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November 1, 2018
Issue #472
Daylight Savings Time Ends Nov. 4
Sunday Worship Services
10:30 am
The Sunday Circle 9 am
9 am - The Sunday Circle 

Upcoming Topics and Leaders
11/04/18 The Election: Making a Difference    Kat Braeman
11/11/18  Sex and Education                             Kim Holscher
More Info and additional service topics.

The Sunday Circle is held from 
9:00 am to 10:00 am each Sunday in the Fireside Room.
Notes Along the Way
Rev marcus

I've heard it said that while a fact may be the smallest unit of information,  a story is the smallest unit of meaning. Our identities, relationships, and communities are all woven from stories. Stories tell us who we are and what is good, beautiful and true. Our worship theme this month calls us to explore what it means to be a people of  Story. 

So many of us are riveted by the daily unfolding story of our national political drama. As our emotions are tossed and turned by the unfolding events, how do we see ourselves as characters in this epic saga? What are the stories we tell ourselves about the larger narrative, and how do these stories empower or disempower us? I sometimes notice myself repeating some talking point or other in multiple conversations, over and over. I've come to believe that's a sign that I need to take a fresh look and find a new story.

As we enter this season of elections, and move toward the season of family gatherings and holiday celebrations, what stories need freshening up? What stories do you tell yourself-personal or political or perhaps both-that are no longer serving you?

With you on the Journey,
Rev. Marcus
jef melcher
A Time of Remembrance - I hope your Halloween was hauntingly delightful and that today, Dia de Los Muertos, is filled with fond memories of loved ones past. I saw the movie Coco with my housing coop-mates in Berkeley this past Sunday. It is a warm and bright film with a message of the importance of family, music, and listening to our hearts. It gets high marks by my Latino coop-mates for fairly representing Dia de Los Muertos. We would go so far as to say it is a cultural competency building educational tool. So, now you have no excuse not to watch it once or twice with your children and friends. And it's fun too. Veteran's Day is just around the corner and I now see a reason that mid-November was chosen for this day of remembering our fallen. However your family honors the ancestors, beloved deceased, or those fallen in military conflict, I wish you a satisfying season of connection to those still in this life and maybe even those who have crossed over. Via con Dios.

Family Bowling in San Rafael at the Country Club Bowl with the Parent Group Sunday, Nov 11th, 1pm to 3pmParents hanging out, youth gathered together, children and parents actively sharing space and time. We want to know how many lanes to reserve. Please RSVP to: Grace Dearborn or Ali Jenkins. Let us know how many in your family intend to bowl and if you want to join in on the pizza purchase. Shoe rental is $4, Lanes are $35/hr. Per person, an hour of bowling will cost about $12, two hours will cost $20. Scholarships available. Also, please let us know how many slices of pizza your family will want. 

The Annual Stone Soup Service will be designed and conducted by the youth again this year. What will the cast of characters overlaying the story be this year? Wizard of OZ? Harry Potter? Marvel Superheroes? Come find out and enjoy this family-oriented service. And of course, there will be a sample of some soup (vegan and gluten free) and bread. Please bring your own tableware. It will help us not use paper bowls.

Stone Soup Makers: Traditionally the youth just under the age of YRUU help make the soup and decorate the tables. This would be the 5th-7th graders this year. Please come by 9:30 on Nov 18th to set up and help Mikey Songster prepare the soup.

Save the date:   UUCM All Congregation Retreat - May 3-5, 2019. We don't want anyone to miss this event! Mark your calendars for one of the best community weekends of the year.
Jeffrey Melcher,  M.Div. 
Director of Family Ministries 
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin
Selected Upcoming Dates
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7:00 PM  - 9:00 PM  
 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM   
7:00 PM  - 8:30 PM 
Holiday Fair - November 18  
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
New Members and Pledging Friends Directory
There is a new directory on our web site including our new members
You must have a member's login to access it. Contact office@uumarin.org if you don't have a login.
Dinners for Eight - November 3
"There is something profoundly satisfying about sharing a meal.  Eating together, breaking bread together is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying and human experiences." By Barbara Coloroso. Get to know other members of the congregation more closely by eating dinner in their homes.  Dinners for Eight (or Six) is a coordinated potluck. We meet on the 1st Saturday of the month, October through April (but not in January.) Each month a volunteer host will offer a main course and guests bring appetizers, salad/soup, dessert, and wine and good conversation.
There will be a Dinners for 8 on Nov 3 at several houses of members. We would love to have new participants this year. If you have not attended one of these dinners, you really should join this one. Contact Sher Sheldon at 415- 892-177 or   shershel@comcast.net for details.
UUMarin Game Night - November 2
Children and adults are welcome to join in a fun evening of games. Bring your own games or play ones others have brought. Light snacks available. First Friday night of each month in Fireside room. 7:00 PM  - 9:00 PM

