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May 17, 2018
Issue #453
Sunday Worship Service
10:30 am

May 20, 2018: The State of the Congregation, Ministry and Looking Ahead
Rev. Joy Atkinson

Our interim minister will sum up the two-year transitional period we have just passed through, address the current state of the congregation, and take a look at what the future may hold for UUCM.
The Sunday Circle 9 am

9 am - The Sunday Circle 

Upcoming Topics and Leaders

5/20/18: The Pleasure Seekers
Jim Harrison

5/27/18: Mary Oliver, Again
Doug Kerr 

More Info and additional service topics.

The Sunday Circle is held from 
9:00 am to 10:00 am each Sunday in the Fireside Room.
  Words of Joy    
At the UUCM retreat (and earlier, after the Sunday service on Easter Sunday) I offered a workshop on Death, Dying and Preparing Your Own Memorial. This workshop mostly focuses on how you can participate in making some choices regarding your own memorial/funeral service, as a way to assist family, friends and ministers in the planning of a service to commemorate your life. At the workshop, I handed out two forms. One is familiar to some of you-it is a confidential form that includes your instructions in case of emergency and your instructions in case of death, listing such things as people to contact and whether or not you have an Advanced Medical Care Directive on file at a hospital. The UUCM office keeps these forms filled out by members in a locked file. They are used to help with contacting people you choose in the case of emergency or death. The other form I distributed is one I have recently introduced at UUCM, which includes space for you to indicate your wishes regarding your memorial or funeral service-such as music and readings you would like included, if and where you would like ashes scattered and other details. We will also keep these forms in the file for you, to help your loved ones and the minister plan a fitting memorial or funeral service for you.
Both of these forms are available in the Community Room, in a wall file just to your right as you enter the room. You are welcome to take and fill them out, and bring or mail them back to our Administrator, Janette Morrow, to be filed safely in the office. I would also recommend that you keep copies with your important papers and give copies to loved ones.
Some of you have asked about the latest Advance Health Care Directive for the State of California. You can find this form and the information you need here:   http://ag.ca.gov/consumers/pdf/ProbateCodeAdvancedHealthCareDirectiveForm-fillable.pdf  
Indicating our wishes regarding our care, disposition of our bodies, our preferences for final services and other end-of-life issues is a way to care for those we love, who will need to make decisions about these details after we are gone. Doing it while we are alive is a blessing to those we leave behind, and is a way for us to think about the meaning of our lives.

The choir I sing in, Contra Costa Chorale, is performing music set to the words of Shakespeare from many eras at two UU venues--The UU Church of Berkeley this Friday night at 8 PM and the UU Church of Walnut Creek on Sunday, May 2 at 5 PM.  
Fondly, Joy
jef melcher
Parents and youth: please make sure June 3rd is on your calendar,
making an extra effort for Sunday attendance. And that day after service is the UUCM Annual meeting. Food and childcare will be provided by the Board of Trustees.
Congregational Participation Requested: come in witch and warlock costume.
Next Sunday the children will be having a celebration as we end the Harry Potter themed program.   Please help by dressing in Harry Potter garb.  Everyone in the congregation is invited to come in witch and warlock costume. If in doubt just wear weird clothes as if you are a magical folk trying to pass as a muggle. 
Creative Compassionates
Our Creative Compassionates class (grades 4-7) is having a ton of fun reviewing the year's Horcrux fighting projects and being introduced to Kiva, an SF based international microlending non-profit, as a way to make use of the almost $400 the group has to use for charitable purposes. (See Kiva.org for more info). Next week each child will be given a $25 coupon to loan to projects around the world. Teaching philanthropy is moral training. You too can take the time this week to look at https://www.kiva.org/ and learn about how Kiva works, explore the people and groups whom you can loan money. 
We also explored the original speech that instigated the creation of Mother's Day which started as Mother's Day for Peace. Here is a link to this famous speech: Mother's Day Proclamation. 
The Wee Ones had a very nice Mother's and Grandmother's tea last Sunday. It was really cute and so proper.
Plans for Fall: The teaching team met last Friday and the curriculum we are looking at for next year is Amazing Grace: Exploring Right and Wrong for the Creative Compassionates and OWL K-2 in the first part of the year for the younger set.
Mother's and Grandmother's tea.
Jeffrey Melcher . M.Div. 
Selected Upcoming Dates
Upcoming dates link to the UUCM calendar for saving on iCal, Outlook etc.
A Celebration of Women Composers
Amanda Morando, soprano
Milton Wong, piano
Join us as we explore the intimate world of the classical art song through the works of three women composers. These songs will take you from despair to hope, from internal longing to heart-on-your-sleeve romance. Hear the quiet passion of Fanny Mendelssohn, a melancholy lullaby by C├ęcile Chaminade and the playfulness of Amy Beach.

$20 Adults
$15 Seniors
$15 Youth (17 and under)
Refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase before the concert and at intermission.
All proceeds benefit programs of UUCM.
Web Site of our Developmental Minister
Our developmental minister Rev. Marcus Hartlief will be joining us this fall.  Until then, he has created a website for you to get to know more about him.  The home page is a letter to the congregation. Other pages cover his story, his ministry, and examples of his writings. We encourage you to take a moment to view the website. Here is the link:
Please contact any Board member if you have any questions.   
Remarkable People - May 18
Friday, May 18  7:00 pm  Fireside Room

The ongoing Remarkable People series gives us time to learn about each other from the interesting stories of individual lives. Whether you already know them by name or not, you will learn what you don't know in the evening of sharing and community. Each person talks and there is time for questions and general sociability and usually some sustaining snacks.  

