For the last two weeks, we have reflected on the ways God is working in our individual lives. Beginning next week, we will be reflecting on God at work in our community of faith at Zion and our broader community, both physical and virtual. How will we tell the story of Zion? How will you and I be a part of that continuing story?

Consider this: Not even a virus has stopped us from sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are living even deeper into our mission to "invite, equip, and serve" by listening to the needs of our community and to God.

Each one of the pictures above tells an important part of Zion's narrative as it relates to God's mission and our shared ministry. Stay tuned, as the story unfolds, for ways to connect and contribute. We are the Church together, for the sake of the whole world!
Inviting, Equipping, and Serving at Zion
Do you want to learn more about what it means to be a Lutheran, a Christian, and a part of Zion's community of faith?

Pastor Potter wants YOU! Everyone is invited to participate in this new member/old refresher class over Zoom! If you are interested, please contact Pastor Potter .
The prayer list for July is available for download under "Weekly Reminders & Quick Links." Thank you for lifting up your hearts and minds in prayer!
We continue to invite your support of the synod's United As One: COVID-19 Special Appeal . If you would like to donate, you may give through our online form or click the graphic for more information. Thank you for contributing to the wider ministry of God's church!
Weekly Reminders and Quick Links
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