New Art Exhibit
There is a new art exhibit in our Fireside Room contributed by a friend of one our members. The artist is George V. Traber, a local artist. As you can see he employs a variety of media.
Help Needed for Joan Nelson's "Celebration of Life"
On Saturday Nov. 10, at 2PM we will be celebrating Joan Nelson's remarkable life.  We will have more information about this event shortly, but one way to honor Joan's memory would be to bring finger food desserts (cookies, lemon bars, brownies - something you can eat w/o a fork) to the memorial OR a floral arrangement.  Either would be appreciated.  If you'd like to bring a dessert, please email   karen.h.auroy@gmail.com .  If you'd like to bring a floral arrangement, please contact sallyschroeder@comcast.net.
UUCM Common Read - Update
Have you read the UUCM Adult Ed Common Read?:  

White Fragility: Why It's So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo

Please Join the Conversation: Nov. 4th from 12:15-1:30 with Reverend Marcus Hartlief in the Fireside Room.

Resisting the racist culture is a moment by moment spiritual practice.  Join in dedicating yourself to this peace and justice practice. 

Read More Here:

All 10 copies purchased by Adult Ed are in circulation.  If you have completed reading the book please return your copy to the box in the community room so it may circulate to the next reader.
Email Ilana Trumbull-Stearns Adult Ed Committee Chair:
adultRE@uumarin.org to sponsor a copy for circulation at UUCM: $14 ($16 plus tax and shipping if you purchase yourself from Beacon Press). 
Also email to hold a copy for a two week honor system "checkout."  

Also available on Kindle and Audible:

Marin County Libraries have copies but there is a wait so reserve your copy soon:
Holiday Fair -- Sunday, November 18
Holiday Fair -- Sunday, November 18
Crafters, do you have creations to sell at the Holiday Fair on Stone Soup Sunday? Handcrafted scarves, tote bags, jewelry, and other gift items are popular this time of year. Please let Margaret Johnston or Marge Hollinger know what specialties you would like to share.
Missing Hymnals?

If you have a grey or teal hymnal sitting at home, would you please return it to UUMarin? We are running low on hymnals for Sunday services. Also, Worship Committee urges you to purchase and dedicate a hymnal (we have bookplates to put in the front.) Please complete and submit this form to the office :
https://uumarin.org/protected/Forms/Hymnal-Dedication.pdf .  We have now purchased 25 teal hymnals. Thank you, Julie Prentice, Worship Committee Chair.
New Address for Order of Service Announcements
We will use announcements@uumarin.org as the email address
for people to send announcements in for the back page of the order of service. Whomever is doing work on any particular week's o/s will have full access to it. The deadline is Wed 5pm.
Social Justice Education/Action
        From the UUJustice Ministry of California:
The 2018 ballot recommendations are now available for download at

Also this chart shows the sources and justifications for each recommendation.
 Contribute to the 3rd Tuesday night dinner at the First Presbyterian Church. Contact Carol Littrell. 
UUSC Take Action Items - Sign petitions, learn about issues, donate money.
Do you want to make a difference in our county and the world? We focus on local issues which are relevant to all of us. Bring your ideas and concerns to the  UUCM Social Justice Committee.  We meet the third Sunday of each month at noon.  
Continue your commitment to environmental and economic justice by shopping at   http://shop.uusc.org 
Visitor's Box
We cherish diversity and welcome among us
people of all races, cultures, ages, abilities, sexual
identities/orientations, and faith perspectives.

GUESTS are always welcome. Sunday worship is a time for inspiration, renewal, and connection.

  CHILDREN AND YOUTH  join adults during the first part of the service, and then attend Religious Exploration classes. Nursery and toddler care is provided during the 10:30 service. There is a speaker system to bring sound from Fellowship Hall to the nursing room and the pre-K area. 

  REFRESHMENT HOUR  in the Courtyard or  Fireside Room follows the services.
 There are four "Sunday First Time Visitor" parking spots at the top of the parking lot.  
Come, join us! 
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