Sher Sheldon and Paul Dearborn are our May people of the month.

You may know Sher from her famous clam chowder and indomitable spirit.  But did you know she is a a long-time Unitarian who also spent 3 years in GITMO?  She has seen the world as a Navy daughter and Coast Guard wife so could definitely single hand a boat - and can also do your taxes AND wrangle a classroom of kids.  After 21 years of being active with UUCM, she says she plans to be more active once she retires!!  Come learn more about that.
And Paul Dearborn - who also is a teacher - turned a long-distance cross-country relationship into California family life where he is a dedicated father, a coffee connoisseur, and a chess player.  And he may be the only one among us who sometimes rides his bike up the hill to UUCM!   

Mark your calendars and come learn about these good people.  

Be remarkable yourself and come enjoy!  
Shared Housing Community Forum - May 19
Shared Housing Community Forum
Sponsored by UUCM: Fellowship Hall
Saturday, May 19th, 2018
Open to public/No fee

Supervisor Damon Connolly will introduce a panel discussion on shared housing and aging in place:
Panelists will include:
Debbi La Rue, Marin County Community Development Agency
Steve Saxe, Marin Environmental Housing Collaborative
Christine Ness, Home Share Marin
Sue Steele, Marin Villages
Rachel Ginis, Lilypad Homes
David Levin, Legal Aid of Marin

See flyer for more info or contact   Linda Haumann.
Dinners for Eight
"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." James Beard. Get to know other members of the congregation eating dinners in their homes through Dinners for Eight (or Six).  We would love to have more participants for the last dinner of the year on June 2nd.

Dinners for 8 (or Six) is a coordinated potluck. We meet on the 1st Saturday of the month, October through June. Each month a volunteer host will offer a main course and guests bring appetizers, salad/soup, dessert, and wine and good conversation. Contact Sher Sheldon at 415-892-1727 or   shershel@comcast.net  for details.
Join our Social Justice Green Team
We invite you to join our new Social Justice Green Team to help fulfill our commitments to "the interconnected web" and our Green Sanctuary designation.  For information:  Katherine DaSilva Jain kdsjain@yahoo.com 

Readers' Theater
UUCM Readers' Theater invites members and friends to join our fun-loving group. We meet twice a month, on the second and fourth Monday of each month, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm at UUCM. Most of the time, we read short plays aloud when we meet, but every 6-8 weeks we rehearse and then present short prose or poems during a service. No memorizing required, but you should be willing to ham it up and be silly. Information: Jan Seagrave ( janseagrave@gmail.com ).
UUCM Book Club Dates - June, July
book pile
The UUCM book club will read Kay Ryan's poetry, easily available for free on the internet, in books, and on Audible. Bring a poem to share on June 3rd at Villa Marin, 3-4:30pm.

July 1 at Dave Tetta's house, we will discuss "Clementine" by Sonia Purnell; this is a biography of Winston Churchill's wife.

All interested adults are welcome to join the book club.
UUA General Assembly 

General Assembly Kansas City,  Missouri

General Assembly is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association. Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. Anyone may attend; congregations must certify annually to send voting delegates. The 2018 General Assembly will be June 20-24 in Kansas City, Missouri. Most General Assembly events will be held in the Kansas City Convention Center. GA will offer more than 175 programming selections over the course of five days. Major worships this year will be lead by UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray and Rev. Sofia Betancourt.
Program HIghlights. Ware Lecturer is Brittany Packnett.  
Housing Reservations are open. Room rates start at $136 + tax.
UUA contracted rates will be guaranteed through  May 21.
Registration is open until June 24.

Be a delegate from UUCM or go on your own. GA is a fabulous experience. 
If you don't go, most programs can be viewed online. Information about doing this coming soon. 
Basket Share Participants Needed
basket share
Are you involved as a volunteer or recipient of the services of a local 501(c)(3) agency or program?

You can help that organization raise money by initiating a 50/50 UUCM Offering Basket Share.  
Complete the application form on the UUCM website Social Justice page. Or find one at the Social Justice Table on a Sunday morning. Send it to  socialjustice@uumarin.org or leave it in the SJ box in the Community Room.
Sending Announcements for the Order of Service
If you have an announcement for the back of the Sunday Order of Service please send it to  worshipassociates@uumarin.org  instead  of sending it to the office. Please send by 5 PM on Wednesday, any later submissions will be considered for timeliness and room. The Worship Committee members are now putting together the Order of Service and Janette will print it.
Social Justice Education/Action
We have a newsletter list to inform you about UU Social Justice actions and local issues. Sign up by replying to this email and typing "Yes to Social Advocates".
Contribute to the 3rd Tuesday night dinner at the First Presbyterian Church. Contact Carol Littrell. 
UUSC Take Action Items - Sign petitions, learn about issues, donate money.
Ever feel frustrated that you're not doing enough to make a difference in the world? Bring your concerns to the  UUCM Social Justice Committee. 
Continue your commitment to environmental and economic justice by shopping at   http://shop.uusc.org 
Visitor's Box
We cherish diversity and welcome among us
people of all races, cultures, ages, abilities, sexual
identities/orientations, and faith perspectives.

GUESTS are always welcome. Sunday worship is a time for inspiration, renewal, and connection.

CHILDREN AND YOUTH join adults during the first part of the service, and then attend Religious Exploration classes.  Nursery and toddler care is provided during the 10:30 service. There is a speaker system to bring sound from Fellowship Hall to the nursing room and the pre-K area. 

  REFRESHMENT HOUR  in the Courtyard or  Fireside Room follows the services.
 There are four "Sunday First Time Visitor" parking spots at the top of the parking lot.  
Come, join us! 
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