without which humanity could not survive on Earth. Consider becoming a supporting member of an organization that works to preserve natural habitats; for example: Environmental Defense Fund, EarthJustice, Defenders of Wildlife, National Parks Conservation Assoc., the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Wilderness Society.

Caring for the environment – it’s a Christian thing to do!

Visit the Trinity website for full and past articles 
News from Nepal

Great news! All of the women in our village women's group have been approved for the $100 microloan to start their own small businesses. We are very excited to see where this opportunity leads them. One will start a chicken farm (selling chickens, meat, and eggs to local villagers), another goat farming, one will expand her small shop that sells hygiene and beauty supplies, one will try mushroom farming, and the last will use the tailoring skills she learned in our tailoring training to become the first tailor in the village. Please keep this program in your prayers, and let me know if you are interested in supporting it- we still need more funding to make it work. More good news- I secured my next 5 year visa right before leaving Nepal. That doesn't mean I will definitely be able to stay for the next 5 years, but it will hopefully be easier than having to seek it each year. Lastly, I am leaving this weekend to head to California for some needed surgeries. I will return after July 12th to do my recovery in KS. I will be here until September 4th, so I hope to see you then! 

Thank you for your prayers.
(photo caption: The village "Basics of Business" women's group.)
Reminder that articles for our newsletter should be sent to by Wednesday noon each week. The newsletters are also available on our website and Facebook page.
Ministry Opportunities

Friday, June 28th
6:00 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray

Saturday, June 29th
10:00 a.m., Organ Practice
10:00 a.m., Food Pantry
1:00 p.m., Art Auction

Sunday, June 30th
8:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist, Rite I
9:30 a.m., Adult Forum
10:30 a.m., Holy Eucharist, Rite II
11:30 a.m., Coffee Hour

Monday, July 1st
6:00 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray
12:00 p.m., Women's Lunch Group

Tuesday, July 2nd
10:30 a.m, Staff Meeting
2:00 p.m., Food Pantry

Wednesday, July 3rd
6:00 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray
3:00 p.m., Family Play Time
6:00 p.m., Evening Dinner
6:45 p.m., Evening Prayers

Thursday, July 4th
10:00 a.m., Trinity Treasures
***Office Closed***

Friday, July 5th
6:00 a.m., Pump 'n' Pray

Saturday, July 6th
10:00 a.m., Organ Practice
10:00 a.m., Food Pantry
1:00 p.m., Art Auction

Sunday, July 7th
8:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist, Rite I
9:30 a.m., Adult Forum
10:30 a.m., Holy Eucharist, Rite II
11:30 a.m., Ice Cream Social
12:00 p.m., Alphabet Soup Parents Group

1011 Vermont St. Lawrence, Kansas 66044