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February 7, 2019
Issue #486
Sunday Worship Services
10:30 am
February  10, 2019: Love Risks 
I told you last month that I don't know what love is. Someone challenged me after, suspecting that I knew more than I was letting on. Perhaps its more like what Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said about a certain taboo subject: I don't know what it is, but I know it when I see it! What if we know love by the risks it makes us willing to take?
The Sunday Circle 9 am
9 am - The Sunday Circle 

Upcoming Topics and Leaders
2/10/19    Glimpse of a Poet                                                        Sally Schroeder   
2/17/19    Everything Happens for a Reason?                           Elizabeth Ferris 
        More Info and additional service topics.
The Sunday Circle is held from 9:00 am to 10:00 am each Sunday in the Fireside Room.
Notes Along the Way  
Rev marcus
We've begun exploring our monthly theme of Risk. Many of you will have a chance to reflect on Risk together at your first Soul Matters small group meeting. Here's what our Soul Matters packet says about the theme:

"Risk is usually associated with the dare devils and thrill seekers. The real danger, we're told, is a life of boredom. The battle is between the bland and the bold."

Yet, as James Baldwin reminds us, it's not quite that simple. He places commitment, not thrills, at the center of the game. For him, the ones to be admired are not so much the dare devils as the dedicated ones. And that Holy Grail? Well, he suggests, maybe it's not "the exciting life' as we've been told. Maybe it's the faithful life.

And that turns everything wonderfully on its head.

From this perspective, the important question about risk (and about life) is not "Are you willing to jump off?" but "Are you willing to jump in?" Not "Are you willing to put yourself in danger?" but "Are you willing to give yourself to something bigger?" Not "Will you be daring?" but "Will you stay true?"

And the message changes too. Suddenly, it's not "Run to what's thrilling!" but "Don't run away!"

It's all about remembering not to let the thrilling trump the faithful. As exciting as roller coasters and jumping out of planes might be, let's remember to remind each other that the most deeply rewarding risks are the ones that involve jumping into causes and putting our hearts in the hands of others. As the poet David Whyte puts it: "We are here essentially to risk ourselves in the world. We are meant to hazard ourselves for the right thing, for the right woman or the right man, for a son or a daughter, for the right work or for a gift given against all the odds." Bob Marley's take is equally compelling. He writes, "The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."

And here's the twist: It's not just Baldwin's dangers, Whyte's hazards and Marley's suffering that come at us when we take the risk of living faithfully. Grace and gifts slip in there too! As the Scottish writer W.H. Murray explains,

"Concerning all acts of creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no one could have dreamt would have come their way."

How thrilling is that?!"

We'll pick up this theme with Sunday's service before our February Congregational Meeting. Hope to see you there!

With you on the Journey,
Rev. Marcus Hartlief
jef melcher
Like a sprout in spring that tries to find its way up through the rocky soil, we are moving ahead with a  4th-6th grade OWL class open to the wider community. We have six families from the Marin Waldorf School, thanks to Kim Holscher, and some interest from families at UU Petaluma. Many thanks to Doug Kerr, Lori Smith, Rev Marcus, and Nanci Armstrong-Temple who all helped get this project launched. It is still a sprout, but it is showing green leaves and growing quickly. With care and feeding, we will have have a unique OWL offering for grades 4-6. If you know of families who might be interested in enrolling a child, now is the time to have them contact me.  
Registration for the UUCM Retreat is OPEN
Please register soon and remember to also fill out the waiver for people under 18 years of age.

All ages RE on Sunday 2/17 will have a theme of music and movement. Jerry Moore and Katherine DaSilva Jain will help me hold space and practice ancient spiritual practices of dance and making a joyful noise. All grades 2-12 in one room having a multi-age community experience.

My time at the   Liberal Religious Educators (LREDA) retreat  in Camp Meeker, CA was fruitful in multiple ways. Lots of workshops, conversation, and ideas for how to bring our collective RE programs into the 21st century. We have committed to supporting each other and engage our congregations in taking risks for positive change. Lots of great topics for conversation at the RE Committee level, parent group, and congregational level. We can make meaningful adjustments to accommodate and support families.

Seeking Artists: Sondra and I are getting a group together who are interested in restoring the murals that used to be in the sanctuary and get them up in the Wright Room. These clear depictions of the reverence for nature will grace the walls and make that space much more inviting for children's RE and renters' use. You can contact me or Sondra to learn more.
Fair Trade Chocolate: New arrivals! This Sunday buy fair trade for your sweetheart or your sweet tooth. 
Jeffrey Melcher, M.Div.   
Director of Family Ministries
Selected Upcoming Dates
Upcoming dates link to the UUCM calendar for saving on iCal, Outlook etc.

