"Telling the Story" (Part 2)
How was your storytelling experience? Last week, I challenged you to tell the story of "where God is working in your life" to someone close to you.

This week, let's step a little further out of our comfort zones and tell our story to someone outside of our immediate circles. This could be your work colleague, your doctor, or even your literal neighbor (if you're not necessarily best buddies).

Take your cue like this: when someone asks "How are you?" don't just say "Fine." Really, tell them! Are you happy because God answered a prayer? Are you worried about things in the world, but you know that God has your back? Take this often-overlooked opportunity to share a little more. You never know where the conversation will take you...

And if this whole initiative intimidates you, don't lose heart! Even though we are wired for storytelling (more on that later), it may not always come natural to everyone. Like anything worth doing, it comes with practice and experience. And, as always, I want to hear about your experiences!

Telling the story with you,
Cantor Kurt Schmidt
Inviting, Equipping, and Serving at Zion
Do you want to learn more about what it means to be a Lutheran, a Christian, and a part of Zion's community of faith?

Pastor Potter wants YOU! He is planning a virtual new member class/old member refresher, to be held over Zoom. Everyone is invited to participate! If you are interested, please let Pastor Potter know by phone or e-mail .
The prayer list for July is being finalized and will be posted to the website by the end of the week.

Do you have names to add? Answered prayers (for which names can be removed)? Let Cantor Schmidt know by phone or e-mail .
Thank you to those who have let us know you'll continue giving, but no longer need pre-printed envelopes! If you would like to be removed from the list of those receiving quarterly envelopes (and save Zion a few dollars in return), please let Cantor Schmidt know by phone or e-mail .
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The funds will be earmarked to provide a direct line of financial support to congregations whose ministries have been affected by the reality of COVID-19.

This is one opportunity for Zion to repay the synod's generosity to us by helping their work with our sister congregations. If you would like to donate to the United As One Appeal, you may give through our online form or click the graphic above for more information.
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Cantor Kurt Schmidt here...

I'm wondering who is opening and reading our weekly e-mails. If you've read all the way to the end of this e-mail, congratulations! Reply to this e-mail with the words "I love to tell my story" and I'll personally make a $2 donation to the Synod COVID-19 Relief Fund for every recipient that replies by e-mail before Sunday's worship service (7/5 at 11:00 a.m.). Peace and blessings, my dear siblings in Christ!