It's our mission and we say it every week:  We equip each other for ministry, and we are sent to serve our neighbors.   God gives us a variety of gifts, talents, and abilities to use for the "common good" (1 Corinthians 12:7). They are like tools in a toolbox, designed to be in each of our hands and used to build the kingdom of God.

Our facilities are tools to be used in doing the ministry of Christ. Tools are meant to be maintained, well oiled, sharpened, and cared for so they are ready for use. They help us to equip and serve each other and our neighbors. As Pastor Potter has said: Our outsides are starting to reflect our insides in a positive way!

  • Landscaping has been kicked up a notch, clearing weeds and overgrowth as well as getting rid of dead wood and decay.
  • Old planters outside of Katie Luther Chapel that have outlived their usefulness have been sledgehammered away.
  • The exterior of the Zion offices, Katie Luther Chapel and Evergreen Academy of Zion has been pressure washed, patched, sealed, and given a fresh coat of paint.
  • New efficient, brighter lights are being installed in the walkway around the offices and preschool, replacing the old, rusted out ones.

By tending to our facilities, we are ensuring that they are here to support our ministries today and into the next generation.

The success of some of these projects (and others to come) depends on generosity over and above regular giving. A wish list is being developed for expenses not covered by the yearly operating budget. This is another way members and friends of Zion can be a part of our mission and ministry as we step forward into the future.

A few examples from our Wish List:
  • Wi-fi Infrastructure for Katie Luther Chapel and the Sanctuary for livestreaming and Zoom meetings for Bible study, worship, Confirmation classes, and more: $728.50 for Katie Luther Chapel and $728.50 for the Sanctuary
  • 36 LED lights and fixtures for office/preschool walkways: $30 each
  • Paint for the sidewalk in front of the offices, preschool entrance, boardroom, and Katie Luther Chapel for an inviting look: $500
( Note : Once the lighting and painting projects are completed for the office building, Evergreen Academy, and Katie Luther Chapel, similar projects will begin for the Church Sanctuary.)

These wish list items provide us with new and renewed tools to offer welcome, safety, and a sign that we are an active part of the neighborhood and community.

A more expanded wish list will be appearing soon on the Zion website. Your donations are tax-deductible and can be done with the Give Online button or by mail. Thank you for your generosity of all kinds: treasure, talent, time, and prayers!

Things are happening thanks to you; to our God-given gifts, talents, and abilities; and to our willingness to share them to invite, equip, and serve at Zion !
Updates on Our New & Emerging Ministries

Last week, we introduced two new ministries on the horizon.

Yesterday, we held an information session for The Lions' Den, our new virtual homeschool co-op. We had eight families participate, with more to join in the coming weeks. We look forward to the opportunity to equip them with spiritual and emotional support, as well as Christian education. Visit The Lions' Den for more information.

Also, we are continuing to form a team to plan a non-partisan voting initiative to encourage responsible civic engagement. Thank you to those who have already expressed interest and volunteered their time. Please contact Pastor Potter if you're interested in joining the planning team.
Inviting, Equipping, and Serving at Zion
Thank you to the nine households that participated in our first Drive-Up Communion! We communed thirteen people in person. We hope that you'll join us this week following our livestream on Sunday.

Also, if you are interested in delivering a Home Communion kit to a friend, a neighbor, or one of our older members, let Pastor Potter know. We appreciate your care and concern for our community!
During this week, invite one of your friends from a different state to join you virtually during one of our Facebook Live broadcasts : Sunday Worship, Monday @ 9:59, or Wednesday Compline.

Being present during a live broadcast allows you to be "in the moment" and share in building our virtual community across time and place.
Reminders, Upcoming Dates and Quick Links
Sunday, July 26th at 4:00 p.m. - Youth Check-In with Bishop Suarez for Middle and High School Youth - Register Here
Friday, August 7th at 4:00 p.m. - YEP Connect Resumes
We continue to invite your support of the synod's United As One: COVID-19 Special Appeal . If you would like to donate, you may give through our online form or click the graphic for more information. Thank you for contributing to the wider ministry of God's church!
Important Contact Information
Pastor David E. Potter
954-421-3146, option 1 (Church)
954-297-3665 (Cell)
Cantor Kurt R. Schmidt
954-421-3146, option 2 (Church)
954-913-2125 (Cell)