UU Writing Circle
February 9, 2019 from 10-12 Noon: UU Writing Circle: Writing to Find the Voice Inside at Clara Barton Room: Join the writing group sponsored by Adult Ed led by Kat Braeman. Write for ten minutes and share with the group. Writing can build community and be a spiritual quest. Call Kat at 202/549-3696 or email kajudge@gmail.com for more information.
Showing Up For Racial Justice
Showing Up For Racial Justice(SURJ) is holding a "What the Bleep" meeting in the Fireside Room from 3-5pm on Sunday, Feb 10.  We will discuss who Marin SURJ is, why discussing racism is difficult, and how you can be involved, including other sponsored SURJ events in Marin.  Please come and find out more about this sensitive subject.

Get involved, break white silence,and show up for racial justice in Marin! Questions? email us at info@surjmarin.org

You Can Now Register for the Retreat
If you missed last year, no worries, this year's retreat which will be held May 3-5, 2019 will be here before you know it! 
Consider what workshop you may like to offer the congregation at this year's retreat. Here is an example schedule from last year.

The Retreat is an all-congregational event running from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning at Walker Creek Ranch in West Marin. We offer a flexible attendance/pricing plan to make sure that everyone can attend as their time and budget allows. You can stay in a semi-private lodge or family style dormitory with separate bedrooms for each family and bathrooms down the hall. Meals include Friday night dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and Sunday breakfast. We have a campfire on Friday night, a Barn Dance on Saturday night, worship services, discussion groups, hiking opportunities, a ropes course, arts and crafts, and many more fun activities for young and old. This is a chance to connect with those in your community at a deeper level and enjoy the fresh air and lovely grounds of Walker Creek Ranch. We will be taking reservations starting next month. Additional details will be available as we get closer to the event. Questions? Contact Thomas ( thomas.ervin@comcast.net)

  Read more and register HERE.
Save the Date for General Assembly - June 19-23
General Assembly is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association. Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. Anyone may attend; congregations must certify annually to send voting delegates. The 2019 General Assembly will be June 19-23 in Spokane, Washington. Most General Assembly events will be held in the Spokane Convention Center. https://www.uua.org/ga
Remarkable People - February 15
Friday, February 15,   7- 9 pm  Fireside Room
Joyce Rhodes and Rich Panter are our Remarkable People for February. 

This ongoing  series gives us time to learn about each other from the interesting stories of individual lives. Whether you already know them by name or not, you will learn what you don't know in the evening of sharing and community. Each person talks and there is time for questions and general sociability and usually some sustaining snacks.

You may know  Joyce Rhodes as one of our stalwart Membership Greeters' Team-but you may not know yet that she first performed in church at age 4, has ridden an elephant to Angkor Wat, poached a rattlesnake in Mendocino,  and was kissed by a horse in San Francisco.  She'll tell you about what she has learned from challenges, adventures, and joys in 83 years of living. 
Rich Panter, a first-year Board member, is in no way new to Unitarianism, having been active across 3 decades in congregations in Massachusetts, South Caroline, and Napa.  He grew up in Michigan, grew to love jazz from his detective dad who also played in a dance band and has tales to tell about his career as a documentary filmmaker.   
Come to the Fireside room for a Friday evening of sharing, some snacks, and learning more about our common interests and intriguing differences in life experience. 
All are welcome and there will be sustaining snacks too.
And for next month if you want to mark your calendar.  March 15: Kristina Gale and Ray Meluch.
Connect through Volunteering

Are you looking for a way to connect more deeply with UUCM? While Sunday services instill a sense of community and shared values, getting involved in the behind-the-scenes activities at the church is a great way to meet new people, make a contribution, learn new skills, and grow as a person.

No matter what your interests, experience, and talents, there is a place for you to contribute your energies to make the church a more vibrant community. Want to learn more? Everything you need to know is here:  UUCM Volunteers page 
Try it, you'll like it!
WhaleCoast Alaska Tour Information
2019 WhaleCoast Alaska tour information is now posted on their beautiful new website   https://whalecoastak.org .

The best part of these tours is that the small group stays with Alaskan UUs and gets a true perspective of this magnificent area through the eyes of people who live there. 
They are offering two tours next summer. The National Park Tour runs from June 8-18, and the All-Alaska Tour will take place July 5-17. Both tours include spectacular scenery, opportunities to see Alaska wildlife on land and sea, engaging Native Culture experiences, and warm UU hospitality. Groups of eight or more get a discount! So if you sign up, mention you are with UU Marin.
For complete information, go to https://whalecoastak.org.
Social Justice Education/Action
        Next Social Justice Meeting - February 17

If you are not already receiving emails from the social justice committee and wish to receive them along with information about social justice actions/rallies in and around Marin, please send your email address to:    socialjustice@uumarin.org
UUSC Take Action Items - Sign petitions, learn about issues, donate money. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Do you want to make a difference in our county and the world? We focus on local issues which are relevant to all of us. Bring your ideas and concerns to the  UUCM Social Justice Committee.  We meet the third Sunday of each month at noon.
Continue your commitment to environmental and economic justice by shopping at   http://shop.uusc.org 
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